After Deathly Hollows (warning: Spoilers) Rated K Completed

The time has come for Harry to reveal a secret he's kept for 19 years...all because of a package delivered only for him. An extension to JKR's epilogue that provides an alternate ending.

Based on the books by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Revised Edition

Chapter 1

Harry exhaled a sigh of relief upon entering his office back at the Ministry of Magic. He would miss the boys despite the sibling rivalry, but was somewhat relieved James and Albus were finally on their way to Hogwarts. It had been a long summer, and now he could permit himself the concentration required for the mundane tasks his Auror position demanded of him.

However, Harry's eye caught sight of something rather large sitting on top of the mounds of unfinished reports which lay strewn over his desk. A sinking, sad feeling grew within him as he slowly approached what he thought would be his perch in the weeks to come, and could still may very well be.

With some reluctance, Harry traced the outline of the package, its brown wrapping neatly and carefully bound with leather strapping. Secured within the strapping, Harry's hand rested upon a tightly wound scroll. The message scrawled over the face of it read:

"To be opened only by Harry James Potter. Tampering with will result in loss of limb."

Smiling a little, Harry was able to retrieve the scroll from its binding without much trouble, and turned it over in his hands. The initials stamped into the wax seal confirmed his suspicions concerning the sender's identity.

Harry settled into the plush leather chair behind his desk and pulled out his pocketknife. Just before breaking the seal, he hesitated. He knew what this scroll and the package meant.

Am I ready to handle this now? thought Harry, twirling the knife between his fingers. Would they be ready? Nineteen years… Harry continued with a shudder, …and it still seems… like yesterday.