Seducing Strawberry

AN: this has nothing to do with the actual program at all. This is purely fiction. Thank you. Ps: lime AND lemon 

Story Line: ichigo really like Aoyoma but she feels she isn't mature enough for him. After much consideration she turns to none other than Shirogane for lessons in the art of seduction. But all doesn't go to plan.

Chapter one

Ichigo looked across the street and sighed heavily. There stood Aoyoma surrounded by loads of really pretty and mature girls. She watched as they flirted, their tops low cut showing him all they have. It was so tacky. But he seemed to like it. If only I could be more like them. Have something that catches his eyes, and mature enough to keep it. Flicking a piece of her brown hair she turned away and headed towards the cafe and to a night of working.

Walking along the streets towards the cafe the brown, orange and yellow leaves crunched underfoot. Autumn was her favourite time of the year. Kicking her feet slightly as she walked she cascaded them into the air and watched them fall almost instantly back onto the ground. In the distance she could he the bell of a clock, signally that she was going to be late for work. Beginning a fast pace she almost ran to the cafe.

When she had finally arrived, slightly out of breathe from her near run, she found that only Pudding and Shirogane were there. Obviously everyone else had something better to be doing. Looking around the front of the cafe she noted that it was dead. No one was even in the cafe. Walking straight past both Pudding and Shirogane she went to go get changed, without saying a word to either of them.

Shirogane watched her as she walked past, is face carefully blank. He knew something was wrong, he wasn't stupid. He just wasn't the type of person that would allow him to intrude on her life, let alone her personal problems. Still he was worried that she wasn't her usual perky self. Her walk normally had a slight skip when she walked through the doors to his cafe. Sighing he looked away from the door ichigo had just exited through he looked and saw Pudding looking right at him, a curious look on her face. Suddenly a grin burst out on her lips as she hopped towards him. Stopping just next to him she looked up into his bright blue eyes, smile firmly in place.

"I'll just go see how she is doing." Walking away she left Shirogane to watch the front and to see to any customers that may come through the door, which was highly unlikely as it was already getting late.

Ichigo was sat at the table, her uniform firmly in place. She always liked wearing this cute little pink outfit, but today it made her feel childish and ugly. She heard the door open but didn't look up from her hands, thinking it was Shirogane to have another go at her about being late. When she saw Pudding kneel down in front of her she felt her lips tug upwards into a thin smile.

"You okay?" she asked tenderly. Ichigo looked at her young face and wondered how hard it must be for Pudding. She had to look after god knows how many siblings all by herself. It wasn't fair that a person should have to grow up that fast. Even though thinking that was a little redundant because wasn't she wishing she was older, more mature?

"Not really, but it doesn't matter." Ichigo stood to move away and pudding stood up with her blocking her way.

"Of course it matters. Whenever you don't come in her with your smile and happiness it makes everyone else worry and become sad. We don't want you to be sad ichigo. Please tell me what's wrong." Ichigo turned around to look away from her. Maybe it would help to get it off her chest.

"There is this guy I like and I don't think he would like me back. There are all theses prettier girls that are more mature that hang around with him. I just wouldn't have a chance."

"You need to seduce him." Turning around ichigo looked at the younger girl. Her face was earnest like she honestly believed what she was saying.

"How do you...?" ichigo began but Pudding started laughing.

"I don't know about it first hand, but I know people that do." She looked right at ichigo the laughter still playing in her eyes. "Shirogane knows all about it, I'd bet." They both looked at each other for a few minutes. Blinking then staring longer. Was ichigo thinking what pudding was suggesting?

"You mean go ask him about it? But he doesn't even like me." Ichigo exclaimed. From the look on Puddings face she thought different. But Shirogane never really spoke to her so why would he agree to help her out in a situation such as this?

Just at that moment Shirogane walked through the partially open doorway and stopped in his tracks with the two girls eyes on him. He watched as her face went very red, very fast and watched her walk past him. He noticed she was acting stranger than normal around him now. Glancing at Pudding, he knew it had something to do with the way Pudding was looking so pleased with herself.

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