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Chapter 8... Forever?

He tried reasoning with his heart, becoming satisfied with they had arranged a meeting before his run in with ichigo, to break it all off. That was until he saw Aoyoma lean forward and kiss her.

Ichigo pulled away slightly as his lips connected with her cheek. Frowing she looked at him. Hadn't she just told him that she was in love with someone else and that it wouldn't work out? Aoyoma pulled back, a small smile on his face.

" I just wanted to have a least one kiss before you disappear forever. Ichigo's eyes filled with the sadness in his voice and it pained her to do this to him, but she knew that it was the right thing to do. She nodded as he moved away walking off into the distance before stopping. Without looking back at her he spoke words she thought she would never hear from him.

"i will always love you, Ichigo." she choked on his words, the tears flowing freely now as she watched his retreating form.

"goodbye, Aoyoma..." she whispered before moving off home, feeling somewhat depressed.

Ryou's heart broke the second he saw the kiss. How could she? After all they had sharred? He felt a wetness gather in his eyes, a tighness in his throat. Pushing away from the window he walked to the door, hands balled into fists, his anger fueling him. He knew, even right at the beginning he shouldn't have gotton involved with her, he knew it would end badly. But somehow, she had managed to get under his skin, permeate his every thought, his every moment was spent thinking of her. And now here he was, breaking inside because for once he followed his heart.

His fist slammed into the door, breaking the skin on his knuckles, causing clood to flow. He watched as it dripped slowly to the floor. His anger, his hurt called out for something to be done, some sort of vengence. He knew then he had to make her feel as much pain as he was in now. Pulled the handle he stormed out of the room to go clean up his wound, every step hardening his heart once again.

Ichigo woke to the light across her eyes and she blinked against it. She felt as if she hadn't managed to sleep at all, which wasn't far from the truth. Most of the night she thought about her breakup with Aoyoma, weighing it on all sides, and every outcome was the same. She had done the right thing, it wouldn't have worked out between them, for many reasons. Mainly being the fact that Ryou was her soul mate.

Her stomach fluttered at the thought of him and she moved to get out of bed. As she stood she winced in pain, feeling the soreness between her legs. But she didnt regret it. In fact it made her feel more like a woman. She headed out of the room, passing her desk with the letter on it. She paused momentarily looking at it, thinking about writing back, telling them no thank you. She began walking towards her shower again and climed in when the water was just right and began washing herself.

After an hour she came out, dried off and began to dress, glancing at the clock. She would be slightly early but that would mean she had a few minutes with Ryou before she began work. Grinning from ear to ear she set off out the house.

The girls exchanged nervous glances at each other at Ryou's behaviour. For some reason he was being even more snappy then normal. A constant frown on his face. Even when Mint sat and began drinking her tea she was scolded and told to work, in her shocked state she began to do just that. The front door opened letting a rather happy Ichigo in.

"good morning!" she beamed as she walked over to them, her eyes scanning for Ryou but couldn't see him. "where's Ryou?" she asked.

"he's in the back..."Lettuce started but before she was able to finish her warning Ichigo was out the door.

"at least she's early for a change." Mint stated her eyes following ichigo's form. Sighing they all returned to work.

Ichigo saw him, sitting there at the table, his eyes on the wood. Her smile faltered slightly at his appearance. Stepping forward into his sight she wished him good morning. He didnt look up at her. Slightly fazed she headed up behind him to wrap her arms around his neck in an embrace. He abruptly stood, pushing her back into the cupboard behind her in the process.

"Ryou?" she voiced, unsure of what to do or to say with his behaviour. She thought he would be happy to see her. When he didnt turn around she began babbling in her nervousness. "did you get my note? I left you one last night..." she began before she was interupted.

"yes.... It wasnt the only thing I got last night..." Ichigo started but he spun around, his anger plain on his face. "i got that you were just toying with me ichigo. I saw you last night with you boyfriend" he spat the word out, as if it tasted vile to him. Ichgio paled as she realised he saw them. She began to smile weakly.

"well, Aoyoma was there..." she began before she was interupted again.

"so you admit it then? God Ichigo, if only I had know you were such a whore." ichigo flinced at his words.

"it's not what you think Ryou..."

"no? Well last night wasnt what you thought either." she looked at him, watched his face as he turned away from her. She was confused and hurt by his words. Why was he being like this? "last night... ment nothing to me." he stated and Ichigo's heart ached. He didn't mean it, did he? She moved forward her hand reaching for his back but stopped as he continued.

"you were nothing then an easy fuck, something to pass the time. I only said those things to get into your pants. And what a waste of time it was." his words were cold as ice, shards that peirced her heart, leaving her feel numb. Her hand fell down to her side slowly, her head bowing looking at the floor.

"is that truly how you feel? You dont care at all for me?" Ryou flinced at the sadness in her voice, hearing it waver in places. Even know, he loved her with all his heart, but she hurt him worse by using him.

"i dont care for you at all Ichigo." her world swam and she felt like she was being pulled down, down faster and faster as if she was drowning in her heart break. She knew she couldnt stay here, with him being here too. It would hurt too much. Silently she was thankful for the letter she got.

"i-i'll be going then." she walked past him, never looking up from the floor as she left the room and the one she loved. Ryou watched her leave him standing there, shaking with anger, anger at himself.

The girls watched at Ichigo approached them a small smile on her face but they could tell it was fake, false.

"i just want to tell you guys i'm going away for a while. I need to get things strait. I'll miss you all." with that she walked past the stunned group. Mint turned around as Ichigo opened the door.

"but where are you going? When will you be back?" she pleaded feeling like this would be the last time she saw her. Ichigo didnt look back when she spoke.

"England... and I dont know." she closed the door behind her, on her friends and on her life here in tokyo.

2 days later she was sat firmly in her seat on the plane, seat belt fastened across her lap as she looked out the window intot eh departure bay. She sighed sadly. No one but her parents had said goodbye to her, happy she took up this chance to learn a new culture with her cousins in England. She had wished that maybe she had told someone else that she was leaving. She wanted to see her friends one last time for she didnt know how long she was going away. She turned away from the window and looking into her lap at her folded hands. She had wished that Ryou had been there.

Ryou entered the cafe and looked around. It seemed duller somehow since Ichigo had stopped working there. The front door opened and he saw a face he would never forget. Moving forward he greeted Ichigo's mother and father.

Sitting them at the best table he took their orders, smiling at how alike her and her father were. Nodding he began to move away when he heard the woman speak.

"it's a shame we never came here whilst she worked her. It would have been nice to see her working." the man nodded in agreement.

"but it'll be years before she come back to tokyo." Ryou froze at those words. Ichigo had gone? When? Where? He turned around and looked at the couple almost pleadingly.

"where has she gone?" he asked abruptly. The woman looked at him and smiled sadly. This must be Ichigo's old boss, she thought sadly.

"she's on her way to England right now. We just dropped her off at the airport. Her plane will be leaving soon." Ryou begged the woman for the terminal and left, leaving their order on their table.

He jumped into his car and sped towards the airport hoping that against all the odds he could stop her. He didnt mean those words he had said to her. He knew now that she was the one for him, he could forgive her for anything.

He jumped out of the car, not bothering to close the door as he ran into the terminal departure lounge. He stopped a staff member asking which flight was to England. She smiled and pointed out the window to a plane on the runway. His heart sunk as he saw it began to move off. Moving to the window he pressed himself against it searching frantically for Ichigo in one of the small plane windows, hoping she had decided to not get on it.

Then he saw her. She turned and frowned, looking right at him. He saw her lips move, forming his name. He called out to her, waving frantically, wanting her to jump off the plane, call it to a stop and just come running back into his arms.

She turned her head away from him. He stopped moving and stood still. It felt as if his heart was breaking all over again...

ichigo tried to keep the tears from falling as she turned away. He did come back to her, but it was too late now. She was hurting. She knew she loved him, with all her heart, but she needed time. Time to heal the wounds he had created. She couldnt just get off the plane and run to him. How did she know he wouldnt hurt her again?

She felt the plane pick up speed and her stomach plummeted as it took off from the runway and into the sky. She closed her eyes, a single tear falling down her cheek.

She was doing the right thing.

Wasn't she?

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