Prologue: A Bleak Future

Prologue: A Bleak Future

Marcus ran through Kakariko Village, chasing away some cuccos in his path. Just yesterday, the sky was a clear blue, but now, it threatened the villagers' very lives.

Darkness had spread throughout the peaceful land of Hyrule. It was a strange darkness, like black fog across the land. This very darkness had already taken several victims. Marcus's mother was one of them.

Now, he searched for his friend. He hoped that he had not fallen victim as well but also hoped for his comfort.

"Ganor!" Marcus called out and pounded on the small hut's door. "Open up! Are you there?"

The knob turned, and Marcus met the orange eyes of his best friend. "Marcus. Whatever is the matter?"

"Look above you!" Marcus's own sapphire blue eyes were filled with fear. Ganor looked up, his long red-orange hair falling from his face. He gasped at the sight.

"What happened here?" Ganor stepped out of the hut and closed the door.

Marcus, the grandson of the Courage Triangle's chosen one, was filled with such fear he could not respond.

"We have to do something!" Ganor noticed that he was paler than normal, blonde hair drenched with sweat. "Get a hold of yourself!" Ganor did not go pale. His skin was too dark for that. He took his copper hands and shook Marcus. "What about your grandfather?"

Link had passed before the birth of his grandson. His wife, the beautiful, red-haired Malon herself (whom he had promised to her father years ago to marry) had passed as well. Marcus only had the legends to learn about his grandfather. His father, son of the hero had died when Marcus was only eight years old.

Ganor, Marcus knew, had the same pain of the death of his father at a young age, though he kept his past and his home secret. It was as if he had just randomly appeared in Kakariko Village one day.

"My grandfather?" Marcus snapped out of his fear in confusion.

"Remember the legends?" Ganor had an idea. "It states that Link, the Hero of Time went to the Temple of Time and was able to time travel! You still have that heirloom, that purple wind instrument, do you not?"

"That's the sacred Orcarina of Time! I could never use that!"

"Desperate times call for desperate measures!"

Indeed that was true. The boys found the ocarina in its crystal case. They ran to the Temple of Time and Marcus put it to his lips. He knew the song well, for he had heard so much about it. The notes drifted through the air as if they had matter to them. The Song of Time echoed to them through the emptiness of the room. They felt spun, though they didn't move at all. They were leaving the present, flying to the past. Fourty-five years sooner, when the Hero of Time had just ended his journey…