Epilogue: Back to the Past

"You've done it," the princess smiled. "You've saved Hyrule."

"That's my job," Link joked.

"Yeah, we were just dragged into it!" Marcus teased.

"I was glad to do something good with my dark powers," Ganor stated.

"I am sorry that I failed to trust you," the princess told him solemnly.

"It is understandable, Princess Zelda."

"Say, Ganor," Marcus nudged his friend. "Aren't you King of the Gerudos now?"

Ganor looked at him. "I am, but…" he turned away, "I haven't been home in… so many years."

"Then it's time to get welcomed back!"

"Would they… want me?"

"If they don't, they'll have to answer to me! Hey, I could be your bodyguard!"

Ganor smiled. "Thank you, Marcus."

"Well, Ganor, Marcus, it was nice meeting you both," Link said in front of the Doors of Time.

"Yeah…" Marcus swallowed hard. "Thank you so much for coming. My mother is back, and now Ganor is accepted at his home… all because of you."

"I can't take all the credit. I wouldn't have survived this long if not for you two and everyone else I've met here." He smiled. "As a final word: Marcus, stay courageous. After all, it runs in your blood. And Ganor, you have great power, as is to be expected. You will be a great hero of Hyrule."

The youths nodded. "Farewell, Great Hero of Time Link," they said, waving. With the Song of Time, he was gone.

They remained to talk to the Sages.

"You have done well, our new heroes," Rauru stated.

"You've saved Hyrule," Saria smiled.

"And now, we can do what we've wanted to do since the Triforce split."

The young princess appeared. "It is time to restore the Triforce, now that all three of its pieces are together."

"Put your marked hands together and concentrate with all your might." They did so. Each triangle was released from them and formed the golden Triforce. "We will keep the Triforce safe here. Now Hyrule will once again be at peace."

Meanwhile, Link had returned to the past. Always remembering his friends from the future, he fought the enemies that threatened Hyrule. He knew that the future would be bright.