Chapter 6: preparing for battle

Hinata was sitting in a cave with a sleeping Mitsuki in her arms. Mitsuki was shy and wary of Naruto, yet completely trusted Hinata. Before Mitsuki had fallen asleep they had a long talk and Mitsuki had told them everything she knew. The poor girl had been scared and alone for some time, but was now sleeping with a smile on her face, as if she knew that from now on everything would be alright.

"Hina-chan." Hinata looked up from Mitsuki's smiling, sleeping face but didn't stop stroking her hair. Hinata's eyes looked shocked and curious as if she had just awoken from her trance. "I'm going back to check and see if she's right. And I need to tell them that we will be staying in the woods to surgh further for Mitsuki." "I know that she is right Naruto-kun, I feel it. Can't you just send a clone?" "I do belief her Hina-chan, I just need to check. I can't send a clone, because if they were to attack me or my clone, he wouldn't be able to do much and they can quickly raise alarm. I'll let my clones here so they can warn you if something happens." Naruto walked towards them and brushed Mitsuki's head. "Somehow she feels really important to me. You both do." He kissed the top of Hinata's head and was gone. Hinata blinked a few times and blushed. 'When did you grow up Naruto-kun?' she smiled and went back to look at Mitsuki.


Why did you do that? Your getting awfully close to the Hyuuga-girl arn't you?

Shut up The fox laughed and was silent once again.

'Yeah, why did I do that? She is a precious friend. Mamoru. I wanna protect her. That's why.'


Mitsuki woke up and looked up to Hinata smiled and hugged her. "Arigato, Hinata-onee-chan." "Nani? What did I do?" "You where still there when I woke up." "Of cours, I won't go away and leave you until I know your safe and so will Naruto-kun." Mitsuki got an evil smile on her face, as evil as an 5 year old can be. "What's the deal with you and Naruto…uhh… Naruto-nii-san?" Hinata looked shocked. "W-what d-do you m-mean?" "That." And Mitsuki pointed at Hinata. "You stutter every time you talk to him or about him, unless it's something really important." 'She just met us and has already figured it out? She's smart.' Mitsuki got her sweet smile back,"nah don't worry, I won't tell him or tease you about it. Can I figure out how he feels?" "Dame! Onegai!." "What? I can't hear you." Mitsuki looked around, "Where is he anyway?" "He went back to say that we will be sleeping here and to check if he can find out anything." "Demo…" "I promise he won't tell them about you." Hinata reassured the girl. They were quiet for a while. "Where's your mom Mitsuki?" The girl looked sad, down to the ground. "Mommy's gone." "How come sweetheart?" "She died, I only have a faint memory of her. It was two years ago, she was ill." Hinata hugged Mitsuki ones again. "I'm sorry honey, I lost my mum too." "You did?" "Yes, I was four years at that time, so I too have only a faint memory of her, my sister had just been born. One moment we all were a happy family and the other moment I got my sister in my arms and was pushed out of the room. Later one of the people that helped trying to save her came out to tell that I lost my mummy. There is supposed to be a photo of the four of us together, only one photo and I have never been able to find it." "Did your life change after that?" "Yes it did. I'll tell you a story about a girl, a girl that had a hard time after her mummy died and she grew up."

"After the girl's mum had died, her whole world had changed. Her daddy never played with her anymore and always said that she had to be better. She was the heir to a kingdom, so she had to be the best of everyone."

She walks to school with the lunch she packed,
Nobody knows what she's holdin' back,
Wearin' the same dress she wore yesterday,
She hides the bruises with linen and lace.

"The girl was sweet and kind to everyone and wasn't the heir her father was looking for. She was really good at school but her father never saw it, because she was sweet and shy. According to him their family had to be strong and steady as a rock, never to be moved by force by anyone."

The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask,
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask,
Bearing the burden of a secret storm,
Sometimes she wishes she was never born.

"Her father gave up on her and started to help her sister to be who he wanted her to be. But she never gave up the hope that everything would be okay. She kept her tears to herself and didn't show them to anyone."

Through the wind and the rain,
She stands hard as a stone,
In a world that she can't rise above,
But her dreams give her wings,
And she flies to a place where she's loved,
Concrete angel.

"Then she found someone who inspired her. Who helped her see that she was worth something. He was treated like scum, but always kept his head held high. Nobody could bring him down."

Angel in disguise
Stories in his eyes
Love for every true heart that it sees.

"It was this one day in the park, she was playing and saw him swinging on one of the swings. He didn't look like he wanted someone to play with, but she wanted him to stop looking so sad. Before she could go over to him, some of the bigger guys grabbed her bear. She asked back for it but they didn't give it and just held it high above her head. One of the guy's pushed her and that's when he got pushed too. The boy had come to save her. He stood tall before her and asked her bear back or they'd regret it."

Was it just a lucky day
That he turned to look my way
Or is it Heaven right before my very eyes.

"He got back the bear form the guys and gave it to the girl. He smiled and her heart melted, she smiled back a little too. "Hey, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, believe it! You wanna be my friend?" the boy said."

"The boy was Naruto-nii-san?" "Yes," Hinata said nodding, "Can you guess who the girl was?" "You." Mitsuki pointed with her finger at Hinata. Who nodded again shyly. "How did it go?"

"The girl blushed and told her name and that she would gladly be his friend. He helped her get stronger and helped her get less shy."

He showed me all new things
The shimmer of moonbeans
I was blind, but now he's helped me see.

"She was so happy that she had a friend who helped her and saw her for who she really was. She started to hope and dream again that her father would also see her strenght."

I was lost but now I'm found
His happiness surrounds
And now I hope that one day my dreams will come true.

"But her father saw that she was happier and always snuck out of the compound. So he sent a servant to check what she was doing all day. He reported back to her father and her father went to find his daughter. He found her playing with the boy. He said she was never to see this boy again or play with him again and if she didn't listen to him, he would see to it that the boy got punished. The girl went with her father and cried the whole night. She knew that she loved him and that her father would really punish him if she saw him, so she didn't see him for a while. A few years later she saw him at school, being the same as he was before they met and he didn't seem to remember her. This made her sad, but she still admired him and loved him so she always watched him."

Cause I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life
I'm holding you safe here in this heart of mine
I can't live without you cause my soul would die
You know I'm telling the truth, I'll spend the rest of my life loving you.

"Later she became his friend again, but he never remembered her."

"He still doesn't remember? That's sad." "Yes well we were only 4 years old at the time." "Still it's sad." Hinata nodded 'Are you okay Naruto-kun?' she thougth.


Naruto neared the compound, still in thought. "Uzumaki-sama." The guard said when Naruto passed him. Finally awakening Naruto from his thoughts. Naruto looked at the guard. "Yes." "Have you found Mitsuki yet and where is Hyuuga-sama?" Naruto looked uneasy. " we haven't found Mitsuki yet and Hinata-chan had stayed behind in the woods to surge for Mitsuki. We'll be staying there tonight and further on, so we can look more." the guard looked relieved. "The woods huh." He said with a smile on his face. 'He seems to know more and he called me sama?' Naruto went inside the compound. The feudal lord was in a meeting, so Naruto had to wait. When the meeting was over and everyone came out, Naruto went in. He bowed. "Sir, Hinata-chan and I will be staying in the woods for at leased a couple of days. So that we have more time to surge for your daugther. Could I talk to some of your guards?" "Why, yes of cours, anything to find my daughter." The feudal lord smiled and Naruto went out of the room. Back to the gates, where the guard was but there was somebody else. "Excuse me, sir." The guard looked at Naruto "Yes?" "Where is that other guard that was here a half an hour ago?" "He went to his room. Ask one of the maids to bring you." Naruto nodded and turned around to find a maid. Some man walked towards the guard when Naruto was out of sight. "What did that boy ask?" "He asked about the guard before me." "And who was that?" "Akira, sir." answered the guard to the feudal lord spy.

The man went back to the feudal lord and gave him the information he had requested, he on his turn only said one thing : "Follow him."

When Naruto was brought to the right room and the maid had left. Naruto knocked on the door. "Guard, sir, are you here? I'm Uzumaki Naruto, I would like to speak with you. The guard looked around before he looked at Naruto. "Ah yes, Uzumaki-sama. Come in." Naruto went in and they both sat down on a chair. "Why do you call me Uzumaki-sama, I'm not important like Hinata-chan or feudal-sama. And what do you know about Mitsuki?" "The guard seemed in thought, when he looked up he said: "Maybe it's best if we found a place where we could speek privately." "Alright, I think I've been followed." "I wouldn't be surprised. This feudal lord is quite paranoid." 'This feudal lord?' Naruto thought. "Follow me." The guard walked into an other room and Naruto followed. "Wha.." Naruto started but the guard put a finger in front of his lips, effectively shutting Naruto up. They went into the kitchen and the guard got on his knees, "I'm Akiro by the way." he smiled, he was digging in one of the closets. "Ah, here it is." They heard a click and Akira's head came out of the closet and said ones again: "Follow me." Naruto gave him a weird look and also got on his knees when Akira seemed gone. Then he saw something he hadn't expected, there was a tiny hidden passage. It was big enough for Naruto but still crambed. Naruto followed Akira and when they got out of the tunnel they were outside of the compound. "Wha..." Naruto began to say but was shut up again. They walked a bit and Akira started to talk. "That is one of the secret passage ways in the compound, not a lot of people know about them. I'll tell you what happened before you came, before Mitsuki ran away." Naruto didn't say anything, just nodded and listened. Akira looked up in the sky with a distant look on his face and started talking once again. "We where all in peace until someone who hadn't been here for a long time had come. The name of this feudal lord is Uzumaki Takeo." Naruto's eyes widened. Akira looked at Naruto, nodded, smiled and looked up again. "He was once the feudal lord here, but made choices that weren't good and he was banished. His daugther didn't take over, instead she went to live her life somewhere else and we didn't see her after that. Mitsuki's father, the real feudal lord, took over. As he was family to the last feudal lord, he wasn't an Uzumaki, but still close enough family to take over. And the whirlpool country found happiness again. The feudal lord married someone he loved and they were happy. Mitsuki was born into this world and everything seemed to be going really well, like it couldn't be better. Then Lady fell ill and there was no cure. The feudal lord was devastated when she died, but kept hanging on for Mitsuki. She was only three and only understood that her mommy wasn't coming back. She was crying day and night, but they got better and he started to rule again. Then this happens." He sighed. "The real feudal lord is locked away in a place I do not know. I don't think he's going to last much longer, but now that you found Mitsuki, I can breath a bit more." Naruto was inhaling everything Akira had said. He tried to keep his voice normal when he spoke. "What was the name of the daughter of Uzumaki Takeo?" Akira smiled,: " Kushina, Uzumaki Kushina. She was beautiful, with her red hair and her childish things." "Kushina, Uzumaki Kushina", Naruto repeated. "Do you know where she went?" "No, we haven't heard from her since. Your name is Uzumaki too, so that's why I called you sama. I do not know if you are family, but you do act like her and I don't know any other Uzumaki." Naruto closed his eyes and sighed. 'I'll ask Tsunade-oba-chan or Ero-sennin, they are old enough, they should know.' Naruto looked up to Akira and said: "Alright, I'm gonna go back to Hinata-chan and decide what we will do then. I will do my best to get your Feudal lord out of there and get this one out." They heard an alarm. "Oh no, I must go Uzumaki-sama, I hope you will win."

They nodded once to each other and then they both went there saperate ways.

Naruto ran back to Hinata as fast as he could but not before he heard that there was gonna be a fight.


Hinata was playing a game with Mitsuki. Mitsuki was standing on her hands and they where both laughing. This was the scene Naruto came back to.

"Hina-chan! Mitsuki-chan!" Hinata and Mitsuki turned around towards Naruto and saw him standing, panting from the long and fast run. "Naruto-kun", Hinata went straight to him and pushed him down by the fire. "Are you okay?" She asked while checking for wounds. "I'm fine, I'm fine, you know I heal fast, besides I wasn't in a fight." He smiled sheeplessly and looked at Mitsuki, who had begun to play again as soon as she knew Naruto was okay. "Hina-chan let's talk outside for a bit." Hinata also looked at Mitsuki, but then looked back at Naruto and nodded. "Mitsuki, hunny, we'll be outside for a bit." Mitsuki nodded and went back to her play.

Outside Naruto told Hinata what he had seen and heard, exept the part about the name's of the people. He didn't wanted her to know just yet.

"Naruto-kun we must call for help. We can't fight them all on our own." Naruto put a hand on Hinata's shoulder to calm her down, little did he know, it did exactly the opposite, not that she'd let him know that her heart was beating that fast. "Hina-chan, calm down, I already called for help. I just need to wait for the answer." That calmed her down a bit. "But who's gonna watch Mitsuki when we are fighting? She won't trust the others that quick." Naruto looked at Hinata intently. "That's why you are going to stay with her. And if the fight takes to long, you'll go to Konoha with her." Hinata was speechless. "but... but..." she sighed. "Na..." she started, but then a frog came to them in a puff of smoke. "rabbit rabbit" It rolled out his tong to reveal a scroll and dissappeared in to the forest as soon as Naruto took the scroll. Naruto began to read it out loud. "I'll send as many people as I can miss. Of cours you can bring the girl here in order for her to be save. The people I sent to you will be coming in with a special jutsu, so expect them tonight. p.s. How much did Jiraiya teach you?" Hinata looked relieved. "I am h-happy that they can come s-so quick." "Yeah, so it is decided then, you'll go to Konoha if the fight lasts longer than a day." Hinata looked away "anno..." Naruto gently took her head in his hands and looked into her eyes. "Promise me. I want you both to be save. If something happens to you two, I'll never forgive myself." "D-demo Naruto-kun, I am a ninja too and I can take care of Mitsuki and myself." "I know you can, but not when you are taking care of a child against 20 enemy's. Maybe even that, but I'm not willing to take that chance. So promise me." Looked away again and than looked back into Naruto's deep blue pools. She sighed while saying: "I promise Naruto-kun." They both smiled and where still staring at each other. They got closer and...

"Hinata-nee-chan look what I found!" The two teens shook, looked at the girl, smiled and went to her. The closeness forgotten outside.


Mitsuki was finally asleep on Hinata's lap again when the other ninja's arrived. Now there were 11 ninja's in total that were gonna fight. Naruto, Kakashi, Gai, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Shino, Kiba, Tenten and Lee. The boy's were sitting together and discussing something about the upcoming battle. The girls were sitting with Hinata and admiring the little girl on her lap.

"She's so cute!" sakura exclaimed. They were all coing how sweet the little girl was until they went to sleep.


The next morning when they all had woken up and gotten ready for the big battle. Mitsuki was still asleep but now not on Hinata's lap but with her head on Hinata's spare hoodie as a pillow and Naruto's spare jacket wrapped over her as a blanked. She looked so tiny.

They all said goodbye to Hinata and began their journey to the compound. Naruto stayed behind for a bit.

"So if we arn't back by tomorrow, you'll go to Konoha." Hinata nodded. "Matta ne." Naruto turned around to go after the others, but Hinata turned him back around and kissed him. It wasn't her intention to do that, but it happened. Both of their eyes grew wide and Hinata fainted. Naruto caught her and brought her back into the cave. Smiling the whole time, after kissing the top of her head and Mitsuki's he dissappeard into the woods, feeling prepared for battle.

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