Chapter 7: The fight! part one
Naruto and the others where tree jumping towards the compound. His thought not really on the trees, but on a certain blue haired girl. And with his eyes not really on the trees, he missed a step and fell face down in the mud. "Really Naruto, you have been an ninja for more than 4 years and now you miss a step?" Sakura stood before him with her hands in her side. The rest had stopped too and stayed to watch the scene. Naruto got up and brushed the dirt off. "I just didn't look where I was jumping." "Did you do something with Hinata, Naruto?" Ino asked. Naruto flushed and looked the other way. "No." 'jeez, what is she, a psychic?' Naruto thought. "Kids, quiet!" Kakashi said. They scattered and hid in the bushes. They saw some guards walking towards the compound and the realized that they were very close as soon as the guards where gone they started to go through the plan once more.

"Okay so, we divide in two teams, the one led by Gai will take care of the feudal lord, the one led by me will surge for the real feudal lord." "This is confusing, feudal lord and real feudal lord. Don't they have a name?" Kiba asked interrupting Kakashi. "Their names are Takeo and Sora, Takeo is the one in control now," Naruto said quietly, staring deep in thought, "The guard told me," Naruto looked up, "Akira is a friend of mine, I know a secret passage way into the compound, he showed me. Not a lot of people in the compound know about it anymore. If you come across a maid or someone who doesn't attack you immediately, just say you know me and Hinata-chan, they will help you. They hate Takeo a lot for ruining their lives." The rest nodded. "Okay, team Gai, Naruto, Shikamaru, Chouji, Tenten and Lee." They nodded. "Team Kakashi, Sakura, Ino, Shino and Kiba" They also nodded.
"Alright let's go!" Naruto said, pumped up again. Naruto brought them to the passage way, when they were in he told them that Sora was in the underground prison of sorts and that they have to go left. While he himself and the rest of team Gai took a right.


Hinata woke up. Blinked a few times and found a girl sleeping soundly on her chest. Then she remembered how she kissed Naruto, the boy of her past and her dreams. She finally had the courage to do it. She overcame her fear and shyness and kissed him, more importantly he kissed her back. 'He kissed back! That must mean he likes me, right? Right? And why did I go and faint?' Hinata sighted, in the process she woke up Mitsuki. "moh, Hinata-nee-chan, could you be a bit more quiet?" Mitsuki rubbed in her eyes and looked around. "Minna-san are already gone." Hinata said. "Oh, I liked them a lot! Will I see them again?" "Yes I think you will. So what do you want to do today?" "Etto… I don't know. How long do we have to stay here?" "Just for today sweetie. Hey that song you were singing, a few days ago, when we found you. What was that?" "Hmm, oh just a song I learned from my mother. Do you want me to sing it?" "Yes, please do." Mitsuki stood up and went to stand in the middle of the cave. She took a deep breath and began. "Mitsuki naze sou akarui? Yuube kanashii yume wo mita. naite hanashita. Akarui me yo." Hinata saw silent tears fall from Mitsuki's eyes. "Mitsuki, naze mayou? Kieta warashi wo sagashiteru. Dakara kanashii yume wo miru." 'Oka-san' Mitsuki and Hinata both thought at the same time. Hinata walked over to Mitsuki and hugged her close. "Don't worry Mitsuki you will never ever be alone again, I promise. And I never go back on my word, that is my nindo!" Mitsuki smiled and whipped away her tears. "And neither does Naruto-nii-san!"

"Naruto tell us some more about Takeo" Shikamaru asked.
"Well, all I really know is that he has been the feudal lord ones before. But he was banished, because he did things he shouldn't have done. Now he has taken over again. According to Akira he was the rightful Feudal lord and they should not have been allowed to banish him. He still had some people in the compound that were loyal to him and with their help he took over." Naruto sighed. Gai turned around to the talking couple. "That is so not youthful!" "Yes Gai-sensei! I agree with you!" "Sssstttt." The rest of their companions shushed the youthful couple. "Lee, Gai-sensei, do you want us to get into trouble. I mean sheesh, take a chill pill." Tenten said trying to clam them. "Okay so, Naruto you say he is always in his chambers?" Naruto nodded to Shikamaru. "Yes he stays there so nobody can really see that the feudal lord has been replaced." Choji frowned and said,: "Doesn't everyone here like know that he is not the real one." "Yeah Choji, but it is not for the people inside the compound but outside. Let's stop here for a bit." They entered a room and Shikamaru began to think of what to do."

"How nice of Naruto to remember these pathways." Kiba said. "What do you mean?" Sakura was beginning to get very pissed with him. He had been nagging the whole way trough the secret passageways. "Well, don't you find it suspicious that he knows them by heart?" Kakashi intervened, "No Kiba, Naruto send clones through each of these passageways to see were they lead. Now be quiet." That shut Kiba up. They had been walking for about an hour now, the compound was some sort of maze, but they should be somewhere under the ground right about now. They heard something on their left. Kakashi put up his hand to halt everyone. They readied themselves for an attack, but it never came. "You can come out, I won't hurt you." The group was dumbfolded. "How is it that your are able to track us?"Kakashi said while coming out from his hiding spot. "I used to be a ninja, there are some things that you will never forget." In front of Kakashi stood an elderly looking woman, she was gracious even just standing there. In the meantime everyone got out. "You are here to rescue poor Sora-chan, are you not?" "Yes but how do you know and who are you?" Sakura asked. "I know many things my dear, I presume you are Naruto-chan and Hinata-chan's friends? I am Sawata Souji, I have been living here in this compound for a long long time. But now is not the time for introductions, Sora-chan needs your help! Come with me."


"Neh neh! Hinata-nee-chan! I am not feeling so well." Hinata smiled lovingly. "Then get some sleep honey, I'll get some food for when you wake up." Mitsuki nodded and closed her eyes. she instandly fell asleep. Hinata went out, but not before putting up a barrier. She saw the Naruto clone sitting at the entrance. "Take care of her for a while, please." The Naruto clone nodded and said, "Don't worry so much everything is gonna be okay Hina-chan! Dattebayo!" Hinata smiled and walked further into the woods.


With Choji and Tenten on the look out, Gai, Shikamaru, Naruto and Lee discussed the plan. "So there will probably be a lot of guards outside and inside his chambers, all of which will probably be on his side. We will take this route, so we will end up here." Shikamaru pointed on a map. "We are with six so we will divide into two man cells, which will be Gai and Tenten, Naruto and Lee, Choji and myself. We will be group 1,2 and 3. Gai-sensei, you together with Tenten will fight the ones on the left side. Naruto, you and Lee will take the midsection and Choji, you and I will take the right side." Shikamaru looked at Gai-sensei for conformation, who nodded. "Yosh, what a youthful idea!" The group sweatdropped and ignored the man for the rest. I mean, Gai-sensei is a very good fighter, but come on, he is not really one of the smart ones. Naruto looked a bit distracted. Shikamaru noticed and called him on it, "Naruto! You cannot be distracted!" "Yeah I know Shikamaru, but I can't help but think about Hinata-chan and Mitsuki-chan, I hope they are okay. " Shikamaru nodded. "Hinata can take care of herself and Mitsuki, besides didn't you leave a clone there? You will know if something were to happen." Naruto smiled, "Yeah, you are right. Let's go!" On their way through the route they explained everything to Tenten and Lee.

Kakashi and his team were almost there where the cells were. Guided by Sawata Souji. Suddenly an arrow flew by. They were all immediately in their fighting position. Sakura and Ino next to Souji in the back and Kiba, Shino and Kakashi in the front. There were about 10 guards in the hallway. "Give up, or we will attack and you will not leave this place alive." The one who shot the arrow warned them. "I am very sorry, but no can do." Kakashi said smiling with this eyes in a U form. "We came here to rescue someone, that is our mission and we as shinobi will not abandon our mission." A now serious Kakashi explained. "Well then, I can't say I didn't warn you. Go!" The fight broke loose. Kakashi jumped to the front to fight with the leader and two more. Kiba and Akamaru both got three as well, while Shino got two and two more got through the defense and started to attack Ino and Sakura.

"The famous copy ninja Kakashi huh." The leader said. "I am honored that you know of me." Kakashi smiled again. "I will make you use your sharingan! Suiton : Suijinheki!" A huge blast of water came from the man's mouth. Kakashi dodged it and then a second dude popped up to kick Kakashi down, but Kakashi saw it coming and grabbed the dudes foot, only to sling him back in to the third guy. "Hhh, you guys are too easy, no need to use my sharingan."

Kiba and Akamaru were holding their ground. "Here we go Akamaru! Gatsuuga!" Kiba and Akamaru were spinning in the air and landed a full hit on both of their opponents. As soon as they were out of the Gatsuuga one of the guys fired an attack. "You will not be able to do that again, you only caught us by surprise. Jouro senban!" A rain of needles came down on Kiba and Akamaru. To dispel the jutsu Kiba and Akamaru did the Gatsuuga again, but they missed this time.

Shino already send his bugs out to the guys before him, the guards were of normal size, but one had a huge slash across his face. The guards were swatting the bugs away. "uhh, I am fed up with this, do you know what you need a huge blast of bug spray! Suiton: Suijinheki! Eat that!" Shino's bugs got wet, but his plan succeed. Since his bugs were already on the guards clothes. Shino smirked. "What are you smirking about boy?" One of the guards asked annoyed. Shino just stood there and raised his hand with one but on his finger. "these are special bugs, they eat a very large amount of chakra."

The guards with Ino and Sakura were closing in on them. The fat guy spoke. "What are two little girls doing here, shouldn't you be shopping or doing your nails." "huh, like we are afraid of you. Shanarou!" Sakura lunged forward to punch the guy, but he dodged and she hit the wall, which broke. "Shit man, that girl has a mean punch." "Shut up shit head and just take them out." The girls were fighting them easily, but Ino missed to block a punch and it went straight to Souji. "Haija!" Souji had punched the guy. "And that is how it's done!" together they took out the fat guy and they were free.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura yelled. "Go on, we will work through this and catch up to you." Sakura nodded and they ran further. "This hallway on the left, then the stairs and there are the cells." Souji gave them directions. When they came to the cells, they saw no guards. So they proceeded with caution. They took a lit torch, while Souji took the keys, Sakura and Ino found the real fudal lord.
"Sir!" As soon as the cell was unlocked they ran to him. Sakura began to heal him, as he was badly injured. "Sora-chan? Can you hear me it is Souji-oba-san!" Sora began to stir. "Oba-san?" As soon as Sakura healed most of his wounds he tried to get up. "Don't!" Sakura commend, "Ino go on look out, we'll try to get him up and away from here." Ino went and Sora spoke again. "My girl, my beautiful baby girl! Where is she?" He asked no one in particular. "Mitsuki is with a friend of mine, sir. She is just fine. She escaped from the compound before Takeo could do anything to her." Sora breathed, "She is such a smart girl, so much like her mother." After Sakura was done examining him, she looked at Souji with concern. "He was badly injured, but I healed most of it. Also he hasn't eaten in a while so he is very weak. I don't know if he will make it." Souji frowned "He'll have to make it."


It hat taken team Kakashi a long time to find Sora and it was dark by now.

Hinata looked up to the moon, and sighed. The Naruto clone had dispelled himself hours ago and Hinata was getting worried. Mitsuki hadn't felt well that day so she had slept most of it. But it was time for Hinata to wake her up. "Mitsuki honey? Wake up." Hinata gently shaked the little girl. Mitsuki stirred for a bit and then she opened her eyes. "Nani? Hinata-nee-chan, what's wrong." Hinata smiled. "You are going to see my village. So we'll clean up and then we'll go onwards to Konoha." "Has it already been a day?" Hinata nodded. "Alright." They cleaned up, so that no one would be able to see that they have been there. Mitsuki was still a little sleepy but awake enough to move with Hinata. But they had to go fast, so Hinata took Mitsuki on her back and tried to get back to Konoha as fast as she could.


Naruto and the others were at the grand door, were behind it would take a huge battle place. They hadn't met many guards up to this point, but that would change drastically. Naruto opened the door and they heard a voice. "Welcome Naruto-kun. What a nice surprise that you come and visit your grandfather." Naruto's eyes went wide as he saw Uzumaki Takeo sitting there with a huge smile.