I do not and never will own anything Twilight. Unfortunately I can never have my dear Jasper!!

This is a series of awesome tastic amazingness!! HEHE!

Screen Names:

Bella- Eddy4life

Edward- it'snotwhatyouthink

Jasper-Ifeelyahman (A/N:Jbizz- My LOVE!!) (A/N: Leila: In your dreams woman)

Alice- myfutureishshopping

Rosalie- FBW (A/N:Jbizz: Like hahahahaha!) (A/N: Leila: Don't mind her. Inside joke alert!)

Emmett- machonachoman

Carlisle- Dr. Vampy dude

Esme- yo yo momma!

Jacob- wolfgang

Seth- superqueerface

Leah- BRB

machonachoman has entered chat

machonachoman: Hi self

machonachoman: Hi back, other self!

machonachoman: I'm bored!

machonachoman: me too!!

Eddy4life has entered chat

Eddy4life: Emmett why are you in chat all alone?

machonachoman: I'm bored!!

Eddy4life: That explains little.

Ifeelyahman has entered chat

Ifeelyahman: Can someone tell me why we are on IM when we live in the same house!

wolfgang has entered chat

wolfgang: I don't!

Ifeelyahman: Ugh! Who invited the dog?

Eddy4life: Um, excuse me! I did thank you. Oh! Invite Sethykins!

superqueerface has entered chat

shoppingishmyfuture: Let's go shopping!

Eddy4life: Um...Alice where did you come from?

shoppingishmyfuture: I've been here! looks back and forth

machonachoman: What!? Since when?

shoppingishmyfuture: Since like forever!

machonachoman: So you heard me...talking to myself?

shoppingishmyfuture: Yeah basically. So Bella let's go shopping!!

Eddy4life: How bout' no! Don't I have enough clothes?

shoppingishmyfuture: GASP Oh no you just didn't!

it'snotwhatyouthink has entered chat

Eddy4life: OMG!! Edward hey!

it'snotwhatyouthink: Hello. How is everything in the way too complex digital world?

machonachoman: OMG!!

superqueerface: What?

machonachoman: What if...the Jonas Brothers were vampires!?

superqueerface: They would look a lot better.

Eddy4life: Well now that Emmett's random comment is out of the way... can we get back to life please?

machonachoman: Never!! Alice what do you think?

shoppingishmyfuture: Jacob! Can I break the treaty and turn them?

wolfgang: Uh...no. Why would you do that?

shoppingishmyfuture: Because they are AMAZING!!

Eddy4life: No they aren't. They are super queer faces!

superqueerface: HEY!!

it'snotwhatyouthink: This is completely insane and pointless.

Eddy4life: Aw! Eddy don't tell me you are gay for the JB's!!

it'snotwhatyouthink: rolls eyes Wow! no I am not gay for them. Or anyone else for that matter.

Eddy4life: Just checkin'! ;P

Ifeelyahman: This is a tad awkward. Believe me I can tell.

shoppingishmyfuture: Oh Jazzy!

Ok so this is the numero uno chapter! Please reveiw. Update comming soon (to dvd) teehee! A Jbizz and Leila Whatson production!