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Kanda and Allen lay panting on the bed, sweat trailing down their skin and their muscles aching for the effort.

"It's true… that time he just fucked me, but this time… Oh God, this time…"

Allen has felt the difference in Kanda's behaviour, and a fist of joy squeezes his heart at the thought of making love to Kanda, not just being fucked by him.

In the back of his mind an evil thought makes him doubt Kanda's sincerity and fear of being rejected one more time, but the caresses, the hugs, the kiss, all of it spoke of true feelings and acceptance, so he smiles and closes his eyes, happy.

Kanda in turn is almost dumbfounded by the intensity of pleasure he has felt this time, the need to see Allen's face while taking him still burning in his mind. He can feel the usual reaction to loosing control kicking in but he is not as scared anymore.

"It might have taken time for me to accept I want to be with Allen, but I made up my mind now and I'm not going to run away anymore."

He moves his hand under the bed sheet searching for Allen's hand, and when he finds it he entwines his fingers in between Allen's, awkwardly hoping for him to return the hold. And he feels a smile surface on his lips when Allen squeezes his hand back, adjusting his arm to a more comfortable position.

He takes the hand away soon though, moving his arm behind Allen's neck, turning and pulling the boy towards him to have him rest on his chest.

It is difficult for Allen to believe he is not dreaming so he lifts his head up and looks into Kanda's eyes, waiting to have an answer to his doubts, ready to be rejected. Kanda tilts his head to look at Allen and when he sees fear timidly surfacing in those silver lakes he slides down to kiss the boy. Their lips softly brush against each other, it is a caste kiss, but the sweetness and delicateness of the touch is so very unlike-Kanda that it deeply moves Allen and tears of joy fill his closed eyes.

Kanda is not good at expressing his feelings but he knows he owes Allen so he tries, clearing his throat as an introduction and whispering:

"You saved me. You helped me find myself again, and I am stronger than before. It kind of annoyed me that you knew me so well. Heck, it still annoys me now. But what I couldn't accept was that… that I… have… fallen for you. "

Allen's eyes shoot open and he stares at Kanda holding his breath, stunned by the confession. Kanda is quite embarrassed by the astonished look and frowns, hissing threateningly. At this sight Allen is positively scared and acts before thinking, stopping Kanda's hiss with his warm mouth, trying to placate the tiger. And surprisingly Kanda's hiss does fade as soon as Allen's tongue caresses his clenched teeth, and he allows entrance to the British boy, eagerly returning the kiss and blushing in the safety of the closeness, sure that the boy will not see it.

He feels Allen's tears wet his cheek and he misinterprets them thinking his growl has caused them, so he backs away slowly from the boy and cups his cheek, brushing the wet trail away with his thumb. It's the first time in his life he feels he can freely show his sweet side without looking weak, actually, it's the first time in his life he discovers he has a sweet side, and his heart clenches at the thought his behaviour might hurt the precious being he has found.

"My moyashi… It took me so long... I've been such a jerk. This thing still scares me a little… it's new to me…

But I can tell you one thing for sure: it scares me more to imagine going back to a life without you. I've found my strength in you."

Allen can't hold his sobs in anymore, his heart pounds in his chest as if to leap outside and he finds himself unable to speak coherently. He hugs Kanda tighter burrowing his head in the boy's neck, grinning uncontrollably.

They lay there hugging each other and caressing their backs and hips, lightly kissing each other and nuzzling their necks and cheeks, Allen giggling and Kanda murmuring his nickname in the sweet new possessive form over and over, protectively pulling him in a bone crushing hug.

Their feet are entwined, Kanda's knee massaging Allen's inner thighs, and the tips of his fingers tracing ghost circles on the most sensitive skin of Allen's lower back. The boy arches backwards, shivers starting like lighting from Kanda's fingers and running along his body like electricity, brushing his member on Kanda's thigh.

The Japanese boy is aroused by the boy's moans and arching body and he gently pushes Allen's hip to make him lay on his back. He chuckles in the boy's ear as he finds it very amusing that Allen gets so easily aroused, so while his hand starts stroking the boy's throbbing member he whispers alluringly:

"You're always going to be an helpless beansprout afterall… but be sure to be my beansprout only."

And Allen smiles with his eyes closed, his head pressed against the pillow as his body once more arches back for Kanda's ministrations. He moans a lusty yes and Kanda doesn't understand if the boy is answering to his touch or his words. But he doesn't care at the moment, and he stretches to fill the boy's mouth with a wet kiss, while he rubs his thumb into the cleft of Allen's member feeling the erection pulse in his palm.

Allen's breath grows shallow as Kanda is pumping him with agonizingly slow movements under the bed sheet. He reaches for Kanda's cock, wrapping his fingers along the already hard length and starts pumping erratically unable to keep a rhythm. He roughly rubs his thumb along the crease at the base of the head of Kanda's member, making the Japanese hiss at the feeling. He cries a very needy sound when Kanda's fingers reach lower to lightly squeeze his scrotum and caress his entrance, still lingering and teasing. He turns around to kneel on the bed, commanding his teasing lover to sit up against the wall, lust making him get to the point immediately and taking the lead.

He straddles Kanda grabbing the sitting boy's shoulders and licks his ear while rolling his hips to rub his hard cock against Kanda's. Allen's hard member against his is teasing Kanda to insanity, so he grabs the boy's buttocks tightly but doesn't guide his movements, letting him continue his mind-blowing game. The boy changes his position, allowing Kanda's member to reach behind his butt and rubs his cleft along its length whining of desire. He's making Kanda insanely aroused, he feels the Japanese's already dripping cock swollen and inconceivably hard in between his buttocks while his own member is being pumped purple by the boys' bellies with each of his lift ups. He whines in Kanda's ear and panting whispers with a malicious smile:

"Oh yes, I might still be a moyashi… your moyashi... but don't underestimate me…"

And to underline his threat, he reaches with one hand behind his back to palm and squeeze Kanda's tip, making the boy groan loudly.

"Beg me… tell me you want me to fuck you… say my name… say it… Yuu…"

Kanda flinches at being called by his given name but in that moment he finds it extremely arousing and he digs his nails into Allen's buttocks crazy with lust and impatience and he groans:

"Oh God… do it… fuck me… do it for fuck's sake!"

But Allen isn't satisfied… he knows what he wants to hear, and he lifts himself to rub Kanda's tip in his cleft, the desire to impale himself almost winning him over:

"No, Yuu… beg me… say my name…"

And Kanda surrenders, his painful erection screaming in his mind he can't wait any longer, so he growls:

"Please… please Allen… I beg you… Oh!… oh God… oh yes, yes…"

Kanda's begging turns to a gasping delirium when Allen impales himself on his cock, engulfing him with hot tightness.

Allen mercilessly moves rough and quick on his lover, sweat soon making him slick over Kanda's belly, and he whines and cries as he frantically fucks himself on Kanda.

Kanda is left speechless by Allen's rhythm, he finds it difficult to even breath because of the growing ecstasy, his world closing around his member so gloriously stimulated by the untamed creature on his lap.

He helps Allen keep the rhythm with his strong hands and gasps and sobs as he feels his orgasm approaching furiously like a waterfall.

Allen is restless, he snaps himself up as soon as Kanda is fully inside him and then crashes down violently when he feels Kanda's tip brushing the tender skin of his buttocks. It is a frenetic and rough speed that brings him to the edge in a matter of minutes, but oh what minutes… he feels he's going to die, while Kanda would bet anything that Allen is going to fuck him mad. Their hearts pound deafeningly in their ears and their gasps and cries grow louder and quicker by the second, in a delirious climax.

And when they both reach their orgasms it is a wild emotion, Kanda calling to God while seeing black spots and Allen screaming arching backwards unnaturally.

Time stops in this moment, their bodies stiffening and shuddering violently as their seeds spill from their members in hot spurts. Allen goes limp on Kanda soon after, resting his head on the boy's shoulder shuddering and Kanda hugs him loosely, his arms aching from the effort of lifting the boy during his frenetic act.

When they finally are able to speak and move again Allen lifts himself up for the last time, letting Kanda out of himself, hot liquid slipping down his thigh. They both lay again, Kanda's chest warm against Allen's back and before sleep wins them over Kanda whispers in his ear:

"You know… the mission I refused today… three months on our own… sharing the same room… it doesn't look so bad now…"

And as he ears Allen smirk an amused yes Kanda falls asleep, finally complete, his arms being pulled around Allen's chest and tightly hugged by his other half.

The End


What do you think? Kanda too emotional? It was f--ng difficult to keep him IC in this chap, but I think I kind of managed. He his sweet and loving but still a little of a bastard, not really accepting how Allen can know him so well and still needing to adjust to his need of the boy... and of course he's a bastard that loves teasing Allen.

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By the way, the "finally complete" of the last sentence is also a failed attempt at referring to the title... you know, he was shattered and now he's complete again. But it mainly refers to the fact that Allen is his other half and that by being with the boy they make one complete being. Laaaaaaaaame, I know -.-

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