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"Why are you confused, love?" The way he said "love," like Edward used to, it didn't sound right. Like only Edward could say that.

I shook my head. "I'm just a naturally confused person," I answered with a smile. He chuckled.

"Remember, you can talk to me about anything," he replied with a soft voice. Sincere.

I nodded. Except this, I thought.

What was this? I didn't like Edward again, did I?

Oh, come on! Can't a girl catch a break?

(Bella's POV)

The plane ride was excruciatingly long for me. The whole time I kept looking at Edward and getting a really odd feeling in my stomach. Like someone was continously punching me in the gut.

"Bella," whispered Jasper. "What's wrong, Bells? You seem distant."

"Distant? Hahahaha, silly Jasper. Silly, silly…" I said nervously. I shook my head and smiled at him, except it was fake, and he could tell.

His eyes narrowed, and I whipped my head around in the other direction so I wouldn't have to face his eyes. I felt him adjust himself so he was looking in the direction I was.

"Oh my god, Bella, no," he said. "Please," he whispered, "no." He stood up without a second glance and made his way to the back of the plane, into the bathroom.

In a flash, Edward was in the seat next to me.

"What's with him?" he asked innocently.

"He…I don't know," I admitted, still staring at the closed bathroom door.

"Oh…oh my. Bella, you don't, do you?"

"Don't what, Edward?" I asked, now facing him. My eyes burned, and a mask of false confusion covered my face.

He leaned in, inches away from my face.

"Love me," he answered. His cool breath blew into my face, and I tried not to inhale the sweet scent.

I shook my head quickly in disbelief, (I mean, really, how egotistical?) and raced to the back of the plane.

(Jasper's POV)

I couldn't believe it. No, she can't. She just can't.

I slammed my head against the bathroom wall, making a clear dent. If I could cry, I would have in an instant.

She couldn't still love him. Not after what he did to her. Not after all we've been through together. I was in love with her. And she was in love with me.

Wasn't she?

Tap, tap, tap!

"Occupied!" I said loud enough for whoever was out there to hear.

"Jasper?" the voice replied.


"Bella, is that you?" I asked, a little apprehensive to open the door. I rubbed the back of my neck, awaiting the answer.

"No, it's your conscience." I cracked a small smile at that. "Please, Jasper. Let me in. We need to talk."

I reached for the door handle, but slowly lowered it. Then raised it again, sighed, and lowered it. What was with me? Why didn't I want to see her?

Maybe because she just broke my heart?

Tap, tap.

Before I could regret it, I unlocked the door and stepped back as Bella walked in. She shut the door behind her, and turned to look at me. She was feeling nervous, and confused, and hurt.

"Oh, Jasper," she breathed. She wrapped her tiny arms around me, and I couldn't help but return her embrace as tight as I could without crushing her. We stayed like that for quite some time before I let go. I smiled at my Bella, but it dropped as soon as I saw the look in her eyes.

She tried to smile back, but it was forced. She jumped up onto the tiny sink in the bathroom and folded her hands, looking down the whole time.

"Why do you always doubt me, Jasper?" she asked quietly.

"No, Bella, I don't doubt you—"

"But you do! You are always worried I will go back to Edward, even though I love you and only you! Why can't you get that through your thick, vampire skull of yours and just accept the fact that you have me now! You have me forever and always. Edward will never again have my heart, no matter what you would like to think! I know I may not measure up to Alice, but—"

"Whoa, whoa, Bella, what're you talking about? Are you trying to say that I want you to still like Edward?" She nodded slowly, feeling extremely embarrassed.

"Bella, that's absurd! Why…wow, how can I even begin to tell you ridiculous that is?"

She looked up slowly. "Jasper, I mean, I'll admit, when I saw him again, I got a funny feeling in my stomach. But you know what?"

"What?" I asked, taking her hands in mine and staring into her beautiful, chocolate brown eyes.

"I found out it was just indigestion," she shrugged. Then muttered, "Damn airplane food."

I began to laugh before her mouth on mine cut me off. I melted into her and pushed her against the tiny bathroom mirror. She tangled her fingers through my hair and my hands rubbed circles on her back.

Tap, tap, tap.


"Busy…" I said. I began kissing along Bella's jaw line, before I heard another annoying tap, tap, tap.

"I had too many corndogs before I boarded, and the other washroom is out of order!" cried the whiny voice.

Bella sighed. "Better let him in," she concluded. I nodded solemnly before unlocking the door and sliding it open.

"Sorry to…erm…interrupt, but I really gotta go!" The poor guy looked like he was about to die, so I took Bella's hand and we exited the bathroom.

"That won't be sanitary for a long time after he's done with it," Bella muttered. I chuckled and we made our way back to our seats.

(Bella's POV)

What seemed like a few minutes later (time flies when you're busy making out with your vampire boyfriend), we were at the Cullen household. Edward sat at the head of the dining room table, and all of the Cullens followed suit.

"So, Edward, why did you need to wait for us to be home before you told us what happened?" I asked. I was extremely anxious to know the truth.

"I wanted to see if it was okay if…" he paused and looked down. "If Alice and Jasper were, you know, allowed to get a divorce."

"Wait, what?" Emmett asked. "You abandoned all of us to see if Alice and Jazzy could get a divorce? You're such a weirdo."

"Why didn't you take me with you, Edward?" asked Alice, then nodding over what she saw Edward answer in the future.

"Wait," I said. "Why did you have to go to the Volturi to get a divorce?"

"Because vampires are different when it comes to things like this. We can't just get a normal divorce, because that would require papers, files, information," Edward replied.

"But if Alice and Jasper wanted a divorce, they would have gone themselves, right? Why did you think you'd take the liberty to do it for them?"

He shrugged. "I guess I wanted things to move faster. If I waited any longer, I would have burst."

"Waited for what?" I asked, confused.

"Oh my god! Edward! Yes!" Edward whipped around to see Alice squealing.

"This," he answered, as he went down on one knee in front of Alice and swiftly pulled out a small box. He flipped it open, and the sparkle almost blinded me as the giant rock hit the light pouring in from the window.

"Alice, will you do me the honour of being my wife?" he asked softly, but with all the love in the world.

"Oh, Edward! Of course I will! Yes! Yes!!" She jumped up and attacked him with a kiss.

And I felt nothing. If I still loved Edward, that would have been such a bitch slap to the heart. But I didn't feel a thing. Instead, I tangled Jasper's fingers through mine and smiled happily at him.

I really did love Jasper. Nothing could ever change that.

"So, the wedding is in April?" I asked as Jasper and I flipped through books and magazines in his room that night. I was sprawled out on his bed while his back was leaning against the side of it.

"Yes, only three months away," he answered. It was January seventeenth.

"That will be nice," I replied as I flipped.

"Okay, I can't take it anymore," Jasper said as he threw his book on the floor.

"Wow, this is so cliché," he said, as I closed my magazine and placed it beside me, staring at him quizzically.

Until he got down on his right knee, took my hand in his and gazed into my eyes; then I gazed at him with so much surprise it was comical. His other hand reached for a tiny box in his pocket. He flipped it open, revealing a white, sparkling diamond on a white-gold band.

"Isabella Marie Swan," he began. I gulped. "I love you more than anything in the world. Each and everyday our love grows, and I couldn't imagine myself living without you." He never took his eyes off of mine.

"And I know we've already had one proposal today, but, Bella, will you marry me?"

My eyes widened quite a bit, but my smile reached from one ear to the other.

"Yes! A million times yes, Jasper!!" I cried. He stood up to hug me, but oh no. I wanted much more than that.

I attacked him with my mouth, and he fell on top of me on his bed. He began playing with the line of my shirt and nibbling my ear.

Suddenly he pulled away and gazed into my eyes.

"Oh, P.S, I love you," he said with a smile.

I laughed and whispered, "I love you too."

The End.

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