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n. a place that contains many books and histories; a place of study (more like distraction)

It should be illegal to look that good. Rose Weasley thought as she looked over at Scorpius Malfoy.

His long white blonde hair falling into his face escaping from the leather band that held it. His luminous gray eyes focused on his parchment with his tie undone and slung around his neck drawing attention to the fact that a few buttons on his shirt were undone.

Stop staring Rose! Merlin, Ada's never going to let me forget if she sees me staring at her brother.

"Hey Rose!" Ada Malfoy called. Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. Smiling brightly she practically danced over to Rose in a flurry of white blonde hair and pale skin. "So…"Ada said smugly "Do you want to tell me or do I have to guess why your staring at my little brother?"

Ada had been on the train the day that Rose first saw Scorpius.

She was a year older that Scorpius and in Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor like Scorpius.

Perhaps Mr. Malfoy was a little put off that none of his children was put in Slytherin. She was also one of the few friends Rose had outside of the rather large Weasley/Potter clan.

"I was not staring at your brother" Rose said indignantly. Ada's expression stayed the same.

"So I guess that means I have to guess." Ada chuckled.

"I was not staring at your brother." Rose said loudly, maybe a little too loudly. Scorpius heard, looked up from his parchment and arched an eyebrow quizzically.

Why does he just have to look so…delicious when he does that?

Rose blushed from the tip of her ears down to her neck. Ada giggled before giving Rose a little wink and tilted her head a little to show that Dean Thomas Jr. was walking over to them looking a little nervous. Merlin's pants! What now?

"Well I'm just going to see if I can go help my dear brother with his Charms homework." Ada said smugly. Dean walked even closer and now he was standing infront of Rose's chair just as Ada walked off toward Scorpius.

"Um…doyouwannagowithmetoHogsmeadtomorrow?" Dean asked in a giant grammatically incorrect sentence.

"Pardon?" Rose replied. Though she knew perfectly well what Dean had said. In all her five years at Hogwarts she had went on about eight dates. She had very protective cousins.

"Want to go to Hogsmead with me?" Dean asked nervously.

"I believe we have a study session for that Potion quiz. Correct, Rose?" Scorpius cut in smoothly and icily.

"Dramatic entrances are his and father's thing." Ada mumbled under her breath to Rose.

"Well. I'm just going to go walk that way now." Dean said, doing a quick about face he escaped from the library in a very fast walk.

"What was that for?" Rose asked quietly.

"Well we do have that study session don't we?" Scorpius asked. Scorpius' face the image of angelic innocence. "Got to make sure that we get good grades in every subject right?"

And exactly how am I going to spend a whole day studying in the same room with you at close quarters when I can barely keep my eyes on my textbook with you almost a whole room away?