Chapter One - One in the morning

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Full Summary: The girls at PCA have secrets. Big secrets. All they need is someone to listen, but nobody will. Can someone help before its too late?


(Zoey's Point Of View)

It's spinning. Everything around me is spinning. I can't see where I'm going. I'm trying to walk to the bathroom, but the door is spinning so much I can't tell where the handle is. Oh please, someone help me. But everyone else is asleep, because its one in the morning.

"Zoey, are you okay?" I hear Nicole's soft voice, and I turn in the direction of where she should be.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. I just…couldn't get the door open that's all. It must be stuck." The next thing I know, she's off her bed and opening the door.

"Umm, it's not stuck."

"Right, maybe I just wasn't turning the handle all the way. I mean, I'm still half asleep."

"Yeah. See you in the morning."

I nod as I stumble into the bathroom, and somehow manage to close the door behind me. I fall to my knees in front of the toilet softly. I gag once, then vomit into it. I get up and flush it down. I'm not dizzy anymore.

I walk over to the sink and wash my face and hands. I look at myself in the mirror, sighing. I don't know what's wrong with me. If I did, I'd fix it. I don't know though.


(Meanwhile, in the dorm)

(Nicole's Point Of View)

I wonder what's up with Zoey. Why couldn't she get the door open? It's a little weird. I climb back up onto my bed, careful not to wake Dana or Lola. Our room isn't a three person anymore, it's a four. Two sets of bunk beds instead of one and a single.

I lay there, silently. Then I hear it. I hear Zoey gag then I can hear her throw up. I wonder if I should go in there. I then hear the toilet flush, and water running. She must be okay now. I close my eyes, trying to go back to sleep.

As soon as my eyes are closed, I see his face. I open my eyes again and shudder. Why do I keep seeing his face? It's not like…I don't even know. What's that? I can hear…something. I think it's Dana. I listen for a second, and I can hear her muttering in her sleep.


What is she talking about? It must just be a bad dream. I lay back down right as the bathroom door opens. I see Zoey's shadow in the light. Her hand goes up and runs through her hair. Then, it all goes black. My eyes quickly adjust to the darkness, and I can see Zoey tiptoeing over to her bottom bunk.

What a night. I wonder what's up with Dana though. I close my eyes, seeing his face again. Then, I hear it. A scream. I sit up in bed, as does Zoey. Lola is sitting up too, rubbing her eyes.

Zoey meets my eyes, and then she looks down at Dana. The scream rings out again. Oh my…it's Dana. Lola looks at me, since she can't see Zoey. I look at Zoey again, and she nods. She stands up from her bed, stumbling around in the darkness until she finds the light switch. She flips it on, and Lola and I instinctively cover our eyes.

Dana screams again, this time sitting up. She's breathing hard. I jump down from my bed, and Lola does the same. Dana is still in panic mode, and Zoey comes over.

"Dana, are you okay?" Zoey asks, and Dana turns to look at her.

She breaths in a few more times, then sighs. She pulls her hand through her messy curls, as her breathing slows down. She brings a hand to her forehead, wiping away the sweat that's there. We're still watching her when she lays back down.

"Dana…" Zoey starts again. Lola and I exchange worried looks quickly.

"Leave me alone." She mutters, turning over to face the wall. "Everyone just leave me alone."

"But Dana…"

Dana sits up in bed quickly. "I said, leave me alone." She snaps at Zoey, as a glare comes over her face.

We go back to bed in silence, each of us wondering why Dana of all people was screaming. I wish I knew, but I don't.

(Dana's Point of View)

I can't believe it. I must have screamed out. Why else would those three be huddled around my bed. The sweating is one thing, but this is completely another. I wait until I'm sure they are all asleep to get up. I grab my basketball stuff and a ball and walk out, grabbing my keys on the way.

I walk slowly down to the court, thinking about everything that has happened to me since I left for France. France. That word echoes through my head as I pull up the latch on the gate, stepping through. Stupid France.

I hear a ball bouncing already. I know who it is. I always know. I walk closer, coming out of the shadows. The gate slams shut behind me, and the person turns. Logan.

"I was wondering if you'd show." He said, looking away from my eyes.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know."

"Look, Logan…we have to talk."

We walked over and I sat on a bench. He sat beside me, but not too close. He thinks I'm going to break up with him. Nobody else evens knows we're together, and he still thinks that.

"What did you wanna talk about?" He asks, looking down at his shoes.

I turn, sitting sideways on the bench, so I'm looking right at him. "Logan, I'm not breaking up with you."

"Oh. Okay." He looks up at me now, but when he sees the saddened look on my face, he frowns. "What is it then?"

"We need to talk…about what happened…in France." The words are hard to say, but he knows exactly what I'm talking about right then.

"Dana…I've told you I'm sorry about that. It was just one night."

"Why me, Logan? Why'd you pick me for that one night?" I bite my lip, looking away.

"I didn't…think about it at the time really. I didn't know you were coming back."

"I told you at the end of eighth grade that I would be back." I look up into his eyes, even though it's hard. "You said you'd wait for me to come back."

"And I was. I waited for you for three years! Do you know what that's like? To just wait around for someone when you have no idea if and when they'll be back? No, you don't. Because you've never waited for anyone!" He yelled this now, scaring me.

"Logan, don't you even yell at me. And, for your information, I did wait for someone. But you wouldn't know that would you?" I feel the tears in my eyes, but I won't cry.

"Yeah right. Who did you ever wait for!?"

"I said don't yell at me!" I scream, and he look like I smacked him. Then, in a quieter voice I say this next sentence. The sentence that will change everything. "I waited and waited for the day when I'd see you again."

I crossed my arms over my chest and looked away. I glanced back at him to see him looking at his feet. He only does that when he's nervous or upset. He must of felt me looking at him, because he looked up. He had this look on his face, and I knew he felt bad.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you." He said softly, holding my gaze now.

"I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch with you."

For awhile, neither of us said anything. We were just staring at each other, neither of us wanting to break this stare.

"Look, Logan, I need to get back. The girls could wake up and see I'm gone, and get worried."

"So what? Dana, after…"

"Don't go there. I told you I was fine that night."

"You weren't fine. You were in over your head and-"

"I said, I was fine." I stood up, grabbing my stuff as I did.

I walked over toward the gates. I knew that if he really cared about me, he'd come after me. When I got to the gates, he was still sitting there. I shook my head, and continued walking.

I was almost back to my dorm when I heard it. Footsteps. Soft, but they were there. I turned around, and there was Logan. He smiled, coming closer.

"You didn't think I was going to just let you walk away, did you?"

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't."

Then he did what I never expected him too. Especially after what he'd seen that night in France. He kissed me. I pulled away, sucking in a breath.

"I…I'm sorry. I shouldn't of-"

"It's alright. Just, please Logan, don't do that anymore." A hurt look came over his face. "I mean, at least not right now. You have to give me some time." He nodded, but I knew he was wondering how he could keep from kissing his girlfriend. That's right, I said girlfriend.


(Lola's Point of View)

I was woken up by Dana coming in the door. I looked over at Nicole's bed, then down at Zoey's. They hadn't heard her. I looked at her, she had no idea I was watching her.

"Where were you?" I asked, and she jumped. She spun around then sucked in a breath. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's alright. And…I was uh…just out."

I looked at the glowing numbers on the clock above her head. "At 3 in the morning?"

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing if you're nocturnal." She sighed quietly.

"Okay, come here."

I followed her into the bathroom quietly. She sat on the edge of the sink, and I just stood there. She sighed.

"Okay, you have to promise you won't say anything to Zoey or Nicole."

"I won't."

"So…I was at the basketball court. I…was meeting Logan."


"Because we're kind of dating. Secretly. When I was in France, he was there too for some reason, and we were both at this party. Well, I…was there with this guy. And Logan walked in on us…you know."

My mouth dropped open. "I don't understand. If you and another guy were…yeah…then how did you and Logan end up together?"

"It's a long story. Just let it go. It's over with now. Please don't tell anyone."

"I said I wouldn't."


I followed her out of the bathroom and went to bed. But I couldn't help thinking about everything that happened. And it was because of something at one in the morning.

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