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Notes: This is as accurate as possible, thanks to Death Note 13. I don't know where Gevanni's from, but the name 'Loud' sounds British to me, and he seems to have taken on a slightly Italian fake-name, so I'm giving him an English dad and an Italian mother. And he moved to America in his teens…or something. I think too much about these things.

Warnings: Spoilers, and some foul language.


Occupational Hazards

September 2nd 2003

Turned twenty-one yesterday. Got obscenely drunk. Puked on Sarah's shoes. Happy birthday indeed. Jack just called and asked if the pair of boxers he'd found on the backseat of his car were mine. I said I didn't think so.

They are.


September 18th 2003

Back in the US now. No rest for the wicked so I'm back on the job, my team's working on breaking up yet another drug syndicate. We've been dubbed 'The Drug Busters'. It's getting ridiculous. I've been here eight months and this is the third one we've been assigned to since then. I'm almost wishing for a serial killing case now.

Except, you know, for the deaths of innocents involved.


October 3rd 2003

Got promoted. I, Stephen Loud, am now an FBI Special Agent. Misora retired a few days ago, something about getting engaged, and I'm joining the team she was working on. Apparently, they're looking into a string of bank robberies. The joy I felt about getting to work on this was genuinely worrying. Because it's not a drug bust oh thank you God I'm going to start praying again.


December 14th 2003

About...uh, a month or so ago? Yeah, that seems right. Anyway, about a month ago someone started killing off criminals - with heart attacks. Very strange case, they're referring to the guy behind it as 'Kira'. ICPO meeting a couple of weeks ago saw L getting in on the case, heading to Japan. According to him, that's where the guy is. Yesterday he requested that twelve agents be sent in. Wouldn't say why. It kind of irritates me, the way L can just swoop in and demand troops without giving any reasons. It's a little unreasonable, really. Anyway, saying that, I still wanted to be involved. Anybody would leap at the chance to work with L, whatever you think of him. I thought I stood a fair chance, too, but in the end I'm stuck here.

Suddenly bank robberies don't look so interesting. Especially when morons like Zapack get to go to Japan.


December 28th 2003

Just heard that yesterday all the FBI agents in Japan were killed by Kira. On second thoughts, I'm kind of glad I didn't get chosen to go.


February 3rd 2004

Most people expected Kira to be in custody by now.

He isn't.

The killings are getting worse, unless you're one of the 'Kira supporters', in which case, they're getting better. I've been trying to keep abreast of any developments…I'm not hearing much. I guess that's probably a good thing, though - I may be FBI, but if I could find all the details out from a few internet searches and requests to superiors, I'd be worrying about the state of affairs in this case.

Of course, L's involved, isn't he? Information's going to be harder to come by than diamonds.

There's been a lot of debate recently as to whether Kira is good or evil. It's bullshit. Kira's not the law, and he doesn't have the right to choose who dies. Jesus, there's enough fuss over courts passing down death sentences, and now you've got one guy - or a few, if the 'group' theory is right, but I don't buy that - playing the roles of judge, jury and executioner. How can anyone think that's good?

I suppose for the philosophers among us there's room for debate over whether or not these killings will make the world a 'better place'. I don't really give a damn about that. Kira's wrong, and one way or another he's going to get caught. Sooner rather than later, I hope.


March 19th 2004

I heard a rumour today that Naomi Misora was missing.

Her fiancé, bloke called Penber, was one of the agents who got killed back in December. So it's possible that she's just dropped out of the public eye or something - she's an ex-agent, she's going to know how to make herself difficult to find - but the darker side to the rumour is that Kira's behind it. I met Misora once, and I agree with the people who are saying she'd have gone after Kira. She'd have gone after him anyway, especially since L's involved, and if the guy killed her fiancé…

So Kira got Misora. Makes me wonder if L isn't next.


April 18th, 2004

Thank God for the Internet, or I'd be moving to Japan right now. Videos were sent in to this Japanese TV station, apparently from Kira - they were aired, and it's pretty obvious that they are. People have already got recordings of them up and translated online, and they're scary stuff. Asking L to turn himself over, effectively. I've called one of my old college friends in Tokyo, and asked them to keep me updated. Shit's getting crazy, huh?

I'm back on drug busts. Absurd. All of this is happening across the pond and I'm hiding out in back alleys waiting for gangs to meet and swap envelopes. Talk about the way the cookie crumbles.


April 22nd 2004

They want L to appear on TV. Are they fucking insane? If L goes down, who exactly do they expect to be standing in the way of this maniac? So say L does this. He dies, that's pretty much the obvious outcome. Bingo, Kira's got a path to the top. Only there are all these irritating 'world leaders' in his way. So next thing you know they'll be dead. And Kira'll declare himself Lord Emperor or God knows what.

I might be exaggerating a little. But then again, how can anyone tell? It should be obvious that giving into his demands is just going to put us on a path to chaos. What happened to not negotiating with terrorists? Threatening to kill the innocent is no different to hijacking a plane or bombing a hospital. Only, this guy's more dangerous.


May 26th 2004

For the last month, Sakura TV's been a circus. Videos from 'the real Kira' and 'the fake Kira' have been bouncing back and forth, with the fake one eventually declaring that they've found Kira and everything falling silent. Near as I can tell, L's still alive. He certainly hasn't appeared on TV, at any rate.

People keep dying. Couple of weeks ago, this guy I see at the bar near my place sometime stopped showing up. He was in jail a few years ago for burglary that escalated to manslaughter, and he'd been shitting himself since Kira started killing anyone with a criminal record.

One time, I'd gotten far too pissed for my own good, and he booked me into a motel for the night. Didn't even ask me to pay him back. He was a good guy who'd done a stupid thing, once, and paid for it.

He's probably dead now.


September 1st 2004

Turned twenty-two today. Spent most of the day investigating a murder scene. Details of the suspect were released in the media.

We'll probably find his body in a few days.

There's barely any point in turning up for work anymore.


October 28th 2004

A Kira suspect was killed today - some guy called Higuchi. I watched the fallout on the news - cameras couldn't get into the actual area. Though apparently they had everything - armed squad cars, even a helicopter. They pulled this guy out of the car, and a couple of minutes later he drops dead of a heart attack. I don't know if he was Kira or not. But I somehow doubt the killings are going to stop.


October 31st 2004

I looked into it a bit more and it's pretty obvious Higuchi couldn't have been Kira. There haven't been any killings since, though - but higuchi was definitely killed by Kira, so it means there's someone else with that power out there, at any rate.

I really hate Hallowe'en. Some kids knocked on my door asking for sweets, and told me I looked like a vampire. I think I'm insulted.


November 6th 2004

The killings started again a few days ago. I guess he's not dead then.


September 15th 2007

Half way to thirty, now. Doesn't time just pass you by?

I've been allocated a lot of intelligence gathering missions lately. Everyone has. We don't go into the field much anymore. No one thinks there's any point in it. You're putting your lives in danger when the guys are going to be dead in a few weeks anyway, because if you know about them, then Kira knows about them.

And the people we go after are changing, too. They're becoming desperate. By the time the FBI are after them they've realised their days and numbered, so they're not caring much about things like personal safety or not taking risks. And they'll take as many of us down with them as they can.

So this is how Kira's making the world a better place, huh?

Can't say I'm impressed.


May 22nd 2008

They've stopped fighting back now. Governments are just sitting back and letting Kira get on with it. Everybody's shit-scared that he'll be after them if they so much as raise a voice against him.

L doesn't seem to be doing anything. There's been no news from Japan. Maybe he's dead. Or maybe he's given up, doesn't want to get killed.

No. L wouldn't give up. He'd die first.

So maybe L's dead.

I still hear about the occasional report from him, but…how difficult would it be for someone to impersonate him? A computer program, that's probably all it'd take. Hell, I bet even I could do it.

…That wasn't a suggestion.

If Kira becomes law, I'll be out of a job. And the rest of the world will be facing bigger problems.


January 19th 2009

I'm not the only one thinking like this. There are a few of us who wind up having the same discussions every few days, angry talk of breaking away and forming a group to go after the bastard. But more and more, people are starting to agree with him.

Give me a chance. Give me one chance, and I'll help to take this guy down.


March 13th 2009

Either someone is reading my diary, or there is, in fact, a God watching over me.

A group called the Special Provision for Kira has just been formed. The Director said we're free to join it if we like, as long as the guy behind it approves us. He says he's going to join in no matter what anyone has to say about it.

I'm following Director Mason. I finally have a chance to properly get involved in this. I'm not passing it up.

Someone's taking action, and from what I heard from the Director, this someone is a genius, right after L's own mind.

Looks like the tables are turning.


Note: Okay so I wanted this to be more flippant, but I'll try bringing in that element of humour later. I wanted to lay the groundwork for why Gevanni would join the SPK, though, and that meant displaying an element of hatred for Kira. Otherwise he's unlikely to have been willing to risk his life. So this chap's just background really. I didn't think much about it sadly. Sorry if Gevanni seems a bit out of character, first time writing him and all, and my excuse is going to be that he's about six years younger than he is in the series here, so he's a bit more immature. I'll try to get more in character when he actually starts having relevancy to the Death Note plot.