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By the way, Gevanni is totally a Trekkie. Totally.


October 25th 2009

Near theorises that Mello has contacted the President. I asked him why, and he just stared at me and told him it's what he would have done.

I think my boss is a psychopath.


October 27th 2009

…People need to stop attacking Mello. They just get killed.

A Special Forces group was sent to raid what appears to have been his hideout. Or a mafia hideout, at any rate. The weirdest thing was their helmets flew off, almost like it was of their own accord. Near's been reviewing the evidence gathered from the scene (obsessively) and has informed us that the helmets were cut off. Now, I don't believe in ghosts…but it's weird.

It's too weird. First you have a notebook that can kill people (but some people need names and faces, some people just need faces - as if it wasn't complicated enough), then you have self-removing helmets, and…

…and these kids.

Near's only seventeen. Mello can't be much older, the way Near talks it sounds like they were at the same school or something. But from what I've seen and heard…they're not normal. Sorry, that was a bit obvious. But they're smart, smarter than anyone I've ever met, and I'm FBI. I've met some ridiculously smart people, but Near, he eclipses them completely. And never makes eye contact. Perhaps that's the secret?

I'd say 'that's insane', but lately, nothing seems past comprehension.


October 28th 2009

The President killed himself. What the hell is that about?!

It was yesterday, apparently. The news broke this morning, and Near's been glowering ever since. He's convinced it's Mello. Considering how many people he had kill themselves when - when he first got the Death Note, I wouldn't be surprised. It's almost like…he's absolving himself. Near mentioned that he always wore a rosary, so it makes you wonder.

But the President…David Hoope was a good man. It's pretty clear that if it was Mello, he was killed because of the Special Forces attacked. Killed for resisting a terrorist.

God, I hope that when this is all over, this notebook disappears for good.


October 29th 2009

Rester agrees with Near about Mello's involvement in Hoope's death.

Oh, right - Rester. He's this big guy who survived Mello's attack, because he was pretty much a ghost before the Kira investigation, so there weren't many records to seal up. He carries more guns than me, and looks like he probably has more testicles, too. He's ending up acting as Near's bodyguard more and more. Kind of feel sorry for the guy.

The only other person left is a woman called Halle Lidner. Of all the people who were here to start with, she was definitely one of the best. Very efficient, very beautiful, very scary. Reminds me of…name escapes me, that Borg girl off Star Trek. Lidner seems more human, though - some of the time, at least. I was speaking to her the other day, and it turns out she joined up to this thing because 'someone she cared about' was killed by Kira. She was vague and abrupt enough to make it obvious how strongly she felt about it. Makes me wonder just who could have been worth that much, that she's willing to throw her life away for them.

And I'm just the young guy who got pulled in on it. I've got more than six years on Near and I still feel like the baby of the group.


October 31st 2009

After Rester and Lidner had knocked it on the head for the night, I ended up hanging around for a while. It's something to do with Hallowe'en - I'm so used to having things chucked at my house this time of the year I don't feel right sleeping early. Or at all.

Anyway, I was left in the main room with Near. He's definitely not what you'd describe as chatty, but today he seemed to want to talk. He asked me about myself, about the things I was good at (gathering information for later use, I expect, doesn't seem the type to do anything without a reason). He seemed slightly more absent than usual, though. After a while, he asked me when my birthday was. I told him. He said his was in August, that it had been on his fourth birthday he'd ended up in the Wammy's House. Believe me when I say I wanted to pry, but I was still sort of shocked that he was actually talking to me about non-Kira related things. I don't think he particularly cared that it was me though. I just happened to be there.

He told me that October 31st had been the original L's birthday. I can't ever imagine Near choking up, but he blinked twice, which I suppose is his equivalent. Seeing as this is a private diary, I'll confess: I really felt like hugging him. Telling him it would be okay, or something.

Only, it won't, will it? Too much has happened. Too many people have died…the person Lidner was talking about, L, Director Mason and the others…it doesn't matter if it was Kira or Mello, because in the end killing is killing. And it's our job to try to stop it.

What else can we do, now, after we've come this far?


November 3rd 2009

I remembered that Borg girl's name! Seven of Nine. Lidner in a cat suit, essentially.

We haven't heard much from the Japanese task force and the second L lately. Near hasn't said anything, but I think he's getting worried. Or, if not worried…suspicious. Things are too quiet, as cliché as that sounds.


November 11th 2009

…I think it might be an understatement to describe today as 'eventful'.

The Japanese task force - for all their usual ineptitude - recaptured the notebook from Mello. No, I'm getting ahead of myself. What seems to have happened was this: Kira (yes, Kira, that guy we're all trying to catch and such) contacted the task force, then last night all the publicly known mafia members dropped dead, and the task force stormed the building they had relocated to after the Special Forces attack. The next thing we hear, the building's blown up, with all of them inside. Mello included.

Still waiting for the fall out. No idea who's still alive. Near is about to contact the second L and try to get some kind of explanation.

If Mello's dead…then I'm not sad about it. But even if the task force are useless, they seem like good men.

Here's hoping that counts for something.


November 14th 2009

Near seems pretty certain that Mello survived the explosion. I really don't understand this kid, but it's difficult to explain - the way he talks about Mello, I mean. Half the time he's spitting blood about him, half the time everything he says seems to have a hint of reverence, or at the the very least, admiration about it.

This guy killed our people! But then…every time I think that, I remember that before there was the SPK and before there was Kira, even, those two knew each other, were growing up together, competing for the title of L's heir. It doesn't sound like they were friends - in fact, it kind of sounds like Mello hated Near - but…I can't shake the feeling that Near doesn't really hate Mello. Or dislike him that much.

There's so much more going on here, isn't there? Sure, we're going after Kira, but there's all of this…all the people involved, everything it means for them. I don't think I could even get my head round it if I tried. Near, well, I guess I don't envy him. Let him be the smart one, and deal with all the implications and conflicts. Me, I'll just keep on carrying a gun and a fake ID. It's a job. It's just a job.


November 16th 2009

The second L informs us that they lost one of their men in the raid on Mello's hideout. I suppose it serves them right for taking their cues from Kira of all people, and doing something so absurdly stupid…but it doesn't change the fact that a good man has probably died.

Near always gets a strange look in his eye when he's talking to the second L. He doesn't like the fact that he's taken the title of L, and I don't think it's jealousy or envy. Even though the title should be Near's, by right. This seems more like…contempt? Like he doesn't think this guy is worthy of the title. No, it's more than that. I can't put my finger on it. He seems to be thinking things through every time he talks to him - God knows what's going on in that albino head of his. And there are times when he seems angry, says things like the second L is a disgrace to the name. But it's more than that, too.

I give up. He'll probably tell us, eventually. If it's important.

Some days I hate working for this guy.


November 18th 2009

Near finally let us in on his thinking. Or rather, he let Rester and Lidner in - I was going through paperwork in the room next door. Rester recapped for me, though. In a nutshell, he seems to suspect the second L of being Kira. That explains a lot of what I was noticing the other day, actually. Someone strolls in and takes the title that should have been his, and ends up being Kira to boot. Bit of a slap in the face, really. And I can't imagine Near reacting well to that.

Rester said that the whole thing could pretty much be summed up with a statement Near made - "the new L is too foolish and Kira is too active". Neither of us noticed that, and nor did Lidner, but all it took was something slightly out of the ordinary and Near picked it up in a heartbeat.

…And formed a controversial, convoluted theory around it. Like you do.


November 18th 2009, again

Fuck it…that goddamned, stupid, cowardly, selfish politician! America has 'accepted' Kira. Bloody accepted him! Jesus, what the hell is going to happen now?

The obvious thing is that we're going to be outlawed. We're an 'anti-Kira' group, it probably won't be long until they equate that with terrorism. This is insane! You can't accept a murderer! It's wrong!

So things are going to get even more difficult. Good, because what with a psychotic ex-mafia teenager killing us off, a mass murderer masquerading as the world's greatest detective and me having to put my life on the line working for a social retarded genius, life was starting to get boring.


November 19th 2009

So today started with finding out we were an illegal organisation and were being disbanded, and ended with a gunpoint standoff against a blond in fluff and leather. No, not Lidner. Mello.

I was right - as an anti-Kira group, we're essentially illegal now. So officially, we're disbanding. Unofficially, there's no way in hell Near would have given up, even if there'd been a man with a gun at the door. Or perhaps despite it, considering what happened.

Near disbanded us, for about three hours or something. His theory was that Mello was alive and would approach one of us for information. Specifically, he thought he would approach Lidner, because she was a woman and therefore easier to overpower. As he said this, I suddenly felt the urge to seek Mello out and warn him that Lidner wasn't an 'easily overpowerable' kind of woman. The urge passed quickly, though. I quite like the image of Lidner body slamming Mello into a wall.

Unfortunately, that wasn't how things transpired. Not long after we'd been 'disbanded', we're back at the headquarters and Lidner's coming up, a gun in her back and a hooded man behind her. Rester and I manage to pull our guns on him as soon as he gets into the room, but Near tells us to put them down. Because Mello's completely safe, isn't he? I mean, he just murdered all our members and blew up a building while he was still in it. A perfect example of rationality and mercy.

Sarcasm aside though, the experience was…weird. Mello didn't look good. Near has - had- a photograph of him from when he was younger, and…he's definitely changed. He's bulkier, looks more wiry - oh, and then there's the small matter of half his face being melted off.

He told us that the murder notebooks - Death Notes, he called them - belong to shinigamis. Actual, live - dead? - death gods. I'd heard the theory before but…it seemed absurd. Insane. Near seemed prepared to accept it, so I guess…that's the assumption we're going to be working under.

Mello swapped information for the photograph Near had. It was one of the more unusual conversations I've been privy to lately, and that's saying something.

And as useful as it all was, as strange and as scary and whatever else you want to call it, in the back of my head I just kept remembering, this is the guy who killed them all, who killed the President…God, there were moments when I just wanted to disobey the orders and shoot the bastard. I know it would have been stupid - that's probably why I didn't do it.

But…it doesn't stop me wishing I did.


November 23rd 2009

We have a house guests, of sorts, by the name of Kanzo Mogi.

Mello calls out of the blue and tells us a member of the Japanese task force is on his way to our building, and that we're to let him in. The chance to interrogate him is going to be useful, but acting as Mello's puppets, having people think we're in league with that murdering scum…well, I can think of better ways for good events to come about.


November 24th 2009

Never mind. Not a good event. Not a useful chance. Kanzo Mogi has a will of steel and appears to be made of iron. Interrogation doesn't work. He doesn't even speak.


November 25th 2009

I can't spare much time. Effectively, we're on the run. They found us - Kira supporters, that guy Demegawa from Kira's Kingdom. Stormed our building, a complete mob attack. Near ordered the release of 'L's legacy', namely an extortionate amount of money floating down from the top of our building. A waste, I suppose, but considering it probably saved all our lives it was kind of worth it. We got out in riot gear by hiding amongst the police and I swear to God if Rester hadn't taken Near's toys from him and tucked them away we'd have been found out. Sometimes, I wonder just what kind of genius he is.

In the process of finding a new building to operate from. Rester has contacts and Near is Near, so it shouldn't be difficult. But for now…we're practically fugitives.