Tonks/Lupin-ish – in which Tonks has a little monologue in her head, whilst cradling Teddy, wondering if it might be the end of their lives soon. Contains spoilers for Deathly Hallows. Reviews make me happier than you could ever possible know!


I stroke his golden tufts and wonder what he's thinking; he must be in a good mood, I know he's inherited his hair from me; and golden signifies happiness, sunlight and hope. He yawns and stretches, tiny, pale and fragile arms reaching out into the life waiting for him.

I can't wait to teach him new things, take him to the seaside and let him bob in my arms among the indigo waves dappled with radiance. It's like a dream, a fairy tale. We could take pictures and frame them at home, the moments captured forever, yet still in motion. I almost wish they weren't, and then they'd really be singular instants, caught forever. Why is it always muggle notions that excite me the most?

Sometimes I worry that we're putting him in danger; the war we're fighting is so perilous, so full of jeopardy and danger that the repercussions for him plague my nights. But it's the right thing – and besides, Remus knows what he's doing. Teddy would rather he could be proud of his courageous parents, no matter what the costs. That much I know.

I hope they take good care of him.



I know it's slightly … short … but it was just something I was thinking of. Thank you if you got this far!