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Rosette Christopher always thought, that when you found a person you loved, that love would remain for ever and when you decided to move into one place with that person, they would live happily ever after.

She believed in that fairytale in a long time, until the cruel face of reality slowly showed her she was wrong all the time.

Aion had told her she was the only one for him and she had believed it.

He had told her, he wanted to be with her forever, she had believed every word he said.

When he then came up with the idea, to move into an apartment together, she had been so happy, but now all the happiness was all gone.

In the first few months, they had been happy, but when it came to the end of the first year in her new life with her love of life, he had changed and become more secluded and absent.

He was almost never at home anymore; he always had to go on business trips or things like that.

Aion worked in a great company, he never told her any details about the trips though and she started to get suspicious.

She had asked him why he didn't tell her anything, but he had just answered her, she shouldn't worry about it and just watch the home while he was gone.

It was one of those days again. Aion had left early in the morning and left a note where he wrote he had left and would be back in about a week. He hadn't even said goodbye.

She sighed and made breakfast "He will be back soon" she told herself "A week isn't that long"

She was almost used to this situation, it was nothing new.

When she had eaten breakfast, she went shopping. She needed a few things and now she had time to buy them. She drove into the mall. It was Saturday so it was full of people everywhere.

She stood a while in front of a shop that sold dresses, she liked them all very much, but they were too expensive for her to buy.

She sighed and walked away from the window, leaving her dreams behind. She bought what she needed and decided to go into the next café to get a cup of coffee.

She settled at a table in a place far in the corner with her cup of hot coffee. She tried to drink it, but it was too hot "Ouch…" she burned her lips as she tried to take a sip "Better wait a bit before I drink it" she thought and set down the cup.

She sighed for the umpteenth time that day and looked at her hands. She felt depressed, why did she feel so lost and left alone? It wasn't that Aion would be gone forever. She sighed again, not noticing the small tear pricking in the corner of her eye.

She didn't even notice a person coming closer to her.

She absently wiped the tear away, but unfortunately, it was followed by another one. She sniffled. Why did she cry now? There was nothing to be sad about was there?

All of a sudden, a hand held a tissue in front of her "Here, this should help" the person said gently.

She took the tissue and wiped her eyes with it "Thanks" she said sobbing and blew her nose "I don't know what's wrong with me today"

"May I sit down?" the person asked and she nodded. She saw it was a young man, about her age, maybe a little older, he had long dark hair, in the light it looked almost purple, just like an amethyst, his eyes though were the colour of rubies, deep red.

"I'm Chrono Sinner" he began after a few seconds, giving her time to clean herself from tears. He held his hand out towards her, she took it and shook it gently "I'm Rosette Christopher" she introduced

"Feeling better now?" he asked before taking a sip of his own coffee, she nodded slightly "A little"

"Mind if I ask why you were so sad?" he asked carefully, not wanting her to start crying again if he said something wrong "You don't have to if you don't want to, I am a complete stranger after all" he hurrily added.

She shook her head "I don't have anyone else to talk to anyways" she said and began telling him what had happened.

"He really never tells you where or with who he is going on these trips?" she shook her head again "No, but I have gotten used to it as I said and a week isn't that long, I am sure he will call me later this evening and telling me he misses me" she said

"I hope she's right" Chrono thought "Why would someone leave a girl like her alone and make her that sad? That guy must not know how lucky he has been to find a girl like her"

"Are you free this evening? If you want you could come visit me at my work" he asked "I work in a bar not far from here. It isn't one of those drink-until-you-hurl bars, don't worry" he reassured

"I haven't got anything to do anyways, just tell me where it is" she replied and he told her the address.

She would have just watched a boring movie anyway, so maybe she could have some fun for once if she would go out.

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