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It was the day of the operation. Chrono was brought into Elder's lab once more and placed onto the strange chair. This time they made sure he couldn't break free.

Rosette and Remington were watching Elder as he prepared the operation. Chrono smiled reassuringly at her, making her smile back.

Elder stepped behind the machine and pressed a button so Chrono would change. This time it was less bloody and less painful for the young man. His demon form didn't do anything than just sit there with half lidded eyes either.

The demonic form of Chrono was very weak; his head hang down onto his shoulder and he didn't make any movements to attack.

"The horns are so small, that he is very tired" Elder said and pulled out his equipment for the operation.

The demon almost didn't struggle, he only growled a little bit when Elder started removing the first horn "It's okay my boy" Elder said "We're almost done with you" the demon closed his eyes, as if not caring what was happening to him.

Rosette was amazed that he didn't try to threaten or break free. She moved a little closer to them, Remington didn't try to prevent her in it.

She stopped beside the young man and placed a hand on his arm. The demon opened his eyes and looked up at her weakly, before moving his head- Elder told him to stay still- and resting it gently on her arm.

Remington watched them with a smile. The demon didn't seem to be under control as long as his horns were so small.

The blonde stroked his cheek with her finger tips, and it almost sounded like a purr was escaping the big demon's throat "Well would you look at that, the big bad demon is as fierce as a kitten… and even purrs like one too" Elder teased with a smile.

Rosette leaned down and kissed her demon's cheek "You're doing wonderful Chrono" she whispered "Soon you will be done and living a normal life"

"A life with you?" he asked back in a low whisper, making Rosette blush "Yes, a life with me… if you want" Chrono nodded, his eyes were closed again.

Elder was soon done with horn number one. Rosette moved onto Chrono's other side, so Elder could start with number two. Chrono had fallen asleep.

Rosette waited till Elder was done with the other horn as well, then helped Remington carrying the young man into a room next to the lab where he could rest.

"Want me to show you around a little before Chrono wakes up?" Remington asked her "Yes please" Rosette replied excitedly and followed him out of the lab. Before she walked with him, she kissed Chrono on his cheek again, whispering "I'll be back in a few minutes" into his ear and then following the priest.

He led her over to the training hall; all the nuns there were wearing headphones and were training their aim with their guns.

A nun with short blonde hair took an aim and fired her gun at the fake demon a few metres away from her. The demon turned into dust "Wauw, that was a pretty good shot" Rosette said, making the nun turn around towards her "Thank you, wanna try?"

Rosette beamed a smile at her "Sure… uhm, I mean…" she looked up at Remington, silently asking if she was allowed to try.

"Of course you can" he said "Just be careful"

Rosette nodded and hurried over to the nun. She explained how to hold the gun and how to aim, she gave her the headphones and stepped away "Okay, shoot when you're ready" the nun called.

Rosette aimed at the target, closing her one eye. She breathed in and out a few times and then…



She put the gun down and examined the target "Did I hit it?" she asked.

The blonde nun grinned "Wauw… for a rookie that was pretty good you hit the target both times, when are you going to start here?" she asked

"What? No I'm… I'm not going to start here, I'm just here because my boyfriend had some horns removed, I'm not staying here" Rosette replied

"Oh" the nun seemed disappointed "That's a shame, we could really use one like you here"

Remington stepped over to them "We should continue, Chrono will wake up soon" he said and walked towards the entrance. Rosette didn't follow him "Could you really use one like me here?" she asked. The nun nodded "Sure, we need really good shooters for our special missions, they are hard sometimes and you seem to be good in shooting"

Rosette thought about that "I'll have to talk with Chrono about that" she smiled "Bye uhm…"

"Mary, I'm Sister Mary and you?"

"I'm Rosette" Rosette smiled "Bye Mary" then she followed Remington.

Remington showed her the rest of the area, it was very big, she was tired when they came back to the Elder's lab.

Chrono had just woken up and was getting something to eat. The little girl from last time had brought him some food, Azmaria was her name. She liked talking with him and stayed for a while, while he was eating "Do you need some aspirin? I could get you some if you have a headache" she asked.

"No it's okay Azmaria" he smiled "I just need some rest, is all"

The door opened and Rosette and Remington entered. The blonde walked over to Chrono and smiled at him "So, how are you?" she asked and sat down beside the bed on a wooden chair.

"I'm fine Rosette" he replied "Azmaria has been bringing me everything I need"

The little girl blushed, she wasn't used to be praised like that "It was nothing" she said

Rosette leaned in and kissed his cheek "I am so happy that it's over now" she whispered

"Me too" he whispered back.

Azmaria smiled "Are you hungry too Miss? I could get you something too"

"I am, want me to help you?"

"No, It's okay, I'll be right back" then the little girl disappeared out the door and was off towards the kitchen.

Rosette turned back to Chrono "I just tried one of their guns" she told him "And I actually hit the target"

"You don't want to be a nun now do you?" he asked with a smirk "If yes, you wouldn't be able to be together with me"

"Of course not, but if there was a possibility that I could help fight demons without being a nun… I-"

"Rosette…" Chrono interrupted her "Don't you think we should take it easy for a while? I wanna enjoy my new life, in a few years, when you still wanna fight demons, we can take it up again… but now I just want to live in peace"

She smiled; she understood his decision "Okay" she whispered back to him "Then let's go home and relax, maybe in a few years then"

That was their decision. They both had a far better life than they ever had. Rosette was sure Chrono would never be like Aion and Chrono was sure the demon in him would never go to show itself ever again.

They were truly happy. They still sang in the bar every evening, Chrono had many new ideas for songs

"Our last song for this time will be… "The way to your heart" by Phil Collins and Steve Winwood, please enjoy" he called out over the audience and started the music on his guitar. Rosette only sang on the refrain.

"Woke up this morning with my heart on fire
Held on to what I'd been dreaming
Woke up this morning I had one desire
To get back to what I'd been seeing

Heaven, it was heaven,

I have never know any like this,
Witnessed anything like this
Glowing all over as I started on my feet
I thought that I heard somebody calling

Heaven, it was heaven,

Now I know I've seen the light
Make it go on shining
I keep on searching for the way to your heart,
Try to believe it's getting better,
Baby, take me all the way to your heart
I want you... (ohohohoho)

All as we kisses, all the tenderness
That I'm being shared all around it
Only remind me of my only stress
No loving arms to surround me

Falling, I am falling

You can help me out again
Being mine forever
I keep on searching for the way to your heart,
try to believe it's getting better,
baby, take me all the way to your heart
I want you... (ohohohoho)

You got it, you got it
There'll be no doubt about it
Nobody's going keep me from you - oh
I want you, I need you
I'll find a way to get through
Nobody is going keep me from you - uhuh

Heaven, it was heaven,

Now I know I've seen the light
Make it go on shining
I keep on searching for the way to your heart,
Try to believe it's getting better,
Baby, take me all the way to your heart
I want you... (ohohohoho)

I keep on searching for the way to your heart,
Try to believe it's getting better,
Baby, take me all the way to your heart
I want you, I want you... (ohohohoho)"

The audience applauded like always. They all bowed and said thank you. Chrono draped an arm around her and once more called a thank you to the audience.

"This is indeed my happiest life" she thought and disappeared down from the stage, followed by Chrono and the rest of the band "I definitely got my Happy ending anyway" she smiled before she and the others walked out to enjoy the evening. She still thought about the Order though, Remington had given her a gun for practice, she was always welcomed to help them fight demons, and one day she would, but for now, she just wanted to enjoy her life.

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