Still being eaten by The Avengers, so I'm afraid that this is, sadly, not an update for actual ficcage.

However I have another announcement to make.

Teal deer: leaving FFN because it appears that FFN is run by bigoted heterosexist assholes. I'm a queer and I'll be damned if I participate in my own oppression.

Longer story:

I have been hearing that FFN requires that all slash fic (even if it's, like, innocent hand holding rather than graphic lemon fic) be rated M, and that they will delete non-M rated slash stories. I have tried to find out officially from FFN but have been unable to reach them (they have no forum to contact them through, no response to my attempts to contact their twitter or my emails, etc.), so I'm going with what I've been hearing for several months and assuming they have this policy. There comes a point where I cut my losses, so to speak, and this is it.

A) I write a lot of slash, so I'm pretty sure a huge number of my fics are in danger of deletion.

B) Far more importantly, this is heterosexism (the idea that the only "natural" relationships are heterosexual relationships and that all others are unnatural (if you agree with that, go fuck yourself to death with the nearest sharp object)) and as someone who is queerer than a two dollar bill, I will not participate in my own oppression. I encourage you not to, either, since it's homophobic on their part and fuck that noise.

Therefore, I am 100% leaving FFN for Ao3, DW, and LJ (links to which can be found on my profile page, along with ones to my Tumblr, Twitter, and dA). In three weeks, all my shit is coming off this site, whether it's gen, het, or slash.

Also, Ao3 isn't giving out invites to current users at the moment, since they got a good 17,000 requests around the time I initially posted my announcement-y thing. If I haven't given you an invite by this point, it's because I'm out and they aren't giving them out anymore.

- I've been accused of "rashly ragequitting". I've been sitting on this decision for a couple months because I would in fact prefer not to because a) this is the largest fanfic site on the interbutts and b) deleting my shit is more work than I actually want to do.

- Let me repeat: I've attempted to contact the FFN people via email, tweet, and every other way I can think of in order to clear up this rule, to no avail, for months.

- I have combed over the rules and not been able to find anything to explain what I've been seeing and hearing.
To quote the friend I first heard about it from:
All of my stories on are listed as M even though they are PG and PG-13... reason: I have had a friend banned on for posting an innocent slash story (the characters were only holding hands and talking about their kids!) However a righteous mother had the author removed due to her not properly rating offensive content (homosexuality) as mature where her sweet innocent child could find it.
(yes, I know, hearsay, but see below)

- I've been accused of rumor mongering. Yes, I initially heard about it through rumor in the slash community and I was disinclined to believe it at first because it sounds very unreasonable. But I've had far too many fluffy, non-porny, non-violent slash fic go AWOL from my favorites here and other authors I know have had their shit removed (slash stories which I have read and can attest to being 100% G rated) with this as an explanation (on top of hearing the same thing about authors I didn't). So no, I'm not.

- A couple of people have assumed I'm bailing because of what some homophobe said about my work. No, because that would be letting them win and fuck that noise. If I had had some asshole shitting on my stuff because of teh ghey, I'd egg them on until they exploded (I tend to treat bigots like pinatas because they are full of delicious rage and lulz).