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Not A Morning Person

Roy sat at his kitchen table, a slowly cooling bowl of porridge sat in front of him as his hand limply held a spoon. His head bobbed up and down as his eyes tried valiantly to stay open. His head was about to meet the stodgy mess when suddenly there was a large crash from the second floor.

"Dammit!" Shouted a groggy voice. There was a clang of metal on wood, followed by more clangs and a younger, echoing voice asking timidly, "Brother, are you alright?" There were more clangs and a thundering sound on the stairs until finally a small figure followed by a large suit of armour appeared in the doorway of the kitchen.

Roy was slightly surprised to see Ed and Al standing there, his sleep addled brain unable to come up with a logical explanation for why they'd be there. The brothers and Roy stared at each other for a minute, two pairs of sleepy eyes and one pair of glowing points meeting until finally, Al broke the silence.

"Sorry about the noise Colonel." His helm managed to transform itself into an impossible smile as he gently pushed his brother further into the room. Ed reluctantly trudged over to the table where Roy sat and slumped into a chair. His face was lax, but his eyes looked fairly disgruntled.

Roy was still unable to come up with a reason for the brothers being in his house. "Eh?" he grunted intelligently. Ed looked at him, then over to where Al was currently warming up two bowls of porridge. Roy narrowed his eyes. Why two bowls?

"Don't you remember Colonel? Me and brother are staying with you for the weekend because the barracks are being refurbished and all the hotels are filled with soldiers and people coming to see the festival." Al picked up the two steaming bowls and ambled to the table, placing a bowl in front of Ed and one in front of himself.

Roy simply opened his mouth with a nod, and then finally managed to lift the spoon from the bowl to his mouth. He pulled a face, as he tasted the cold porridge. "Not a morning person Colonel?" Ed quipped, digging his own spoon into the steaming porridge in front of him with his left hand.

"What about you Ed? What was all that noise about?" Roy quickly replied back, brain and mouth finally making a connection. Ed threw him a glare before gulping down his breakfast. Al sighed but remained quiet.

The rest of breakfast went by without a hitch. That is, until Ed had finished. "Brother, here's more if you want it." Al said, nudging the full bowl towards the now upright figure of his brother. Apparently, Ed was able to function after food. Roy still needed his morning cup of coffee before he could go to work. "I can't take that Al, that's yours." Ed snapped, getting up. Roy couldn't help but notice that the boy wobbled slightly as he placed weight on his automail.

"It's alright Ed, I'm not going to eat it." Al whispered, staring at his brother. Ed's face scrunched up, but then smoothed out. He sat back down into his seat and gently pulled the second bowl towards him. Roy watched the entire exchange with veiled fascination.

Maybe these few days with the brothers would show him something more?

Indeed Roy...they might...

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