The Kid

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Summary: She was a kid – Mike Logan meets Megan Wheeler for the first time.

Author's Note: Hasn't been beta'd. Wanted to do this for ages – and I have, enjoy!

She was a kid.

With freckles, and a pixie hair cut to match...oh and said hair was red. Bright, flaming, red. He stared at her for a few minutes...was this some kind of joke? Hell he'd go back to the crappy desk if it meant getting Barek back – not that he really wanted anything to do with her anymore.

He noticed that the new captain was watching him carefully, and Mike felt like he was back in High School taking Lucy Lawson to Prom and her father waiting to beat him up for a slip up. He could see the similarities in the situation.

Besides the obvious fact he never dated pre-schoolers.

God...was this God's way to fuck with his life even more? He thought being at Major Case meant working with experienced cops – not ones that only got promoted because their rabbi did. Oh well, screw it, he didn't want to piss off the new guy. Deakin's had wanted him but who the hell knew if Ross did.

And he really didn't want to be sent back to Staten.

Ross broke the silence, "Detective Logan this is Megan Wheeler,"

"Hi," Mike said shortly, holding out his hand. The kid clasped it and shook. He grinned inside. The shake was firm, and strong, and there was this glint in her eye – like she was trying to prove something, like she was saying, 'I'm ready to play with the big boys now,'

Pity she had no idea how to play.

"Hi," she said evenly and then, "I'm driving,"

She said it like she expected him to fight her about it. Like what she said was the most controversial thing since the Beatles said they were bigger then Jesus. Mike grinned, if she wanted to drive she could drive – he knew enough from working with Eames and Barek that when women want to drive – just let them drive.

But obviously Wheeler must have thought that the hothead Mike Logan wouldn't want her to drive.

So he shrugged, "Fine Wheeler,"

She blinked in slight shock, and nodded, pulling her hand from his.

Who knew, maybe the kid would grow on him?


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