It was an extremely hot September day and Hermione Granger was, as normally expected, in the library catching up on some new r

It was an extremely hot September day and Hermione Granger was, as normally expected, in the library catching up on some new reading. It was the first Friday is the new school year and as the Golden Trio had anticipated there was A LOT of school work to be done. But Hermione being herself had finished all of her work by the afternoon leaving her to enjoy a leisurely weekend full of reading in the library and maybe by the lake, if she didn't die of heat stroke first. She peeled off yet another piece of clothing having already removed her cloak and tie. She laid her vest against the back of her chair then stood up to place a book that she had finished reading onto the shelf.

While walking out of the long aisle of books she spotted Fred reading over a book at a table with a goblet that was full of what seemed to be pumpkin juice.

"What are you up to?" Hermione asked suspiciously with narrowed eyes

"Dear Hermione why must I always be up to something? Can't I just be catching up on my studies? We busy seventh years have our NEWTs coming up you know" Fred said in an almost convincing tone. Almost.

She would have believed it but she noticed him quickly hide a piece a parchment under the table while she was walking towards him. She mulled over what to do. Hermione decided it was best left alone. If she was oblivious to it she wouldn't have to turn him in if he was breaking the rules (which he most likely was).

"Sure. So how are your studies going?", she asked changing the subject. The goblet, however, had other ideas. She saw a single bead of perspiration trickle down the side of the drink. She nodded not listening to Fred explain about how well he was getting along in his classes. She was so enticed by the refreshment that even when she tore her gaze away it called her back the next second. She missed the mischievous looked that crossed Fred's face when he quickly realized what was distracting her.

"Hermione if you want to drink it go ahead. It's not poisoned" George said with an amused tone as if he was talking to a child who stared longingly at a tray of sweets but for some reason didn't ask. And maybe it was the heat that made her reckless and her thirst so desperate it needed to be quenched right that moment. Maybe she was too preoccupied with the sight of the drink that she wasn't thinking straight. Or maybe she just trusted Fred a little too much. Whatever the reason was she grabbed the goblet and took a large gulp. Her earlier guess was correct, it was pumpkin juice and it was absolutely delicious. She placed the goblet down on the table, closing her eyes feeling refreshed and cooled.

"Hey Fred, did you do it?" George said walking toward them. He noticed Hermione and said cheerfully, "Hermione! How've you been?" Hermione looked at George for a moment before blushing and turning away.

She mumbled a quick reply before looking at her shoes finding them interesting. George raised an eyebrow at Fred, who looked as if he was torn between laughing out loud and regretting something he had just done. George looked at the empty goblet then it hit him. "Oh no, Ron, Ginny and Harry are gonna kill us!" he screamed in his head

Hermione looked up from her shoes, walked up to George. She bit her lip, contemplating something. She looked George in the eye then abruptly threw her arms around him and kissed him. It took George a second to realize what happened. Then he reacted and probably did the worst thing you could in this kind of situation. He kissed her back.