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Hermione couldn't resist giving in to George's jolly mood and grinned, allowing him to guide her to the entrance of Scrivenshaft's.

The bell at the doorway tinkled merrily as they escaped the crowded street. Although they reached their destination George did not let go of Hermione's hand and she couldn't say she minded…

Once in front of the quill display George began to play salesman.

"So, m'lady, what kind of quill were you looking for?" he grinned, spreading his arms out towards the immense collection.

"Hmm, I was thinking of something with a bit of flair," she said, humoring her ridiculous boyfriend.

"Well then I have just the quill for you!"

He reached toward a pile of particularly flashy quills and pulled one out that had Hermione suppressing laughter. It flashed the words "sexy" and "juicy" in bold, shimmery print alternatively on the feather while its stem seemed to be bedazzled.

"George, that's utterly hideous!" she managed, still struggling to hold in her laughter.

"What are you talking about?" said George, looking mock-offended, "This is the classiest quill you could ever own!"


They both turned to look at an offended looking sixth year who roughly grabbed a quill from that same pile, and then proceeded to stomp to the cashier. This only had them laughing, turning to each other trying to muffle their mirth.

The shopkeeper shot them a glare, shaking his head. Hermione thought she should soon enough purchase what she needed before they were kicked out.

They eventually made their way to the counter and Hermione paid for her supplies. She had hoped to prove to the clerk that she was sane and not some hooligan but George wasn't making it easy for her.

"That'll be ten Sickles," the clerk said.

Hermione began to rummage her pockets for her change purse, but her search was interrupted by a certain boy's wandering hands.

"George!" she squeaked, jumping a bit.

"Sorry, just trying to help you look," said George innocently.

The clerk coughed, raising an eyebrow.

"Sorry…erm…here you go," she smiled, trying to ignore her burning cheeks.

Just then, George then got a mischievous spark of genius.

"So Hermione, how are we going to tell your mum the news?" he started out, concern lacing his voice.

She assumed he was referring to their newly formed relationship and as she waited for the clerk to wrap up her purchases she replied, "Well I can write her a letter as soon as we get back if you want to, but we could wait until Christmas…"

"Don't you think we should tell her news this big in person though? And by Christmas I don't think it'll be easy to hide…" George continued.

Hermione noticed that the nosy clerk slowed his work in order to catch the conversation and so she hoped to end it soon so they could go on with their date.

"George, as happy as I am to hear your enthusiasm, I don't think this is such a big deal!" she half-laughed.

"You don't think having a baby is a big deal?" said the red-head.

Hermione turned redder than she had ever in her life, and found herself unable to speak. The clerk stood with his mouth agape.

She spluttered out nonsense before…

"George Weasley! You son-of-a-bitch! " –slap – "How dare you insinuate that I would" – slap – " ever! You git!" And she gave one final slap before she grabbed her bag of items and wove her way out of the shops.

"But we forgot to cast the contraceptive charm, what else would explain your symptoms?" He yelled rather loudly as he followed her out onto the street.

Youth these days, thought the clerk.


She huffed as she walked aimlessly onto High Street; she'd never been known to curse before, not to mention so callously. Why was she so brash all of a sudden? She realized she had been asking herself this question rather a lot since yesterday…What cou-

"But we forgot to cast the contraceptive charm, what else would explain your symptoms?" came his voice.

It seemed every single head on the street turned to the couple, not helping Hermione's red cheeks.

She waited until he was close enough so that she could speak in a low voice that only he would hear. Cautioned be damned, at the moment she wanted to be impulsive and one-up this Weasely.

She grabbed onto the front of his shirt in a way that anyone else would see as flirty and looked up into his blue eyes.

"George Weasley, if you value your life and your reputation you stop this right now."

She sounded dangerous.

He liked it.

He wrapped his arms around her, completing the façade of a happy couple and kissed her forehead.

"Has anyone ever told you, love, you look sexy when you're angry?" He grinned, completely ignoring her threat.

"Has anyone ever told you, dear, that you're terribly immature?" she answered with false sweetness and pinched his forearm.


"Now, come on, Georgie, we have some errands to finish." She left without a look to him.

George scowled, rubbing his arm, thinking that the impulsive Hermione was much less kind than normal Hermione, but followed nonetheless.

"So honeybun, where are we off to now?" he said, albeit sarcastically, as soon as he caught up to her, comfortably placing an arm over her shoulder. He had a spring in his step and he didn't know why.

"Honeydukes, I've got a mean chocolate craving and I've depleted my stock," she calmly replied.

"Ahhh, I see."

A third year stood shocked, as were her other two friends that stood with her.

"They're mental." A brunette said.

"Those are the ones I saw laughing like hyenas the other day in the corridor!" commented her blonde companion.

"I can't imagine why anyone would want to waste away a day at Hogsmeade by going on a date," replied the third, screwing up her face.


What was a day in Hogsmeade without visiting Zonko's as well?

Not a day well spent at all, in George's opinion.

"Come one Hermione, we won't be in their past a half hour, I promise!" he tugged on her arm, relentless.

She had been diligently scanning the chocolate section of Honeydukes for the past ten minutes and was presently stuck between a new mint flavored organic flavor and her usual dark chocolate.

"In a minute George," mumbled Hermione barely paying attention to him. He growled in frustration, not usually denied a trip to Zonko's and definitely never having been resorted to pleading. Yuck.

So he sulked as she continued her internal debate for the next 4 minutes, until she went with the new mint, feeling particularly spontaneous. She paid for her purchase, ignoring George's "Finally!" and led the way out the shop.

And then to George's horror, she was distracted by a display by the door.

He groaned at the inability of women to just buy whatever is the hell the want instead of spending hours thinking if they should buy it or not. So he put his foot down.

"Hermione we're leaving. We can't spend the whole day in this damn shop," he said firmly.

"Just a second, George," she said exasperatedly as if he was the one who was being difficult!

"Hermione, I swear if we don't get out of this shop I'll take those chocolates and eat them all myself before you even try one," he threatened.

"George, you're being dramatic. Zonko's isn't goi-"

Too late. Off George went, out the shop, running into the crowd.

She was shocked just for a moment before she let out a strangled scream of indignation. Everyone in the shop turned to look at her, some in shock, others in amusement , and a couple in annoyance.

The owner was appalled by her behavior, but before she could even finish her "Why, I never" or kick Hermione out, the girl in question bolted out the door.

"George Weasley! You get back here right now!"

She spotted his mop of red hair bobbing through the crowd, and thanked Merlin for the unique trait.

She ran faster than she ever knew she could and soon caught up with him as he neared a fountain of the founder of Hogsmeade village.

She gave one final surge of energy and jumped onto his back, but he remained standing as she strangled his neck, and struggled to yank her precious chocolates out of his raised hand.

"Argh!" was all he managed to say as he used his other hand to try and loosen her grip. Losing air, he threw the bag of chocolates a good distance from their scuffle.

She leapt off of his back, attempting a run to her candy, but found her feet comically kicking in midair. George had grabbed her around the middle to stop her from reaching the bag.

"Let…go!" she roughly said, failing to release his grip on her.

"No! Not unless you promise we go to Zonko's right now!" he said, out of breath from the effort of holding onto Hermione.

It was a simple request, but her pride and need to win would not allow her to give in to the prat.

"Never!" she said dramatically, causing him to grin even in the midst of everything.

"Alright, if you want it to be that way!"

She quickly found herself being carried bridal style, with George holding tightly so she could not escape.

He walked over to the fountain and threatened calmly, "You either agree to go to Zonko's or you get a refreshing bath in this nice fountain."

She couldn't help it, she screamed girlishly. Her heart pounded at a fast pace and in a Crookshanks-like way tried to claw her way out of his arms in vain.

She managed to snake her arms around his neck, holding on tightly so he could not drop her in without throwing himself in as well. As he partly loosened his hold by taking one arm off her to undo her laced hands, impulsively she swung her body to face him and wrapped her legs around his torso in an iron-like lock.

He tried to pull her off of him, his body responded to her but his mind was on a mission to win so he ignored the sparks that went through him and the urge to hold her even tighter to him.

She was completely unaware of what their close proximity was doing to him, and held on as tight as she could.

He got a particularly evil idea and before she could even interpret the look in his eyes he executed his plan. Or rather her concentration.

He kissed her as passionately as he could, which wasn't very hard considering he had bottled up the urge for so long now. She responded in kind and forgot to hold on to his neck, instead opting to run her hands through his hair. He slowly walked his way closer to the fountain, and Hermione was too preoccupied to notice.

He had her right where he wanted her, he simply had to let go and she would be soaked. But that was the problem.

He had her right where he wanted her, and simply couldn't let go.

"What in Merlin's name is the meaning of this behavior!"


George had let go of her in his surprise, yet his arms were frozen as if they still held her there.

Hermione blinked owlishly from her seat in the fountain, soaked to the bone.

McGonagall's lips were in such a thin line that they disappeared completely.

The crowd that had gathered to watch darted its eyes between the three.

An Owl stopped midflight to stop and see what had happened.

The spiders ceased their web making to-

Well, you get the point.

"Nice day for a swim huh, Professor?"

Hermione turned red. She had thought that thought, but why oh why had it escaped her lips?

Oh, were they in trouble.


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