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Warning(s): Extreme MOE-ness, irresistible urge of glomping, hugging, squeezing and cuddling. If symptoms persist, please turn to the next cuddle beanie you have and hold it with you at all times while reading. XDXD

Summary: The Ouran boys find them themselves unexpectedly becoming "daddies"…to a baby Haruhi.


It was a normal day in Ouran.

Wait…I forgot, normal cannot be used in the same sentence with "Ouran."

Not as long as there was one commoner turned man hosts, and a harem of rich bastards.

Nope, normal did not register in this area, especially in the third music room.

Normal was an anomaly, a definition completely alien and devout to catastrophic and unbelievable means, opposite of its character. We are talking marshland waste of land here, people. The world of the next Pluto in the making.

And Fujioka Haruhi had stumbled as the degenerate human being amongst highly classified aliens.

It had been a gruesome and hectic day. The brunette couldn't figure out where the hell did all those freaking banana peels came from, and she had just to stop short, two mischievous twins from performing a strip dance. (Courtesy of an ensuing fight between who had the hotter bod, why can't they see that they were twins, for god's sake!)

Added to that fact, Tamaki had been really edgy around her clients, and by edgy we meant invading privacy and taking resolute post near his "daughter" from possible offered dates…

In which it had her going, "What the hell is wrong with this man?" look, and the casual 'blink-blink-huh' manner that she had inevitably picked up from the start of hosting.

And let's not forget the bane of her existence, the evil shadow cloaked in secret darkness. An association of absolute dictatorship and the devil in glasses himself. Kyouya wasted no time reminding her of "joint-hosting" will not be added to her benefits nor liquefy her debt.

Though from the downside, at least she found a (tiny) gleam of sunshine from Hunny's enthusiastic ardor and cuteness that was always offered with a smile to her. And with it of course was the intimidating yet comforting loom of ever-silent Mori. Short of the miniscule light of sunshine…Hunny, in his excitement of sharing his cake tripped (on a banana peel) and ended up smacking the icy foam goodness in Haruhi's face.

The day couldn't get any worse than all four (two blondes and two red-heads) offering to "clean her up" which had all the cake that just used to be in her face and shoulders…smearing all the way down to her pants.

Way to clean her down.

At least there weren't any more customers. The brunette shuddered at the possibility of hungry–eyed rich women with their own ways of cleaning "him" up.

To make matters worse she just had to endure a verbal battle with the twins who insisted that she needed a dress…a new girly dress, second in motion by Tamaki.

She couldn't be any happier with Kyouya's interference—

"That suit costs ¥98,000…"

Never mind.

She didn't need to know what those dot-dots entail in the long run, as Kyouya busied himself writing in his black book.

Haruhi glared at the three, and sighed. "I'll just change back in my normal clothes." caramel eyes pinned them another 'don't follow-or-else" glare, specifically at the twins and then at Tamaki who edged near the curtains.


"I can dress myself, sen—" a squishy object came in contact with Haruhi's foot. Her remaining audience followed her mid-step and centered on one…thing.

"Aaaaiiiiiieeeee!!" one blonde and two red-heads later found themselves under a couch.

"B-b-b-b-b-elzeneef!!" Tamaki pointed with a shaking finger, as the twins visibly cowered behind him, holding various blankets over their head.

The brunette looked down her feet and stared, Nekozawa-senpai's favorite stuffed toy-er hand puppet—uh, weapons of darkness gazed back at her in lifeless innocence.

"Haruhi!! Come back to the light!!" Kaoru screamed, motioning for her to camp in their makeshift tent blankets.

"Get away from it!! You will be cursed!" Hikaru hissed in silence with narrowed eyes.

"Oh my wonderful daughter!! You will be—"a gasps left Tamaki at the shrouding shadows behind his daughter.

"Fufufufufu…" in all his black cloaked-glory, the supernatural evil of Ouran came into the light, holding a lamp (under such circumstances in which we could never fathom). "You have fallen into my well-aimed trap!!"

His voice reached an insanely high octave as he raised his arms, bats flying out of it for effect, and cackled in a completely disturbing and deranged manner.

Where was a cat when you need one??

Haruhi, and Kyouya blinked. Hunny yawned and Mori stared him down…the other three began to claw at the nearest door.

"Hmmm…" Kyouya mused out loud. Maybe their next theme should include bats, owls too would be good. He quickly jot them down for future reference while Haruhi oddly looked at him.

"Kyouya-senpai, why do I get the feeling that you're thinking of money again." Haruhi sweat dropped.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." The Shadow King bypassed.

"Fufufufufufu!! Belzeneef shall get revenge!!" Haruhi swore she saw fangs growing out of Nekozawa-senpai. "And you will never find a cure!! NEVER! Fufufufufufufufu!!"

And as dramatic and stealthy as he came, the blonde-haired eosophobic puffed away in a cloud of smoke, leaving said hand puppet and cursed girl to ponder if Nekozawa got into the light again, leaving him delusional and slightly more troubled than last time.

Ah...and the cowards returned.

"You survived!!" both twins popped a confetti in congratulations, Really, they were afraid for there toy's safety.

"Haru-chan!! That was so cool!" Hunny bounced as he clung onto Haruhi's (un-caked) leg for a hug, while Mori patted her head.

"Haruhi!! My daughter!! You're alright!! Daddy's so proud!!" Tamaki was the only one who didn't mind her icing coverage as he moved for a bone-crushing hug.

Kyouya just shook his head, Nekozawa was harmless anyways, no need to get riled up.

Haruhi just shrugged, rolling her eyes at their over dramatic behavior as she picked up the discarded belzeneef on the floor, reminding herself to give the toy back to the harbinger of darkness. You never know when he would just jump outside again to find it…

"It's really nothing to be afraid of," she pushed herself away from numerous tangled limbs on her person, "Can I change now?"

All members parted, some a little more persistent in helping her change but everything went smooth and without any accidents.

The remaining six members waited as they discussed the current abnormal occurrence.

"Mother! Aren't you worried! The prophesied curse for our daughter—"

"Tamaki, it won't happen." Kyouya sighed shrugging off his best friend. He had enough sense to know that such things were whacked out theories. And if Tamaki was going to pull out the book of grim fairy tales on him...he would stangle the blonde.

"But-but! Aren'y you curious? What would be her curse?" the hopeful/curious twins contemplated.

"Haru-chan's not cursed…" Hunny sniffled.

"Ah." His cousin agreed.

"But…" Kaoru tapped his lips with his index finger, "Didn't she took belzeneef with her…" the thoughts trailed off.

'Oh no…'

Curse or not…

Six pair of eyes skimmed over the changing room where Haruhi disappeared.

A large, strong poof of white answered in horror.

All members sprinted, as Tamaki yanked the curtains to reveal…

"Achoo! Achoo!" cute choruses of sneezes answered in echo

A tiny little being sniffing as she rubbed her eyes. Adjusting her sight, she looked up. Unmistakable caramel eyes blinked in curiosity as a small gurgle of a smile formed from her icing covered face. too big clothes polled at around her as baby flesh peeked from under the long sleeves. Tiny hands opening and closing, grasping the fabric in attempt to free her appendages as she regarded the various funny looking men in her vision, sticky fingers suspended in the air.

"Eda! Eda!" she bounced cutely, hands grasping thin air.

Tamaki fainted away.

The twins mirrored in shock horror, jaws dropping and eyes popping.

Hunny and the usually composed Mori blinked, rubbing their eyes in bafflement.

"Well," Kyouya pushed his glasses up his nose, "This is a problem…"


Ahh…isn't she such a cutie!! Reminds me one of my cousins in their baby days..sniffle why did they have to grow up so ugly! JK! lol and soooo! Hope you guys liked the first prologue! I certainly had fun. BTW Haruhi is around 18 months old (a year and six months) in this episode. Because that is the time of ultra cuteness!! I mean, I did work in a daycare so I'd know their behavior, not to mention I baby-sit my cousins. And yes…the Ouran boys will be in for a lot of suffering and fluffs..nyahahah! includes diaper-changing. lol

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