Alriiighty! I have absolutely no bloody excuse for the extremely outdated wait, that I was surprise reviews kept coming for this fic and truly, I am touched (from you guys' enthusiastic reviews) and shamefully guilty at my lack of actions regarding this fic.

I will now accept the throwing of stones, thank you.

Truly I had been thinking about writing, three bloody years ago when I found out I'm having a nephew. Yes, yes, thank you. :D He is a definite cutie at 16mos and is now making me incredibly weak-kneed with just one nonsense garble from him, or just shower him with my wallet's content (read: play money). Honestly, my nephew could make a living out of being extremely cute, and I'm not saying this because ya know, cuteness just overflows from our genes (really inflates my ego indirectly xD), but he's just the little tyke of fluffy mischief I've always wanted from a nephew. I have a niece as well, but she had outgrown her cuteness, sad to speak. -.- And her then childish gibber has turned against me in every way we meet each other...It's sad that I don't even look like an adult...I don't even act like one when I'm around her. Yes, woe for the youngest child.

And no, snippy, sarcastic and tongue-flying attitude does not come from our side of the family! ...I think.

She's still a lovable lil' monster though.

And another great news! And sadly terrifying for my wallet.

I have another nephew on the way! Hurrah!

Not only now do I need to buy one for the other...I have three of them milking my meager income and they're not even teenagers. Ugh. Someone donate? xP

In all honesty, I've liked baby boys more than girls. Or maybe my niece had just traumatize my nights from screaming like a little hellion and babysitting her from the wee age of a month.

My lil' nephew, however, was a lot more calmer, more easier to settle down and he doesn't even need to change diapers every two hours! Ok...not like I do that to him, he's hard to change (and he pees projectile style, ok)! And, I totally change him every three hours at least whenever he comes over to sleepover with us. The only downside is he has a lot of allergies and his milk are flippin' expensive. How can he drink goat's milk when I can't even eat goat cheese! Unfair, I tell you!

Anywaaays! You guys should thank my lil' nephew cuz starting or rather before Feb. ends or the start of March I'll post up the real chapter. I just need to research (aka: babysit) my nephew a bit more.

I do welcome any suggestions, and to prevent myself from going off into a three year would be real nice if you guys have any suggestions? Any parent or poor aunt/uncle out there willing to give out their thoughts/experience on their monst-er, lovely children, would certainly be of great help.:) Or heck just anyone who had a heart melting scene with a random kid would be an awesome MOE moment.

In fact, I was thinking for every chapter I'd at least have the poor Ouran daddy figures have a bit of alone time with little Haruhi...with of course still tying up the little plots to the story.

My nephew's a great reference and all, but he's so manly, he destroys my neatly stack make up just to giggle as they topple off and scatter my really expensive powder. I'm still crying over it. T-T Anyways! I like baby girls just as much since...heck they're a lot more fun to dress up, quite frankly. My nephew just get onesies and pjs that lack taste, but still looked terribly cute on him...boys.

But I really am grateful to all you guys who have reviewed and faved this story so far! I am really thankful that you are all so encouraging and I promise to get the coming chapter out soon. Seriously. I mean, I even give you guys permission to endlessly annoy me through PMs. :D

Much love and hugs! :3