The Greatest Defender

A Chon/Pei Pei drabble by Setsumi-san

Disclaimer: Shanghai Noon belongs to Spyglass Entertainment and Buena Vista pictures. I do not, never have, and never will plan to make any money off this fanfic.


When Princess Pei Pei returned home she did not expect to find her husband with a river of blood gushing from his nose.

Rushing to him with a cool towel, she exclaimed, "Who hurt you?!"

"Just remember most of our people love you," Chon replied.

"That is not an answer."

"Well, an older man call you…a spoiled whore… and say if you really cared about railroad worker's rights you would have come here sooner. "

She gave him a kiss as soft as satin. The princess was the people's champion, but she was not the greatest defender in the room.