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"Jakey get up!" I yelled at him again. My personal sun didn't want to wake up. He had been sleep for 30 hours. The pack had all killed both Victoria and Laurent. They had wanted revenge for Edward killing James. To Victoria it was an eye for an eye. When I told her we weren't together she said it didn't matter because it would still make her feel better. She was seriously crazy.

Jacob and I have been dating for 5 months now. I still missed Edward like crazy but I was healing. I was in love with Jake though.

"Jacob Black." I stood on our bed and started jumping. He flipped onto his back and pulled me down onto him. "Lets sleep." he groaned. I ruffled his hair.

"You sleep anymore and you'll lapse into a coma. Get up!" I climbed off of him and went to the closet. I heard him mumble "Dramatic" under his breath.

I started to change into another outfit. I had been with Jacob the whole time he was knocked, out only leaving to shower and eat. I dressed in a black tank, Tripp pants, and converse. I wore black a lot now days. I had changed since Edward left me. I had dark red hair, piercings going up my ears, and I had my tongue pierced. I went back into our room and plopped down on the bed. I had also moved in with Jake and Billy. Charlie and I had a...disagreement and he kicked me out. Jacob doesn't know why but Billy did. That was the only reason he was allowing us to sleep in the same bed.

Jake came in from his shower. It still amazed me how quick he was now that he was a werewolf. The only downside was that he ate so much we had to struggle to keep food in the house. Well two downsides. He had a bad temper. Not toward me but it made him extremely jealous. The pack liked to make fun of him now.

"We should go out." Jake said. He changed into a tight black shirt with ripped blue jeans. I wasn't sure if it was for me but he always wore black now. He was the only one that didn't judge me for how I dress. He actually liked the way I looked in black. He looked pretty hot himself.

"Where did you have in mind?" I asked. I got up and wrapped my arms around his wide waist, like all werewolves, he was always warm. He was also huge. He stood at least 6 foot 6 if not taller. He always made me feel tiny. He brushed my hair out of my eyes.

"What about Leah's club. We haven't seen it yet." Leah Clearwater was the only female in the pack. She was with Sam until he imprinted on her cousin Emily.

"Ok" I agreed. He leaned down and kissed me.



We were in the parking lot once he brought it up. "Do you want to sing?...With Silverstein?"

I gasped. I had started singing when Edward left. It made my pain hurt less. Apparently I was really good. "No way! You planned this?"

He laughed. "Yeah. I knew sooner or later you'd get tired of me sleeping. If it was sooner I planned on taking you cliff diving." he explained.

"You rock." I kissed him and jumped out of the car. "When am I on?" I asked once we were at our table.

"Soon Bella. I know you like Silverstein so happy birthday!" He kissed my hand.

"You already gave me my present." He gave me silver bracelet with a handmade russet wolf and a promise ring he made also. He said the ring meant he would never imprint and leave me. I knew he had no control over it but I could hope.

"I know but you're special. You deserve special things. "He leaned in and kissed me. I wonder how he always knew what to say. He was so sweet it made my heart melt.

We pulled apart once someone cleared their throat. I really hated Leah.

"Hi Mike. I didn't know you worked here." I wouldn't have come if I had known. His parents probably fired him from the store. Mike still had a major crush on me. He was on my last nerve.

"I started last week. What can I get you?" He was so rude. He had his back to Jacob, ignoring him completely. Jake didn't like that. His hands were holding mine tightly.

"Uh...12 piece Buffalo chicken, large curly fry, and a coke." I wasn't really hungry. I had eaten at home. I would let Jake eat of mine.

Mike turned to Jake. "What do you want?" Jake's nails started digging into my palms. It was the only thing stopping him from shaking.

"The same" he replied through gritted teeth. Mike wrote it down and trudged away." Will you please let go?" I asked calmly. I was afraid he'd break my hand.

He gasped. "I'm so sorry." He brought my hands on the table and examined it. There was a little blood and a dark bruise forming. He licked the blood off and placed kisses all over my hands. He looked at me with somewhat watery eyes. "I'm really, really, really, really sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. Don't be mad. I swear it'll never happen don't hate me. I'm sorry." he said quickly in a low murmur. His words were running together but I understood. He always feared he'd hurt me because of his new temper. He had always been more guarded so he wouldn't. He probably thought I'd freak out and leave him. He was dead wrong on that.

"It's fine Jake. I hardly felt it." I kissed him. "Besides," I rested my forehead on his. "I've tried being mad at you. It didn't work." Mike slammed our food down and left. I laughed as I pulled back from Jake. I could here the band playing clearly on the bar side of the club.

Thirty hour drive from home.

you'd Think I'd feel so alone, that couldn't be less true.

Family traveling by my side.

Lifelong friends we can't deny.

See the world with you.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

We're saying our goodbyes.

Drive away from the past.

Don't be sad, don't feel sorrow.

The memories in our hearts, I won't forget.

An icy road with no remorse.

A metal box drifting off course is taking everything.

I can't believe we lost you,

I can't feel any worse now.

This must be a dream.

When will someone wake me?

Here today, gone tomorrow.

We're saying our goodbyes.

Drive away from the past.

Don't be sad, don't feel sorrow.

The memories in our hearts, I won't forget.

I won't forget.

It's in our hearts, it's in our hearts

I won't forget.

I was nervous which really sucked. I've sung in front of large groups but whenever it involved Jacob I always had butterflies. I started nibbling on my food hoping for it to end. I looked up and saw Jake staring intently at something. I followed his gaze to see...What the fuck was she doing here?

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