Bella gasped and squirmed in my arms. My lap suddenly became soaking wet. "Oh god…My water broke."

My jaw dropped. Holy shit. I couldn't think of anything to do or say. She couldn't have the babies now though, that much I knew. If they got close enough we would have to run and I couldn't do that if there were babies coming out. They weren't even due to come out yet! God why did this always happen to us? Everything always went wrong.

"Em!" Bella screamed as she grabbed her stomach. Tears started to trickle down her cheeks and she was seconds away from hyperventilation.

"Breath baby. In and out. In and out."

"It hurts," she cried. I had read many books about this and I knew her contractions were starting. I mentally counted how quickly they were coming and I almost started to hyperventilate myself. She was having a contraction every three minutes which mean really soon three crying babies would be born in the middle of the war. A scream of pain assaulted my ears but it wasn't from Bella. The fight was getting closer to the house. A since of inevitability washed over me. I would lose Bella and my baby.

"I'm sorry for everything. I love you with everything in me. You were the best thing that had ever happened to me." I held her as tightly as I could without causing her further pain.

"Don't," she gasped. "Don't talk that way. Our family is big. They can handle themselves."

"I wish I could agree but you didn't see what they could do. I wish I could protect you…"

I broke off when another contraction hit her. The fight was close but far enough away that she might have time. Without wanting to, my thoughts started flying. If Bella had the babies then they wouldn't want her anymore. They only want our child. If she has the baby they will leave us alone, let us live.

Could I honestly do that to my baby or Bella? If they took our baby they would kill her. Even if she was just a baby she was still apart of us. This could be the only chance I get to have a child. Bella would hate me if I willingly handed her over. Our baby wouldn't know what would happen, she would be so frightened. No, they wouldn't touch my baby or my future wife.

I carefully stood with Bella in my arms.

"What are you doing," she asked with a scratchy voice.

"You won't be able to make it until the fight is over. I'm going to have to the deliver them."

She gave a soft snort before gasping as another contraction hit her. They were every two minutes apart now. When the pain seized she said. "I know you have been reading but that doesn't make you a doctor Em. It will be fine. I will just cross my legs and try not to push."

I loved how we were less than an hour away from death and she could still think everything would be fine. "That won't work. I have lived a long time so I think I can handle this. Just trust me."


I laid her on the couch in Carlisle's couch before racing around the house for supplies. I came back to her quickly with towels, foil, pillows, never used scissors, rags, and a large bowl of water. Bella was writhing in pain on the couch. I grabbed Carlisle's hospital bad and dug through it until I found a small bottle of morphine. I filled a syringe full of it. Bella stiffened when I came near her with it.

"It will make the pain better," I said as I wiped away her tears. She groaned when I shot the medicine into her but I knew it hurt worse than the labor pains. She just didn't like needles.

I propped pillows against the couch and sat her against them. This was the hard part that terrified me. I had to start the delivery soon. I listened carefully to the fighting. They were about a mile or two away from the river. Someone was closer than the rest but they were being taken care of. I could smell fire and the stench of a vampire being burned. With a heavy heart I wondered who in our family had been taken away.

I removed her bottoms and pushed her knees up. Already I could see curly black hair. "Alright baby, it's time to push." She looked at me with terrified eyes. "It'll be okay," I assured her, even though I was lying.

She took in a deep breath and started pushing. She held onto her knees for balance. I watched in amazement as the little body slipped out of her. It took six painful pushes from Bella before the first child was born. He was a couple of shades lighter than Jacob so I knew he was his son. I carefully flicked his tiny foot, gaining a high pitch. It made me jump a little. I never knew such a loud noise could come from such a tiny person.

I cleaned him off before folding him up in a towel and then the foil to keep him warm. I wanted to let Bella hold him but I knew she was too weak for that and she had two more babies in there. I placed the little boy on the couch behind her head and returned to my position.

Bella hadn't been able to stop pushing so this one was already half way out. I gently pulled him the rest of the way as she pushed. "Stop pushing for a moment," I told her as I cleaned the little boy, Jacob's as well. This one was very silent, even after I flicked him.

"I can't," Bella sobbed. "It hurts so bad."

"I know baby but give me a minute."

I gently stuck my finger in the baby's mouth and cleared the obstruction that was blocking his airways. He gave a small chocked cough before the screaming began. I gave a sigh of relief until there was a loud bang. I inhaled deeply. I wasn't sure who but one of them was in the house. Jacob was fighting against him but by the dragging noise it sounded that one of them was injured.

"Emmett," Bella screamed. I turned my attention back to her and my child. She was having trouble pushing this one out. I wanted to give her time to rest but I didn't know if our baby could breathe.

"Come on baby you have to push."

"I'm trying. I'm so tired."

"I know but you can't give up on me now. Give me one big push and our baby will be here. Come on Bella you can do this." She shook her head, crying too hard to say anything. "Yes you can! You have to push." I was about to beg. Our baby could be suffocating in there. She needed to push her out. Before I could say anything again Bella gasped and screamed out as she pushed. Soon I had the baby in my arms. Bella was right, she was a girl. Without doing anything she was screaming. Yes, this was definitely my kid.

I couldn't pay much attention to her after I wrapped her up because my full attention was on Bella. She had passed out which I expected to be normal after giving birth to three babies but something wasn't right. Her breathing was very slow and shallow. Her heart wasn't nearly as fast as it should be. She was dying.

"Bella," I called. I didn't even get a twitch to let me know she heard me. "I'm sorry," I told her.

She would probably hate me but I had to do this. I couldn't lose her. I kissed her gently on the lips before sinking my teeth into her neck. Her blood tasted better than any other human that I had ever had. It was almost better than my singer's blood. I remembered how much I loved her and how the babies would need at least one parent around. It gave me the strength to pull away from her. I wrapped her up in a blanket and laid her on the other couch in Carlisle's room. The babies were still crying, hungry no doubt. I felt venomous tears fill my eyes. Soon their cries would be silenced because they would be dead. Well at least one of them would be.

"I love you guys," I whispered before racing out of the room. I hated to leave them but I had to fight for them, even if it was to the death.

Gideon was the vampire in the house fighting with Jake. There was only two of him but he was losing. One of him was biting Jacob's leg while the other was on his back biting his neck. None of them heard me approach so I used it to my advantage. I launched myself over the railing and tackled one of the Gideons to the ground. My rage was the only thing fueling my movements. I had never felt so much power racing through my veins. It took me barely five minutes to kill the son of a bitch and I couldn't even remember how I did it. I couldn't focus on it too much because the other three Gideons came marching into the room. They saw me and smiled, baring their teeth. I couldn't take on the three of them and they knew it.

I'm sorry Bella. I'm sorry little ones.

Just as they were about to pounce on me they shimmered, like black dust, and were gone. Jacob wolf dropped the lifeless vampire onto the floor. I think he had just killed the main one which would mean killing the other ones too. Wish I would have thought of that in the first place but that was cool too.

Jacob crashed to the floor in his human form. He was bleeding from where they had bit him. I ran over to him. "Hey man, are you going to be okay?"

"I don't know," he coughed. It sounded like he had a few crushed ribs. It would take awhile for him to heal, if he would be able to heal.

There was a light thud that came from upstairs. My vampire hearing just barely picked the noise up. Worry immediately hit me. Had I left one of the babies too close to the edge?

I raced upstairs and threw the door open. "No." The word left my mouth without my control. Garret was standing before me with my baby in his arms. "I'm begging you," I whispered. "Don't hurt her."

"We told you we have to fix your mistake. This child cannot live among our kind."

"We'll raise her right. We will watch her every move. She won't expose us I swear."

He scoffed. "And I'm just supposed to believe you. You are part of the reason she is even here. This monstrosity is lucky I don't torture her."

I had to hold myself back from attacking. I didn't want to hurt my daughter. She was staring at her captor with a look on her face that didn't seem fitting on a baby. She raised her chubby little hand and placed it on his neck. That simple touch set off a chain of reactions. Garrett howled in pain and started to crumble to the grown. I quickly jerked forward and grabbed her before she could hit the ground. Glass shattered as one of the werewolves came jumping in. I gathered the three babies in my arm and cradled them to my chest. I crouched in front of my Isabella, keeping my back to the action to protect the babies. The growls grew louder than Garrett's screams before they all came to a stop. A hand on my shoulder made me whip my head around and snap at whoever it was.

I calmed when I realized it was Jasper. He looked like hell but he was in one piece. "It's over brother. We have beaten them. You can relax now. You're family is safe," he said slowly as if I couldn't comprehend it. In all honesty I was still contemplating attacking him. It was like I was stuck in vampire mode. I just wanted to protect my family from any further threat.

"Emmett, Carlisle needs to examine the babies to assure they are all right. Is that okay?"

I looked down at the little ones in my arms. They were all still pretty fussy. They needed to be examined. I slowly raised them to be taken. Carlisle appeared next to Jasper and took one baby while Jasper took the other two.

"Take Bella to your room. Clean her up and make her comfortable."

I simply nodded at my father's request and scooped her into my arms, leaving the babies with my brother and father.


I opened my eyes only to slam them shut again. Everything was so bold and bright. It took me a minute to adjust my eyes to my surroundings. I knew I was in my bedroom but I had never seen it look this way before. I sat up and was surprised my how quickly I moved. I could hear voices downstairs. They weren't loud but I could still hear every word. They were saying something about how it was about time. I ignored them and focused on the other sounds. I could hear four heartbeats. I inhaled deeply. I could smell their blood. I didn't want to race downstairs and drain them but it did make my throat itch a little. I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and then my door was open.

"I'm a vampire," I stated as he walked closer to me. He nodded as he dropped onto the bed. I crawled into his lap. "Then why don't you look happy Em? You get to have me forever now. Isn't that what you want?" My voice sounded like music. I didn't want to stop talking which I know sounded self centered but I sounded beautiful.

"We can't stay here. Now that you're a newborn we have to get you to a place far away from people. I wanted you to be able to see the babies before you leave. We will have to restrain you of course but I just wanted you to see them. I'm sorry for doing this to you but I panicked. You were going to die and…"

I cut him off with a passionate kiss. "Emmett," I breathed once we pulled away. "I'm not mad at you and you're not taking me from my babies. I can handle being near them."

"Bella, I know this will be hard but…"

"No," I snapped. I was trying not to get angry with him but they were my babies. No one would take them away from me. "I can smell them now and I have no desire to bite them. I want to stay with them. If I have to go, fine, but they come with me."

"Alright calm down. Are you sure you can smell them?"

I simply nodded. They had told me stories about how newborns had an uncontrollable desire for blood. I was sorry to disappoint but I didn't want blood anymore than I had when I was pregnant.

"I want to see my babies." I hopped off his lap and followed their scent. I had used my new speed so Emmett didn't arrive until a few seconds after me. I liked not being the slow one anymore. There was a playpen in the living room by the glass wall. I could see two of my angels in there. I looked around for the third one to find him in Rosalie's arms. Something in me snapped and launched myself at her.

Jasper and Emmett stopped me though. I struggled against their hold. Jacob jumped off the couch and stood in front of me. That wasn't the smartest idea he could have had. I jerked my foot up and kicked him in the stomach. He doubled over and I kicked him in the shoulder sending him flying across the room into the wall, opposite to my babies.

"How dare you let her touch my babies," I screamed at him. "They are mine! She can't have them! How dare you try to replace me?!" I was almost free of their hold until I felt tiny arms wrap around my waist. The three of them held me in place.

Rosalie quickly jumped up and placed my son in the playpen with his brother and sister. That calmed me down a little but not much. She ran over to Jake who was groaning in pain. I hadn't meant to hurt him but it was his own fault. They were mine. I don't care how badly Rosalie wanted children; I was their one and only mother.

"Bella calm down. Rosalie was only holding him. She wouldn't try to take your babies. They know you are their mother," Emmett told me softly as Jasper forced calm waves at me.

I growled at him and I felt the assault instantly come to an end. "Let me go," I hissed. I wasn't exactly sure why I was being overwhelmed with fury. If it had been Esme or Alice I wouldn't have gotten so territorial but Rosalie never liked me. Of course she would want my babies. She couldn't have any herself so she wanted mine. Jacob obviously never loved if he could allow her to try such a stunt. I wanted to tear them apart.

"Bella you can't attack Rosalie," Carlisle's voice filled my ears.

"I won't but you will have three less children if they don't release me," I threatened. "I want to see my babies." How many times did I have to say that before they would understand it? I want my babies and I want that home wrecker to stay away from them.

"We will once you calm down, babe. You will only scare them if they see you like this."

That instantly sobered me up. I stopped fighting against their hold and they released me. Well Jasper and Alice did. Emmett wrapped his arm around my waist and slowly started walking me to the playpen.

"The over protectiveness is a part of being a newborn. It will faze, quickly I hope."

I glared up at him. "Do you think I'm being stupid? She tried to confuse my babies. They don't know who I am and if she holds them they will just think that she is there mother. How could you let that happen?"

"That's not how it is at all. The babies and I spent a lot of time in the room with you. They know who you are. We haven't even named them because we thought you should do it. No one was trying to replace you. Now relax and hold your babies." He scooped down and gathered the two little boys first. My twins.

I sat down on the couch and leaned my back up against the armrest. I wanted to cry when Emmett placed the tiny bundles in my arms. They were so tiny. I was afraid my new strength would crush them. I couldn't believe Jacob and I could make anything so cute. They had thick wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. Unlike many babies their eyes easily held contact with mine. Big smiles lit up their adorable dimpled faces. Their skin was warm, or I was cold, I wasn't exactly sure which. They were wearing the onesies I had bought them online, Thing One and Thing Two. The little newborn outfit was way bigger than it should have been.

"How much do they weigh?"

"Well thing one was born first. He weighed 5 pounds and now he is 6 and a half. Thing two was born second but he had complications. He is fine now but he's the smallest of the three at only 4 pounds. He gained a pound since he was born though. Our daughter here is the strong one, of course. She was 6 pounds when she is born and now she is 7 and a half. She is really special."

Emmett stared lovingly down at our daughter.

"Let me hold her," I told him as I pulled my knees up. He rested out little girl in between our brothers. She made a gurgling noise when she saw me and bounced around like she was really excited. She was so beautiful, just like Emmett. Her skin was almost as cold as his too. Her eyes looked like pure gold and she had his curly brown hair. She was way bigger than her older brothers. I guess the vampire and werewolf gene made her a little stronger than them. I just hoped she wouldn't pick on them for being so small. Of course I doubted they would stay that way if they were growing so much in just three days. In a year they would probably look like toddlers. The thought made me smile bigger than what I already was.

The previous names I had picked out no longer seemed to fit them now. I forced myself to look away from my children. Emmett was sitting next to my feet, softly rubbing his fingers through our daughter's hair. He looked up at me and gave me a smile that would have made my heart skip if I were still alive. Jacob, fully healed now, was standing on the other side of the room. Rosalie was partially hidden behind him. The rest of the Cullens were standing in the entrance of the room. Emmett seemed to be the only one brave enough to get close to me.

"Bella," she said softly. "I am very sorry I upset you but you got it all wrong. No matter how much I want a baby I would never steal one, especially yours. I just wanted to hold him. They are more intelligent than average babies. They understand who their mother is."

Jacob took a few steps in my direction. Before he could speak I beat him to it.

"I am so sorry I attacked you. I have no idea what got into me. I never meant to hurt you. I don't know why I did that. I'm so sorry!"

"No it's okay Bells. Emmett warned me that you might be a little hostile as a newborn but I didn't think you would go that crazy. I love you and Rosalie so much. You know I would never do anything to hurt you and I just wanted Rosalie to hold her step son."

I growled at him.

"Hey when we get married that will be the title of their relationship. You are still their mother. God! How long are you going to be so cranky? You weren't even this bad when you were pregnant."

Since I was holding the little ones I couldn't go after him so I settled on glaring at him. My anger vanished when he wrapped me into a tight hug, careful of the babies.

"I missed you Bells."

"Yeah well, you smell really bad," I said with a grimace. He just chuckled and released me. In a strange way I felt this was the way it was supposed to be. I had my three babies in my arms. My mate was staring at me adoringly. My ex lover, best friend, babies' day was kneeling beside me making faces at the three. My vampire and my werewolf. I wasn't sure I could ever be happier than what I was at this moment…I feared it wouldn't last long.

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