Hybrid Horror

Tomboy 601, I'd just like to point out that most people wouldn't be in character while in a psychotic state.

Hybrids by nature are unstable. When it's between a naturally aggressive race and a race prone to mental illness it's even more so.


Goten's P.O.V

Goten was sitting in a classroom of Orange Star High School. He stared at the white board behind the teacher, and tried to understand what was written there. While he understood each word and symbol, but when put together they seemed to make no sense at all. He was aware that it was some sort of maths. He wasn't as smart as his brother, but he'd never had trouble with maths before. Before? Before what? Goten frowned. He wasn't sure when he'd first had trouble with concentration and relating to others. But he does remember first time it caused serious problems. It had been his 17th birthday. His mother and Bulma, as normal, had organised a massive party at Capsule Corp. Usually he loved parties but that day he couldn't find it even alittle interesting. He'd spent the whole night sitting in the conner staring out the window. If someone spoke to him he merely grunted at them. Eventually it had caused an argument, or rather, his mother yelled at him while he ignored her.

That had been less then four months ago, and since then he'd spent most of his free time as far from other people as he could get. It was easier to be on his own. They had followed him a few times trying to talk to him. They were upset, but Goten really couldn't care less. Now when he went off he suppressed his ki, so no one could find him. But he was sure that they found ways to spy on him. He'd destroyed quite a few trees and rocks that he was sure his father had been spying on him behind, but he'd always used IT to get away before Goten could spot him. Not that he cared that much anyway.

Goten gave up on the white board and shifted in his seat, he really didn't want to be there anymore. In fact he didn't quite understand why he came here anymore. But his mother was very insistent that he did.

"Hey Goten, You okay?" The boy next to him asked, Goten couldn't remember his name and didn't care that he couldn't. Goten glanced at the boy, he had light brown hair and brown eyes, but this didn't help him remember his name, so he looked away again without replying.

"Is it time yet?" Someone whispered nearby.

"No he's to alert, later." Another said. Goten frowned slightly, and glanced towards the voices. Two boy were whispering to each other. One looked at him and looked away quickly.

"We should do it now."

"He won't know what hit him."

"We may get hurt!"

"Not if rush him all at once." The voices came from all over the classroom, and Goten couldn't place who they were. But it was clear that the whole class was in on it, what ever it was.

"Someone will get though."

"He's a freak, no one like him should live." Goten's eyes widened in shock at hearing this and stood up sharply, destroying his chair in the process. Everyone's eyes were on him in that moment. The teacher turned to him.

"Your time has come, you alien crap, it's time to die." He said. Goten's teeth ground and he growled.

"I don't think so!" He said, and sent his energy flying out. Sending desks and students flying. They was several screams. The teacher smirked.

"Is that the best you have?" He asked.

"You have no idea!" Goten yelled. The teacher grinned and began to change, his skin turned a dark pink, and out of the back of his head grew a tentacle. There standing in front of him was Buu. Goten took a step back his heart racing.

"But your dead! Dad killed you!" He exclaimed. Buu grinned.

"If one part lives, Buu lives." He declared. Goten growled and dropped into a fighting stance. He charged an energy ball in his hand.

"Then I guess I'll have destroy you then!" He said. At that moment Trunks burst into the room, and looked up at Goten.

"Goten!" He yelled. "What are you doing?!" Goten looked at his friend.

"It's Buu, I have to kill him." He said. Trunks stared at him like he was nuts.

"Buu's dead! Your father killed him ten years ago!" He said. It was Goten's turn to look at Trunks like he was nuts. He pointed at Buu with the energy ball. Trunks momentarily look scared.

"He's right there!" Trunks looked at Buu then up at Goten.

"That the teacher." He said, but Goten wasn't listening he sent the energy blast though Buu.

"Noo!" Trunks yelled. "Goten! Why'd you do that?!" Goten ignored him, as Buu regenerated the small whole in his chest and looked at Trunks.

"Buu, make your friend part of Buu." He said. Goten watched in horror as Buu absorbed Trunks, without a struggle. Buu's head tentacle got longer and he looked slightly more human. Goten shock with rage, and went super saiyan.

"I'll make you pay for that!" He yelled and launched himself at Buu.

Trunks's P.O.V.

Trunks was half falling asleep in his own classroom when he suddenly felt Gotens ki rise sharply, followed by several screams from the direction of his friends classroom. Trunks didn't bother to excuse himself, he was simply out of the room before the teacher noticed he had moved. He ran into Gotens class room and stopped abruptly, he'd thought that his friend needed his help, but nothing prepared him for what he saw.

Goten was up near the top of the classroom, all the desks had been flung away from him, obviously after he'd powered up, but he wasn't super saiyan at the moment. Several students looked hurt, like they'd been caught up as well. But the worse thing was that Goten was in fighting stance, with an energy ball in his hand. He was staring down at the terrified teacher, as if he were an enemy.

"Goten!" He yelled. "What are you doing?!" Goten looked down at him, and Trunks shivered. He'd know that Goten had changed quite a lot over the last few months, becoming distant, and emotionally cold, but the Goten that looked at him now was anything but unemotional, he was seriously angry.

"It's Buu, I have to kill him." Goten said. Trunks frowned, and then stared at his friend like he was nuts.

"Buu's dead! Your father killed him ten years ago!" He said. Goten looked him strangely. Then pointed the energy ball at the teacher, who whimpered. Trunks looked at his friend horrified and scared.

"You friend's gone nuts!" The teacher said scared.

"He's right there!" Trunks looked at the teacher and motioned him to get out of there, the man nodded, then looked back at Goten.

"That's the teacher." Trunks said to his friend, but Goten didn't seemed to hear him. He sent the energy ball down on the defenceless teacher, who was vaporised instantly.

"Noo!" Trunks yelled. "Goten! Why'd you do that?!" But Goten ignored him, he seemed to be watching something Trunks couldn't see. Then suddenly he was enraged and went super saiyan.

"I''ll make you pay for that!" Goten yelled and launched himself at Trunks.

"Wha..." Was all Trunks got to say before Goten punched him though two walls and into another classroom. Trunks slowly got to his feet, surrounded by screaming and running teenagers. He groaned. Never get hit by a super saiyan, before your one yourself, he thought, that really hurt. He looked up to see Goten walking towards him, with murder in his eyes. Trunks quickly went super saiyan himself. He raised his hands, but not for a punch.

"Goten, what are you doing?" He asked, and dogged some punches and kicks from Goten, who growled.

"What's wrong, Buu, can't hit me?" He asked, then smirked, a wholly disturbing thing to see from Goten. "Am I too good for you?" Trunks frowned.

"Goten! I'm Trunks!" He caught the next punch and pushed Goten away. "Don't you recognise me?!" Goten growled again.

"I'll make you pay for taking away my friend!" Goten yelled.

"What?!" Trunks said as he dogged more punches, it was a good this Goten was so angry and unfocused, it was making him careless. Trunks could probably finish this, but he didn't want to hurt his friend, even if he had gone nuts.

"Come on fight me!" Goten yelled and sent an energy blast at Trunks, who deflected it out of the roof. Alright, guess I don't have any choice, he thought, or someone else will get hurt. Trunks fazed out, appeared in front of Goten and punched him, knocking him back into the original classroom. Trunks wasted no time in getting back there himself. He got there just as Goten was getting up. Goten screamed as he powered up further. Oh crap! Trunks thought. Since when did Goten get that strong? He was as strong Trunks now. Goten fazed out and appeared behind Trunks and before he had a chance to react, he was kick though the wall and out of the building. He stood up and shook his head, he turned just in time to block a kick aimed for his head. Then began another round of blocking. Suddenly Goku appeared.

"Whoa, what's going on?!" He asked. Trunks glanced at Goku.

"Goten's gone nuts!" He said. "He thinks I'm Buu!" A punch found it's way though Trunks defences, and sent him back a few feet. Goten dropped into a very familiar stance.

"Time to die, Buu!" He yelled. "KAAAMEEE" That was enough to make Goku act, he appeared behind Goten and quickly knocked him out with a knife hand strike to the back of the neck. Trunks relaxed and dropped out of super saiyan, as Goten hit the ground. Goku looked down at his now peaceful and unconscious son.

"Thanks, Goku, that could have been nasty." Trunks said.

"What happened?" Goku asked without looking away from his son.

"I don't really know." Trunks said. "I felt Goten power up, and when I got there, he killed the teacher." Goku's head jerked up at this, shock and pain etched on his face.

"He killed someone?" Goku asked unbelievingly. Trunks swallowed, nodded and looked at the ground.

"Yeah." He said sadly. "But I don't think he knew what he was doing, he thought he was Buu, then he thought I was Buu and..." Trunks trailed off unable to finish. Goku was silent, for a moment then picked up his fallen son.

"I'm taking him to Bulma, she'll know what's wrong." Goku said and vanished. Trunks sighed, looked back at the ruined school building. It could have been far worse. There was no point in staying here. Trunks took off and headed for home, determined to find out what was wrong with his best friend.

"I've run all the tests I can think of." Bulma said, sometime later. "All I can say for certain is that, whatever happened didn't happened because of any outside force." Goku looked lost at that.

"She means that it was natural." Trunks explained. Goku frowned.

"But Goten wouldn't act that way naturally." He said. Bulma bit her lip.

"I know, Goku, that's what's so worrying." She said. "I've entered all the test results into the computer and it's finding the most likely cause, whether it be physical or mental." Vegeta raised an eyebrow.

"Mental." He said. "Explain your self woman!" Bulma sighed.

"You know Vegeta." She said. "Like if his mind isn't working the way it should." Vegeta snorted and folded his arms.

"He is saiyan." Vegeta said firmly. "Saiyans don't succumb to something as weak as that."

"Your forgetting that he's also half human, and humans do." Bulma said. Vegeta dropped his arms and eyed the unconscious form of Goten in suspicion.

"Do you really think there could be something wrong with his mind?" Goku asked.

"Well, by what Trunks described, it sounded like Goten had a psychotic episode, so it could be." She said, she had never seen Goku look so hopeless before, it was painful to see him that way. "But there are certain physical reasons for it. For Goten's sake I hope that's the case."

"Why's that?" Goku asked.

"Because, physical problems can be cured, while mental ones can't." She said. This just seemed to make Goku worry even more. There was a beep from the computer signalling that it analyse was finished. Bulma looked at the screen and all colour drained from her face.

"Oh Kami, no." She whispered. On the screen there were words:

90 percent likelihood of schizophrenia.

I'd just like to mention that most people that have schizophrenia are not violent.

Goten's violent in this story due to his saiyan half's influence.

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