Father and Son

Yeah, stupid name, I'm talking about Edward and Carlisle DUHHH but just thought I'd point it out...xD I know, I couldn't think of any better name for this amazing masterpiece...:p. Anywho, this is chapter one, R&R PLLEEEAASSSSSSEEEEE the next chapter will be up shortly...:D:D

Chapter 1

Right after Edward's changing

Edward's POV

"Thirsty," I griped.

"He doesn't know that he's thirsty for, not water, but for blood," said Carlisle.

"What?" I turned to look at Carlisle.

"Look at his eyes, bright red. I hope he never has to kill humans to eat…I hope I can satisfy his craving with animal blood," he said, but his lips weren't moving. Strange.

"WHAT?!" I practically shouted.

"I didn't say anything," said Carlisle. This time, his lips were moving.

"Yes you did!" I said.

"No, Edward, you must be hallucinating. What is he talking about?" His lips stopped moving halfway through the sentence.

"How do you do that? And what were you talking about, me wanting blood, not killing humans…"

"I didn't say that stuff…I thought it. Hmmm…wait! Can you hear me?" his lips stopped moving after the wait.

"Uh, yeah, but really, can you show me how to talk without my lips moving?"

"This is – this is amazing! Really, you can read my mind!"

Very short, I know...but...I hope it was fun anyway...:D:D