Five Conversations the Doctor and Rose Had (And One They Didn't)

Author: TravelerOfTheWays

Rating: T/PG-13

Spoilers: Journey's End

Summary: Cohabitating a cozy house in Chelsea isn't quite the same as cohabitating a TARDIS. As they adjust to an old/new Doctor, linear time and wallpaper, there are a few things Rose and the Doctor need to discuss.

And One They Didn't

"I can't believe you did this to me!"

"Me?! You're the one who brought me to this filthy hell hole! I'm stuck here, and I have literally no way of going home again. Do you think I like it here? God, if I could the last year back, I would!"

"You're not the only one! I can't believe the time I wasted with you, thinking something special was going to happen. It never did! You don't do anything. You bum around, never got a job, and you think you're being all deep. At least I've built a life for myself here! You won't even try to make anything."

"A life? You call this a life?! My brain hasn't actually produced a single thought since I've been here! I'm about to go complete screaming mad, and you're just happy to set up your little house in your little life. And it's nothing!"

"If it's nothing, then why don't you just go?! Leave, and never come back!"

"That's the first intelligent thing you've said in months! Your wish is my command. I'll get my things, and you won't ever need to set eyes on me again."


Rose looked over at the Doctor with a small smile on her face. He grinned and squeezed her hand.

"Rose, I can promise you that I will never call our lovely flat a hell hole. It's quite nice" He craned his head to glance around the room. "I've never had curtains before. They're very homey."

She laughed. "What, do you mean domestic?" Her lips quirked as she gave him a sly look. "Thought you didn't do domestic."

"Well, maybe I was feeling a mite grumpy when I said that."

Rose's eyebrows raised in feigned shock. "What, you? Grumpy? Can't imagine it. All sunshine and rainbows, you were. Go on, grumpy?" Before he had time to do much more than give her a lock of mock annoyance, she had clambered across the divan. "Well, give us a smile then."

He crossed his arms and pretend to pout. "Maybe I don't want to. Maybe I'm grumpy again. What are you gonna do now, make fun of my ears?"

She leaned forward and flicked his earlobes with her fingertips. "I just might do." His lips twitched, but he kept a straight face. "Ooh, Mr. Serious, are we?" Her fingers slipped down to his sides and tickled him through his suit. He bit his lips, and he soon broke down before Rose's renowned tickling technique.

"Watch it, blondie!" he warned. When she did not stop, he made his final threat. "Right, that's it. You can't just tickle the Oncoming Storm with impunity, you know." He launched a counter tickle attack, and soon they were laughing helplessly, gasping for breath as the film they'd been watching on television continued unnoticed.

As they paused to catch their breath, before launching into another round, their heads turned briefly to regard the television. The woman was throwing the man's suitcase out the door, screaming at him as he bellowed back.

Rose gave the Doctor a warm smile from where she was perched atop him. "That's never gonna be us, is it?"

When he returned his gaze from the television back to her face, glowing pink with exertion and delight, the intensity of his dark eyes took her breath away. "Rose, you can kick me out every Sunday after the football match, and I will always come back."

Something inside her melted. "Always?"

By way of reply, he took advantage of her momentary lapse in attention to reach under her shirt and dance his fingertips along her bare skin. She squealed and returned her attention to the devilish man trapped underneath her. They were going to be there for a very long time.

Edit for clarity: What I wrote did happen, in my writey-verse. The "conversation they didn't have" refers to the "That's never gonna be us" bit. Sorry that was so vaguely done.