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As I began walking to the edge I saw a trail of flame enclose Edward in a wide circle. With him was a vampire wielding a whip of fire. The ground began to tremble and split open at odd points, and it was now our vampires that were screaming and pulsing with fear. Benjamin…The Egyptian coven had aligned with them, and my husband, who had no defensive power, was fighting him.

A feral snarl fell from my mouth and was answered by Blain and Justin as we flung ourselves from the cliff gracefully. While we were soaring to the ground, I watched that whip lick across Edward's chest, his shirt singed off of him, his pale flesh marred in a black line from one shoulder across his hip. Every vampire that stood between us began exploding in a shower of heavy bits of flesh.

A giant wolf blocked my path and let out a rumbling growl that reverberated through my whole body. I did not stop my frantic pace, I simply braced for the forceful impact, my teeth barred. We twisted and turned as we rolled along the ground. I tore at it with my steel like fingers causing it to yelp in pain, which was then silenced by my teeth tearing open its throat. I did not pause to drink; I just wiped some of it away as its body fell heavily to the blood coated ground. To my left, Carlisle was fighting Amun and sweet Esme had her teeth sunk deep into Kebi's throat as her hand wrenched her arm out of its socket and cast it away like yesterday's trash. They were not my problem, and didn't look like they needed help anyway.

Ch 1 Right and Wrong (ch 1 and 2 have been added as one post cuz I accidentally deleted chapter one)

"So we're staying for a few more weeks? I asked, barely able to keep the excitement out of my voice.

Esme nodded excitedly. She seemed exceptionally fond of Forks and this house. "Now that Charlie is aware of our dirty little secret there is no reason to rush off." She went from table to table dusting each until they gleamed, trying to erase all the evidence of the other vampires' visit here. "Though, we will all have to keep a low profile. I know that you were hoping to spend some time with Angela, but Carlisle and I think it is best not to risk it." She placed a comforting hand on my shoulder before tackling the non-existent dust on the piano. "I know that we technically have an accord with the Volturi, but risking Charlie is quite different from risking Angela."

"I know," I sighed. "But I still can't help wanting to see her all aglow with her pregnancy." I chuckled at the thought of my best friend and her perfect 4.0 grade average having to put off college. Angela! Who knew that she end up being that girl that got pregnant right out of high school? And to think I was worried about what the good people of Forks would think of me marrying so young. At least I didn't have to shop in the maternity section for my gown or run off to Vegas so I'd be married before my child was born.

"You know she's actually contemplating running to Vegas before telling her parents? Although," I chewed on my nail as I thought this all over, "Vegas was exactly what Edward and I had planned until that crazed vampire wedding planner interfered," I yelled loudly, knowing full well that she could hear our entire conversation.

"You rang?" Alice's musical voice trilled as she floated down the stairs. She leaned close to me and whispered, "Demetri's future is getting clearer."

I wasn't as good at searching for people's futures yet, so Alice and I had decided that she would keep an eye out for him. I had no problem when something big and bad was going to happen, kind of like a sledgehammer hitting me over the head, but little stuff escaped me. I'm sure after years with this stolen power that I'd be just as good as Alice, but until that happy time...

"Has he found another way of killing himself yet?" I asked miserably. I'd talked to Carlisle about Demetri's request, but he'd been his usual vague and neutral self saying, "This is between you and Demetri. Your family will support whatever decision you make." Helpful, huh? I guess I'd been hoping that he would decree that under no circumstances was I to fulfill this request that way I'd have a nice, and foolproof, way to get out of it, but no-oo. Things like that never work out in my favor.

Edward was being difficult in a completely different manner. He seemed to have issues with the amount of time I spent with Demetri trying to draw him out of his own personal hell.

"No," Alice replied. "But, I see him trying to incite Edward by hitting on you," she giggled. "I know that Edward can be a little high strung where you're concerned, but I seriously doubt that Edward would kill him over it."

"Ha! Just send him down to La Push. I'm sure there's at least one wolf that would happily dismember him," Emmett suggested as he sat on the opposite end of the couch.

"Hey, you're back early," I looked around quickly. "Where's Edward?" He shrugged and turned on the TV, blatantly ignoring me.

Hmmm, they were definitely up to something, but what? I shook my head at their silliness. Let them have their childish fun; I had other things to deal with. "I better go deal with Demetri before he takes an ax or chainsaw to his unnaturally sturdy neck."

Demetri was sitting against the far wall staring absently out the bright window, his skin casting rainbows throughout the room. I kneeled in front of his still form searching his haggard, yet beautiful, face. "Want to go hunting with me?" I'd put it off longer than was comfortable. It was Carlisle's new idea. He wanted to see how long I could go without eating and how I handled being around humans during my fast. Charlie and Jacob had actually been quite helpful in this little experiment. So far I'd been able to comfortably go eighteen days, but anything beyond that seemed to turn me into a psychotic fiend. It had taken Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Jacob to keep me from trying to take a nip at Charlie. I was thoroughly embarrassed about it, but he seemed to think it was hilarious. Needless to say, I was all out of patience with this experiment.

Demetri turned his coal black eyes to me, his lips pressed into a thin smile. That was an improvement. Any reaction was good, but I hadn't come anywhere close to a smile in the last couple of weeks. "Is this your revenge?" he asked thickly

"Revenge for what?" I had no idea what he was going on about. Admittedly, I rarely did.

"For the part I played with the Volturi when Edward sought our assistance."

"Of course not. Am I being exceptionally cruel to you, Demetri?" I asked softly moving beside him and taking his limp hand.

"Why prolong this?" he whispered as he motioned vaguely at himself.

"Because I don't want to lose you. You're part of this family, Demetri. If you would just let us, we'd help you…make things easier, more bearable..." I trailed off.

He smiled, slowly shaking his head back and forth, his soulless eyes never leaving mine. "Do you think that given enough time that I will meet someone else to fill the void?"

I thought his words over. I believed with all my heart and soul that Edward was it for me. That if he were to die there would only be two options for me: that I would live out the rest of my miserable existence without love and all alone or to die. I sighed. "No, of course not."

"Then why must I linger here?" he pleaded.

"Because I don't want to kill you," I snapped getting frustrated with our daily arguments. "I thought we agreed that you would make a real effort to deal with…her death. I'm fairly certain that was part of our agreement."

He scoffed. "Our agreement is based on the pretext that you will actually destroy me. I fear that has never been your intention. Why should I have to stick to our sham of a bargain if you do not have to oblige?"

Stupid logical vampires. "Fine! I swear that I will kill you if you swear that you will make an honest attempt at living again. Which means that you must hunt." I stood pulling on his hand with all my newborn strength. "So get up lazy butt. We'll have to make due with docile animals. No time to go somewhere full of ferocious bears or lions," I said in mock disappointment.

A real smile flitted across his face. "There's always wolves."

I pushed him hard in the chest causing him to slam into the wall leaving a crack from ceiling to floor.

"Oh damn! Esme is gonna kill me," I groaned. Then I heard one of the most wondrous sounds - Demetri's laughter filling the room. It was brief, but far more than I ever expected. Perhaps I wouldn't have to make good on my bargain after all.

"Thank you, Bella. You make this all a little more endurable." He hugged me tightly. I heard the sound of Demetri's door opening and Edward's scent drifted through the room. Of course he'd come in now. Not ten seconds earlier or five seconds later, but now.

He pulled away staring intently at me. "Your Edward is a very lucky man," and released me gently. He gave Edward a slight nod as he headed for the door. "I'll await you out back," he called from the hallway.

I chanced a glance at my extremely pissed off husband and pointed frantically at the wall. "This is from me pushing him against the wall," I cried defiantly. I hadn't done anything wrong and I was getting sick of constantly having to justify my actions where Demetri was concerned.

His eyes traveled slowly past me to the wall before settling back on my face.

"Well say something," I begged as he continued shooting daggers at me. It seemed all we did anymore was argue over Demetri and it didn't look like that was about to change.

"Sounds like you have plans with Demetri," he spat at me as he nodded his head in the direction of the back window. "You better not keep him waiting," He turned on his heels thinking that he'd have the last word, but I was at the door before he could make his sulky exit.

"Oh, no you don't." I shoved a finger in his chest. "Demetri is suffering. I'm sorry that I seem to be the only one who gets through to him, but maybe - just maybe - that's because no one else actually tries."

"Oh, please, Bella! Don't be ridiculous. We've all tried…"

I cut him off. "Talking to him one time in two weeks does not constitute an effort, Edward. I had to spend hours and hours before I got through to him - to get him to where he is today."

"I'm very aware of the many hours you have devoted to Demetri," he hissed.

My head fell forward in defeat. This was getting us nowhere. Not bothering to look into his angry gaze I said, "Would you prefer I go out there right now and end this?" The silence that stretched out was painful. He was actually warring with himself. Knowing full well what was right and what was wrong and actually considering the path that would be easiest for him.

He lifted my chin with one finger. "Of course not," he said as he brought his full lips to mine. He tangled his fingers into the hair at the base of my neck as I wound mine around his waist pulling him firmly against me. "I'm sorry I'm being so difficult," he murmured into my mouth beginning to break the embrace, but I pulled him back to me forcefully and licked my tongue across the seam of his lips putting all my love and everything I truly felt for him in that kiss. Letting him know that he had no reason to be jealous of Demetri for there was only one man for me. He moaned and started pulling at my shirt. "Wait!" I panted. "Not yet." His fingers froze and he backed away from me trying to regain his composure, his face utterly blank. Of course, the more blank his face the angrier he was.

"First, we're in Demetri's room and that's just tacky. Secondly, I need to hunt and I said that I would take Demetri with me. Do you want to come?"

Life seemed to rush back into him and he nodded. "Do you think he will mind my presence there?"

"I don't think I care one way or the other." I held out my hand and he took it bringing it up to his lips before leading me down the stairs. I'm not sure that I was being completely honest. I was worried that Edward joining us might undo all the progress I'd made with Demetri, but it was something I was willing to risk.

I was pondering all of this as we made our way to the back yard when I had an epiphany. I had the answer within me all along. I now had power over relationships and love. Wouldn't that be the lesser of two evils? Surely murdering him was far worse than manipulating a love affair between him and some other vamp. Right?

RATED M! So, there's mature content in this post. Just thought I'd give you fair warning.

Chapter Two Goodbye Girl

Edward watched Demetri make his way back to the house. The hunting trip had actually been fun and for the first time since Heidi's death, Demetri's eyes didn't look dead. He'd nearly starved himself to death these last few weeks. He was accustomed to eating more regularly and a much more potent variety than we were, that it was amazing he was able to go this long without being crazed like I was around Charlie. I guess a few hundred years under your belt really made all the difference. I'd lost track of the numerous amount of deer that died to sate his thirst. Not like I could talk - I had two just for little ol me.

Incredibly, on our walk back, he even joined in mine and Edward's conversation, much to both of our surprise.

"You really have made a difference," he motioned toward Demetri's retreating back. "As much as it pains me to admit it, he is better after spending time with you." He wrapped his strong arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

"Does this mean that you're going to stop giving me such a hard time about him?" I tilted my head up and laid a gentle kiss on his chin, working my way to his lips.

"It means I'm going to try really hard not to let it bother me," he conceded as he pressed his lips harder against mine. "Let's go for a walk," he murmured.

I knew where this particular path led. We'd been to our meadow enough times that I could have walked it with my eyes closed, yet it always seemed new and exciting as long as I was holding Edward's hand. The moonlight glittered down through the thick canopy of tress, glistening on him from time to time revealing him as the god-like being that he was. It embarrassed me that something as simple as just staring at him was enough to bring my body to life and turn me into that sappy, naive seventeen year old girl that I used to be.

I opened my mind to him letting him fully experience what I was feeling first hand. I tried to be fair in that regard because I had a terrible time controlling Aro's acquired power when I was physically touching Edward. He didn't seem to think it was fair that I could know his every thought, when he needed to rely on me to let him into mine. I was getting better at restraining the new power, but sometimes, especially when we were intimate and I was distracted, I'd lose control and would have access to all his thoughts. You think you really want to know every single notion that plays through someone's head? Trust me, you don't. No matter how much you love one another, there are times when less than stellar thoughts circulate through your mind.

"Really?" He grinned at me. "I still make you feel the way I did the first time we met?"

"Yes. Not like you're not entirely aware of the effect you have on me." If I could have blushed, believe me I'd be scarlet right then.

He chuckled. "Never doubt how very much you affect me, love." He brushed his soft lips against my temple and continued walking. "Thank you for letting me into that mysterious mind of yours. You weren't reading mine, I would have felt it, so why?"

"Cause, I plan on doing naughty things with you later and you know that I can't keep this power in check under such circumstances. Plus, I really wanted you to know what you do to me and how much I love you, and only you."

He stared intently at me for a few seconds. "Stay here for a minute," he said running toward our meadow. I let my senses flare out, searching for trouble, but finding nothing. If he'd left me here because there was something dangerous ahead I would have been mad, but apparently I was finally going to find out where he'd been after he and Emmett had returned from their camping trip.

He was by my side instantly, taking my hand and leading me forward. My gasp broke the silence of the forest as I took in the candles encircling the entire meadow. At the far end where the moonlight couldn't penetrate the thick foliage, was a huge movie screen. In the center of the field was a black, satin blanket and a mound of pillows.

"What the…?" I mumbled taking in the speakers perched in several trees and the movie projector. A huge smile spread across my face. I turned swiftly back to him. "So, this is what you were up to? What are we watching?"

He shot me his crooked grin. "It's up to you. We have classics like Romeo and Juliet and we have…" he paused thinking the titles over, "The African Queen and Goodbye Girl…"

"Oh! The Goodbye Girl!" I interrupted excitedly almost bouncing up and down. "I love that movie," I gushed.

He shook his head at my exuberance. "You really are very easy to please." He pointed to the blanket. "Now sit while I get this ready."

I laid back on the plush suede pillows watching him string up the movie projector as though he'd done it every day of his life. "You must have had to buy out the hardware store to get enough extension cords out here," I laughed.

The opening credits rushed across the screen and he was suddenly lying naked beside me pulling my body tightly against his. "Since you've already seen this, I figure its okay to distract you for a while," he snickered as his hand slid down my arm to the hem of my t-shirt, his sure fingers working their way underneath the thin material. "Nothing important happens in the first twenty minutes anyway," he continued, his lips fluttering over my jaw with the lightest of movement that sent my body into overdrive.

I sighed softly. "You don't have to convince me, Edward. You'd have to use a crowbar to pry me off of you," I whispered as his mouth found mine and his hand caressed my breast.

"Hmmm, really?" he asked as he nibbled down my neck.

"Oh yes," I breathed out as my hands began examining the perfect contours of his ass.

He was suddenly removing each article of clothing leaving me bare under the night sky. "And what do you want me to do to you, love?" His eyes were black as coal when he raised his face to mine to search for the answer he sought.

Just the look on his face was enough to make my body melt, but there was no way I was going to tell him some of the things I fantasized about. Far too embarrassing. I'd totally be flushed red right now under his scrutinizing stare. I felt my lips twitch as I tried to keep the embarrassment off my face.

His hand brushed across my opening as he kept our gaze locked and a fine shudder traveled down my body. "Would you like me…" he slid a finger deep inside me and my back arched at the feel of him pushing against my slick muscles. "…to relieve this burning ache?"

Embarrassment was gone. All I was aware of was how his body, his voice, his sexy stare made me feel. "Yes," I whimpered. He wasn't moving his hand; just waiting for me to spell out my desires, but dirty talk so wasn't my thing. "Please. I need you inside me now."

"I am inside of you," he whispered thickly. For the first time I realized that this was driving him as wild as it was me.

"I need more of you…all of you"

He slowly slipped his finger out and brought it to his lip, his eyes never leaving mine before he slipped it past that sinful mouth of his and a moan fell from me at the sight of him tasting me and suddenly I knew what I wanted from him more than anything.

Fortunately, I did not have to spell out this deep longing for him as he already seemed intent on doing it. His lips began to trail down my body only pausing briefly to flick his tongue over my nipples. I cried out and my breath sped as fire began to spread through my veins.

He knelt between my legs and kissed my hips so slowly before brushing across my most intimates parts with his hesitant lips. "Edward!" I bit out and my hips thrust forward as his tongue licked across me. As wonderful as it felt, I didn't think I could stand much more of it. I was going to spontaneously combust if he kept it up much longer. I writhed under his torturous touch which only served to urge him on. He had promised to return the favor a couple of weeks ago after I went down on him, and he hadn't been exaggerating about the sweet torment he was going to inflict upon me.

He ignored my pleas and kept pleasuring me until my orgasm poured over me, my body out of control, my breath ragged with hands buried deep into that tousled mess of bronze hair. I pulled him up to me and slammed my mouth against his, trying to give my body a break before the next onslaught of pleasure.

No matter how many times we were together it never seemed enough, never seemed to dampen our desire for one another. I wrapped my legs around his waist begging him to finish it and relieve the dull ache that was burning through me.

I opened my mind again because I'd been immersed in his for the better part of ten minutes and it was an easy way to get things moving where I wanted them to go. I filled his mind with every feeling coursing through me and the need filling me. "Edward, fuck me!" I screamed hoarsely and I felt his whole body shudder violently at my crude words, the desperate tone of my voice and watched his control slip away like water through cupped hands.

He finally pushed himself into me in one powerful thrust. My fingers convulsed into his hips as the pleasure roared over me again and again.

"I love how you react to my touch." He bit gently at my neck as his hips pounded into me mercilessly. "Love that you share each thought and desire with me." He took my throbbing breast into his hot silky mouth. "Love feeling just how much you love me."

Flames licked over us, our bodies shuddering with the pleasure that erupted over both of us leaving us shaky and winded.

He rolled clumsily over. Yeah, even Edward had a few clumsy moments! I laid my head on his heaving chest still trying to catch my breath, basking in the afterglow while watching Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Masen bickering on the huge screen.