-.-.-Unadulterated Supernatural Crack-.-.-

Summary: A collection of crack drabbles based on the "What would Dean say if…" thread over at sn.tv These are my answers to some of the many hilarious questions asked.

A/N: So I've been wanting to put these drabbles together for awhile and now I've finally decided to do it. It's a little different from my usual style… okay, it's a hell of a lot different but I'm hoping you'll enjoy anyway.

I do not own Supernatural even though I wish I did. I didn't make the questions up but thank the people who did :D Seriously, look up the thread sometime… you're guaranteed a good laugh.

Warnings for possible bad language and maybe spoilers… Also, I really hope this doesn't offend anyone because it's just meant as humour… Pure unadulterated supernatural crack.

I don't know how many of these I have at the moment… but I'm gonna try to post them daily until I run out.

1: Health Food

WWDSI sam asked him to eat health food?

Dean - stares intently at Sam as if he's just said that the world is flat and evil fluffy bunnies are attacking the population
Sam - It was only a suggestion...
Dean - keeps on staring
Sam - Okay, okay, stick with your stupid junk stuff, I was just thinking it'd give you a better source of energy
Dean - If I want energy, I'll eat a whole bag of M&Msand if you ever, EVER, suggest health food to me again, you will seriously live to regret it