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Summary: A collection of crack drabbles based on the "What would Dean say if…" thread over at sn.tv These are my answers to some of the many hilarious questions asked.

Hello! It's been awhile! But I had to get this drabble up. The question was suggested by Winchester Chick 666 over at supernaturalville (ungen) and it's been half written for... well, for awhile now so I finally decided to finish it! Woo! I hope you enjoy! And thank you to everyone who's been reading this madness! :D


31: Metallica!

WWDSI he met Metallica?


Dean: Dude! It's Metallica!

Sam: So?

Dean: Me. Tal. Ic. A. Dude! Seriously… you are such a freak.

Sam: Me? The freak? I'm not the one fanboying over some band…

Dean: First of all… I am not 'fanboying'. Second of all, Metallica is not just some band. Metallica rules. Plain and simple. And THIRD of all… I AM NOT FANBOYING!

Sam: If you say so…

Dean glares

Sam: Oh my God! Dean… they're coming this way!

Dean spins around excitedly to find Sam lied… Sam of all people, tsk tsk and glares at Sam again.

Dean: Mockery doesn't suit you.

Sam: And you fanboying is just plain hilarious.

Dean: That's it. I'm gonna talk to them.

Sam laughs: Yeah right.

Dean is walking towards them.

Sam: Dean…? Dean!

Dean: …Big… no huge fan. Since I was a kid, your music is just…

Metallica: Just music.

Dean:… what?

Metallica: It's just music.

Dean: It's more than music, it's…

Metallica: Believe me, it's. Just. Music.

Dean: Just… just music?

For mere moments Dean is devastated and then…

Dean: SAM! Get the holy water! They're possessed!

Metallica: Nooo! How did you know?!

Dean: Because Metallica is not just some band. They don't play just music…

Dean swings to face Sam


And once again the day is saved by the power puff gi-- I mean the Winchesters… err, yeah. The day is saved by the Winchesters.

Dean: Dude! I met Metallica… one of the greatest bands in history!

Sam: No… technically you met a bunch of demons possessing Metallica. Security kicked us away before they even woke up and got a chance to thank us…

Dean sulks: Way to burst my bubble… oh King of the bubble bursters.