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It was Karaoke Night in Konoha, the bi-weekly opportunity for shinobi to pour their hearts out through song or embarrass themselves in front of each other. This week's night was for the younger group of ninja – basically the rookie nine (subtracting Naruto and Sasuke, who had already left for training) and Gai's team. The night's theme? All songs must be chosen from the musical/movie Dreamgirls.

The judges took their seats in front of the stage, not expecting much talent tonight, but plenty of entertainment. Kurenai looked at the row of judges seated next to her, realizing she was the only female. Asuma sat next to her, followed by Iruka, Kakashi, and Gai, in that order. The only completely unbiased judge was Iruka, who did not have a specific student competing.

Tsunade stepped on stage, ignoring the random catcalls and whistles. The reason? She wasn't wearing her normal Hokage-ensemble, but a low-cut, sparkling, dark brown dress. As the MC, she would introduce each singer and their choice of lyrics. She cleared her throat.

"Welcome everyone to Karaoke Night. We are sure to have a good show tonight, enjoying the song stylings of our younger shinobi, taken straight from Dreamgirls. Opening our show this evening is Nara Shikamaru, with his song "Fake Your Way to the Top". Hit it!" she called to the nearby band. Shikamaru slid onto the stage on his knees, microphone in hand. He was wearing a dark brown suit with a light orange shirt and dark orange tie.

Thirteen years

Of solid gold platters

Rising costs

And cocktail chatters

Flappy gems

Stereophonic sound

The game of hits

Goes round and around

But you can fake your way to the top

Round and around

Fake your way to the top

You can fake your way to the top

But it's always real, so real

Oh it's so real

When you're coming down

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

Shikamaru continued his song. He was actually pretty good – his singing voice was just a rough enough to make the song sound good. And his over-the-top antics matched "Jimmy Early's" perfectly.

I faked my way to the top

Oh yeah, oh yes I did

But it's always real, so real

Oh it's so real

When you're

When you're coming down!

He finished with flourish. The room began to applaud, but now it was time for the judges to comment.

"I found it very entertaining that you chose this song since you are the only chunin in the group…" Kurenai smiled. "Well done."

"Great job Shika. Really – you were awesome up there, really getting into it – a big change from your usual laziness," Asuma teased.

"I agree with Asuma's comment. If you had put that much effort in your school work, well…good job tonight anyway," Iruka said.

"You knew the lyrics and the beat, but the pitch was slightly off. Good, not great," Kakashi, the Simon of the group, finished.

"Very youthful and unexpected from you!" Gai exclaimed. "I was delighted!"

Tsunade returned to the stage as Shikamaru moved into the audience to watch the others perform. "Up next is the namesake of tonight's theme. Dreamgirls performed by Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino!"

The girls pranced onto the stage together and set the microphone on the stand. They stood back to back in matching light blue, knee-length gowns, smiling sweetly at the audience as they waited for the music to begin.

Every man has his own special dream

And your dream's just about to come true

Life's not as bad as it may seem

If you open your eyes to what's in front of you!

We're your dreamgirls, boys

We'll make you happy…

We're your dreamgirls, boys

We'll always care…

We're your dreamgirls

Dreamgirls will never leave you

No, no…

And all you have to do is dream, baby

We'll be there…

Sakura and Ino started off singing beautifully in unison, but then Ino's voice began to overpower Sakura's softer tone. The pink-haired girl pulled the microphone closer to her in retaliation as they continued the song.


Dreamgirls will help you to survive


Dreamgirls keep your fantasies alive

Dreamgirls always love you and they'll be true…

Your dreamgirl can only belong to you!

I'm not the dream that you've had before…

I'm the dream that'll give you more and more…

At this point in the lyrics, Sakura and Ino had ripped the single microphone out of the stand and were basically wrestling on stage for control. The fight continued to escalate although the two divas also managed to keep up with the song.

All you've got to do is dream…

All you've got to do is dream…

All you've got to do is dream…

Just dream and baby,

We'll be there!

We'll be there!

We'll be there!

They finished the song, breathing heavily, hair and clothes askew, and glaring fiercely at each other. The room applauded them hesitantly.

"Well girls, that was wonderful. The movements could have been more…choreographed, but great job," Kurenai said with a smile.

Asuma grimaced. "Interesting rendition of the song ladies…"

"The voices are amazing – you may have done better separately, however," Iruka grinned sheepishly.

Kakashi just shook his head at them sadly, while Gai burst into applause." Stupendous! So youthful! Beautiful!" The girls frowned at each other again and flounced offstage.

Somewhere far away from Konoha, Uchiha Sasuke walked silently down a dark narrow hallway. Directly in front of him were Orochimaru and Kabuto. The three had just returned from training for the day and, as usual, Sasuke's emo mask was securely in place: He refused to talk to either of them.

He still wasn't completely cemented in his decision to leave Konoha and his friends and teammates. Sasuke continued to trail silently behind the pair. They picked up the pace, but the Uchiha merely strolled behind at his own speed. Suddenly, struck by the urge to sing, he quietly began the first song that came into his mind:

Steppin' to the bad side…

Gonna take a mean ride

The smile I had has gone away

Those that steal it are gonna pay…

The volume of his voice continued to grow as he continued down the dark hallway. Orochimaru and Kabuto had totally disappeared from view, so Sasuke really belted it out.

I was a man who tried to be good

I was always misunderstood

I tell you now, it's got to end

No more trusting them my friend

Steppin' to the bad side….today

He shook his head, already knowing he had messed up the lyrics. Sasuke finally glanced up to see where he had wandered towards and found Orochimaru and Kabuto staring at him, wide-eyed. Apparently, they had heard his entire rendition of the song from Dreamgirls. The dark-haired boy felt his normally pale face flush deep red.

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