It had been several years later.

I was a girl of 16 now, and fully grown in my speedy development. My blonde curls now fell down to my shoulders and my blue eyes took in every sight. Now the only thing my eyes took in was the gorgeous sight of my steady boyfriend Jacob Black. Yum. He was really tall for his age, wasn't it like 16 now? and he had the abs to prove it! i always did have a weakness for muscle. anyway he was walking across the yard from his recently aquired motorcycle. The dark black motorcycle was parked there taking in all the spotlight next to my grandfather's car. Luckily for me he traded in his old police cruiser for something a little more subtle. Jacob was halfway to the door when i couldn't bear it any longer. I pushed the door open and ran out to meet him. As soon as he caught sight of me a smile lit up his face, i giggled and jumped up into his arms.

"Hey Nessie!" he laughed.

"Hey Jacob," i smiled at his beautiful face.

Before i could say another word -or thought- about how good he really looked in his leather jacket he moved his face towards mine and kissed me. Wow. And he really did kiss me. It was hard but gentle for Jacob if you know what i mean. I had known Jacob all my life, since i can remember, and he was always there for me. I remember how i always thought of him as my big brother, until one day i realized that i didn't just want big brother attention from Jacob anymore.

The phone rang, it was sunday afternoon, and i was supposed to be studying for tests this weekend. Grandad was out fishing again with Billy Black his long time best friend. It didn't take long for me to drop everything and run to answer it.

"Hello?" i asked with anticipation in my voice.

"Ness? How's it going?" Of course it was Jacob.

"Great! Just studying over here."

"Oh well i shouldn't bother you then..."

"NO!! That's ok i just finished now." I'd give anything to spend the afternoon with Jake rather then my books.

"Ok, you wanna head down to the beach?"

"Definitely, what time?"

"How 'bout now? ill just get my bike and be down in a jiff."

"Great. See you then!"



That's when it hit me. I went to sit back on the couch to wait for him. That wasn't working, i kept glancing at the clock every second waiting in anticipation for the sound of his bike.

"Maybe i should change..."

I dashed up the stairs to my room, which supposidly used to be my mom's and ran for my closet. Luckily to my relief i had a couple outfits from aunt Alice who seemed to get a kick out of buying me things. I glanced at the clock again on my night table. Two minutes. Two whole minutes? That's it? Sheesh! I scanned through the clothes stopping at whatever might be suitable. Nothing.

"Are you kidding me?!" I asked my clothes. Then i remembered something. There were these shorts...

"Gotcha. Now for tops..." There was purple striped tank top on the floor beside it. "Perfect..."

Immediately i threw off my old gray sweatshirt, replaced it with the tank top, and through off my jeans. Then i grabbed the shorts... oh. Now i remembered again why they were in the back of my closet. Alice decided i should be less boyish ( she blamed it on spending too much time with Jake.) and bought me short shorts. The kind that almost showed half my butt. But for some reason i liked them. And i hoped that Jacob would notice me this time.

I checked the clock again, 5 minutes later. I still had time to do my hair. I ran into the bathroom and dared to look in the mirror. Brushing my hair was a task in itself. After struggling for too long i was able to make it look pretty decent with most of my curls flowing down to below my shoulders. Then i heard the bike.

"Crap!" I quickly reached for my make-up bag- something i rarely do. I stopped myself halfway. Why was i doing this? Trying to impress Jacob? I laughed at myself, for being so stupid. Then i heard his voice.

"Ness? Hellooooo??" He called from the kitchen right below the stairs. I couldn't move, i couldn't speak. Something was definitely wrong with me. Why was i acting like this? Why were my palms getting all sweaty at the thought of him seeing me? That's when i knew the truth.

I held my breath and walked to the top of the stairs.

"Hey... Jake..." more sweaty palms...!!

"Ness? You ok? What's wrong?" now he was genuinely worried.Great.

"What are you gulp talking about? gulp"

"...Nothing..." he shook his head.

Then i began to walk down the steps. That's when he got a full look at what i was wearing. He looked beyond dumbfounded.

"Ummm...Wow Nessie..." he looked up at me without blinking.

"What?!" i asked him extremely annoyed that he wasn't dropping his jaw, or the stuff guys do in movies.

I turned and headed for the door walking quicker than he was. That changed fast. It only took him 3 bounds to end up infront of me and stop. I tried to go around him but his hugeness was blocking the entire door frame.

"Hold on a sec will ya?! What's the matter? What did i do?!"

"Nothing." i grumbled not looking at him.

He snorted. "You're not PMS-ing on me are ya??"

"NO!!" i shouted at him, furious that he could even find time to make a joke in a crisis like mine.

"Then what?" he asked in a softer tone making my legs go numb for a second.

I was at a loss for words. How was i supposed to tell my sudden feelings to Jake? How would he take it?

"You'd laugh at me..." i whispered fighting back annoying tears.

"What? No i wouldn't, not if it was a valuable reason."

This time i half snorted.

" you."

Now i was in his arms as he carried me up to the house. My weight was effortless for him, which in a way was an advantage at a time like this.

I still had my own little power. I know Jake always thought he was really cool 'cause he was super strong and could change into a wolf, but i could still show people what i was thinking just by using my hand.

"I love you Ness."

And i put my hand against his tanned cheek. I showed him his face and mine bound together forever, and i showed him what i was feeling when i saw his face.

He laughed and sighed. I pushed the door open with my free hand, the other being securely wrapped around Jake's neck, and we walked in the kitchen.

"Renesmee? Jacob?"

"Right here, grandpa!" i called out in the general direction of the living room.

"Hi Charlie!" Jake yelled after.

Before my grandad was up and off the couch Jake put me down effortlessly and kissed me lightly. I could still feel the heat coming from his as our lips parted and turned around to greet Charlie before he came in.

He walked over to us and gave Jake a big hug , and winked at me. He knew all about out relationship since we did. And he took it quite well, considering.

"Are you sure?" i nervously asked Jake as i climbed out of the forest with him. We had ran all the way from La Push together and he was still in his wolf form.

He bobbed his furry head up and down, saying yes.

I sighed .

"Ok but you are going in there as a human ok? We don't need to scare Charlie anymore than he will be."

Jake did his barking laugh at me and phased back, right infront of me.

"JAKE!!" I screamed at him half laughing. I immediately turned around.

"What?" he asked innocently, then after a few moment he looked down . "Oh."

"Yeah! 'Oh.' is that all you have to say for yourself?!"

"No..." he murmured in my ear. I held my breath.

"I have much more to say..." he whispered as he wrapped his bare arms around me. I suddenly realized, to my internal satisfation, that he had no shirt on , maybe not even shorts, and i could feel his toned abs against my back.

I turned around then not caring if he was naked or not and wrapped my arms around his bare neck and kissed him. He kissed me back at first gently, then a little rougher. Eventually we both needed our breaths back and we stopped. He smiled back at me, and i bit my lip looking down. Immediately i wished i hadn't, but i didn't care at the moment. I was with him and we'd face whatever challenges came our way together.

"What! You...and him?" Charlie had his mouth open staring at me as a answer his question.

" Yup. Me and him."

"But...Why?" he suddenly turned to glare at Jake.

" Charlie, seriously, what's the big deal?" he asked under the scrutinizing glare of Charlie.

"What's...the...big deal?! The big deal is that you're asking me to let you go out with my grandaughter, when only years ago you were telling me how much in love you were with my daughter!!"

Wait, what? Jake was in love with my Mom?! But she was, like, years older than he was! What if... what if 'cause she obviously married my father, he loved her so much that he felt the need to love me 'cause i'm the next generation down from her?!

Now it was my turn to glare at Jake.

"Renesmee, wait. I can totally explain, we'll laugh about it later i promise!"

"Sure. Sure." I replied waiting for his grand explanation.

For a moment a smile lit up his face as I used his famous two letter saying. Then it was replaced with a serious, more "strictly business" Jacob face ( one of the many that I did love!)

He took a deep breath, and sighed.

"Ok, do you remember what I told you about werewolves? How we never age unless we stop phasing long enough?" he looked at me expectantly.


"Well how old do you think i am now?"


"Wrong. I was born several years before your mom was."

I knew that my mom was a vampire and that she would stay eighteen forever, so that meant..."

"You were truly only a teenager when my mom was ahem still herself..." i glanced over at Charlie.

"That's right." he smiled at me. "You know I only truly love you Nessie."

I sighed. Whew, I blew that totally out of proportions.

"Ahem," Charlie cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable at the sudden change in the air.

Jacob's expression suddenly changed from lovey-dovey you are my soul mate to sheepish. He turned around and Charlie heaved a big sigh.

"Jacob...I trust you to be...responsible with my little Nessie."


"Well, it's the truth."

He sighed again and headed for the living room. Jacob raised and eyebrow and looked at me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me toward his hot (in both senses) body. I smiled against his chest ( he did tower above me by a couple of feet now) as he laughed to himself.

"I told you so."