Jacob's POV:

I slumped to the floor as I phased back. She was gone. My Nessie....was....gone. How could I let that happen?!?!?!

I didn't look up as the graceful vampire, Alice was it? Slowly walked down the stairs. She stopped halfway not sure what to do.

She sighed.

"Jacob look im really sorr-"

"You're sorry? You're gonna come down here and tell me that you're sorry?!?!? Sorry's not gonna bring her back! You had one thing to do. One thing, and that was to keep her safe. I knew letting you come here was a ba-"

"Bad idea. I know. I didn't realize he would follow us here. He..."

Apparently she was seeing something cause she blanked out and stopped talking.

I waited and shuffled to put my black sweats back on.

She then gasped. She was then a blurr as she rushed to the kitchen. I jumped up and ran in after her. She had gotten paper and a pencil and was drawing her vision. It didn't take long before I could identify the place - it was the beach on that fateful day. The one place that was eched in our minds forever. That beach in the south.

"I...I know that place"

"What?" She turned and looked at me.

"Yeah, that was the one where we took that last vacation together."

"Do you happen to remember where it is?"

"I think so, it can't be too hard to find."

"Good, pack your things, I'm calling Rose."

Alice turned to hurry away but before she did she glanced back at me.

"Oh, and Jacob? I hope you like Rome."