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Ratchet fiddled more with the door, Ironhide even tried to break in, but it was hopeless. Sideswipe on the other hand was out cold. It was strange to see for them, but they figured it had something to do with Sunstreaker being out cold too. Not everyone knew how strong a brother-spark-bond was, Optimus knew however and glanced down at the red twin, "Is he going to be alright?"

"Give me a minute to take a look, ok, Prime? We are still trying to get in,"

Optimus nodded as he knelt down next to the red twin, his own scanners crossing him to view what might be wrong, but he wasn't nearly half as advanced as Ratchet when it came to these things. The matrix didn't seem to help in that way either.

"So. How do I get out of here?" Sunstreaker asked, looking around the darkness that shrouded both of the beings.

Wheeljack shrugged, "That, I am not so sure," He looked up then back down, "Let me think a minute, I might come up with something,"

"So you're saying I am stuck here with you?" Wheeljack felt the edge of the yellow twin rise and he shifted his stance and nodded, "For now,"

Wheeljack went to work trying to figure a way out of this. It hadn't taken him long for his brightness to show through and he grunted a moment.

Sunstreaker could almost swear he heard the gears grinding in the Engineer's mind, "What? What is it?"

"Well, I think I might have an idea, it's just risky, and we will all be connected,"

"Connected?" Where exactly was Wheeljack going with this one?

"Yeah, through a spark bond … brothers, if you will, like you and 'Swipe," Wheeljack was insinuating they would be brothers? How awkward.

"Heh, it won't blow any of us up, will it?" He couldn't help himself.

"Funny," Wheeljack stated dryly, "No, it won't, you'll just have to deal with me on your private line with Sideswipe,"

"Joy," Sunstreaker's voice oozed sarcasm, "So not only will I have Sideswipe there to annoy me, but a crazy inventor too, make my day all the better, 'Jack,"

"You're the one who entered here to save my aft," Wheeljack made sure he emphasized the 'you're', "deal with the consequences for your unthinking actions," Oh, that tone. Smug as Pit.

You are one lucky bot that I can't slap you upside the head for that one.

Why wasn't Wheeljack this fun any other time? "You know, you seem to be a lot happier in here,"

"Happier? Happier? How could I possibly be happy in here? I'm free, that's all,"

"You are one deprived Autobot, that's what you are," Sunstreaker smirked inwardly, thinking to himself how all of that was going to change being connected to the twins of terror.

"Deprived? I'm an inventor, not a comedian, Sunflower,"

Oh no he didn't just call me that. "Oh, har har, so funny I forgot to laugh at that one, 'Jack," Again that sarcasm oozed, Sunstreaker shrugged, getting back to the plot at hand, "So, how do we go about waking up, hmm? And what if your body won't respond? They will all think I am lying or dreaming,"

"Only one way to find out," Sunstreaker felt Wheeljack hit his own circuits hard, "Wait! They got you completely wired into the computer!"

"I know this, I just wanted to see," He took a few more seconds to finalize what he suspected, "well then," Wheeljack calmed the touching of circuits, "maybe through you? Or Sideswipe?"

Sunstreaker gave Wheeljack a dubious glare, "How?" he asked slowly, hesitating, "How exactly do I do that?"

"Weeeellll, I'll have to have you open your connection with Sideswipe again. It is dangerous, and I bet he's already in stasis lock," Wheeljack sighed, "and since you're only wired into me, you should be able to access it."

"Yeah, right, sure… uh huh. You know, 'Jack, I am starting to wonder who the craziest one here really is,"

"You are," Wheeljack stated calmly.

"Me?" Sunstreaker asked, "Why me?"

"Because you were the fool who wanted to play hero, not even considering what it could have done,"

"Shut up,"

Wheeljack simpered; he knew how to do this, "Going through your core processor, you should be able to reactive yourself using me as a line also. Don't take too long, however, alright? I really don't want to die in the process."

"You mean this could kill you?"

"Oh? Did I say that? What I meant to say is, all three of us,"

"You're so comforting," Sunstreaker started to do as Wheeljack directed, linking himself deeply with Wheeljack as he did so, using him as a power boost and everything went bright white, and then dark. Suddenly he onlined his optics, still expecting to see Wheeljack standing there, only to find him on the berth, and find his own body slumped over him. He quickly regained his posture, and glanced towards the door, seeing everyone staring in at him, a few faces were pretty pissed off. He didn't want to deal with the swarm of them right now, but he had to, and he dreaded it.

By Primus it had worked! No time for cheering now, however, he quickly moved, unhooking himself from the inventor's body, he ran to the door, hit the code bar again and tore down the barricade, nearly getting fallen on by Ratchet and Ironhide, "Ratchet, he's alive!" He started going on, "Wheeljack's ok! I mean, I think he's alright, he is in there, but he's also with me!" Everyone stared flabbergasted at him, they almost wanted to call him Bluestreak, "Listen, quit staring and do as I tell you, or rather, as he tells me to tell you,"

Huh? Had Sunstreaker fried his processor too? What was he going on about?

"What? What are you talking about kid? Did you hit your processor when you fell?" Ratchet asked with disbelief, "Let me check you,"

"No," The yellow twin held out his hand, "listen," Sunstreaker started to think of a way to explain what he had done, linking with Wheeljack, everything. He could feel Wheeljack's irritation from it taking so long, and silently went to the link, touching it gently, telling Wheeljack he was almost done, "I need Sideswipe awake, fast," Forgetting to tell them about his explorations into Wheeljack's mind, he wanted to get the other two awake before Wheeljack forever irritated him with that constant poking.

Everyone looked to the offline bot, "Sideswipe went into stasis lock when you shut down," Ratchet's face hardened, "Because you cut your link, you shocked his systems, you're an idiot."

"No time for that, Hatchet, just…" He growled to himself. Of course they were going to be stubborn at a time like this and not listen. He could feel Wheeljack hit the link again, telling him to hurry, and that time was running out.

Sunstreaker wasted no time in reaching out for his brother through the link, using him and Wheeljack as a boost to wake his sleeping brother, / Come on, you, get your aft up, I need you! /

/ Sunny, is that you? Oh Sunny, you frag head! What did you do to me – to us? / Sideswipe almost yelled.

/ No time for bickering, Siders, we have a job to do. /

/ Aw, come on bro, I just woke up, let me at least wake up completely first. /

Sideswipe felt something – No, someone strange in his mind, like another bot had accessed their link. They hit their connection a second time, and it made the red twin shy backwards, / What was that? Who was that? /

Was he always this brainless, or did he go to the academy for it? / I just saved Wheeljack's life! Reach out for him, I need you to concentrate on him! /

/ What? / Huh? / No way, we can't just take a hold of random bots with our link, you know we can't, not like that, that link is only for you and me. /

/ Not anymore, bro, I know you felt him, that's who you felt hit the link, I felt it too, please, try, before it's too late, or it'll kill all three of us. /

/ You're kidding, aren't you? / He knew his brother joked with him, but now? He couldn't possibly be serious.

/ Would I kid you about something like this? /

There was a slight hesitation, / Uh… yeah, / He stated dryly.

Oh, Sideswipe was so gonna get a hit to the head for this if they made it out alive, / Just do it, Sides! /

Sideswipe did as his brother commanded, shock taking over his faceplates as he found Wheeljack there, "By Primus," he spoke out loud, as everyone looked at him curiously, "it is Wheeljack!"

Sunstreaker sat down next to his brother. Now was the time to show everyone just how powerful a brother's bond was and that Wheeljack was going to be ok. Both of their optics dimmed as they reached far into the link, finding their new brother and pulled him slowly, allowing him to repair what needed to be repaired, busting down firewalls he could not break himself, and low and behold, Wheeljack started to wake right before everyone's optics. Gasps went around the room as they all expected the bot to thrash or speak wildly, but it did not come. Wheeljack set himself to reboot, the reboot he'd needed since the beginning. If they were so smart, they would have been able to figure it out, but they hadn't. Why hadn't they?

System Reboot – Initialized

System reboot – Completed.

Restoring Core Processor power – Completed.

He wasn't thrashing, his movements were controlled as he lifted his arm and started reaching for the many wires and lines that connected him to the computer. He started to disconnect his mind from the computer, the computer went haywire, beeping and screaming sirens that Wheeljack was dying, but he wasn't. The sound was annoying, though.

Firewalls – Destroyed.

He onlined his optics for the first time since this whole thing started and glanced around the room, "Would someone mind unhooking me the rest of the way?" he asked, "I don't really like being stuck to a beeping, screaming machine, thanks,"

Wow, had Wheeljack lost his logic processor?

Ratchet, Optimus and everyone stared, their jaws about on the floor as the heard Wheeljack's voice. They all sighed a deep sigh of relief. Sunstreaker was right. He had done it – they had done it! Wheeljack was coherent, and he was by all means healthy, even when Ratchet went to run a scan over him. No one could believe their optics.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe both stayed in their dreamlike states, as Ratchet continued to unhook Wheeljack and shut the machine that he was hooked to down. Wheeljack immediately went to test his new bond with the brothers, finding them both there, he reached for them, /Come on, you two, time to wake up/

/ We weren't even – / What the frag? / Wheeljack? /

/ Yes, it's me, now get up the both of yas, gotta show those over sized tin cans what you're made of, /

With that, both of the twins' optics grew bright and they started to move slowly. Wheeljack was standing near them, looking down at them and then smiled when Sunstreaker looked up with his brother. Both brothers wore a smile, / How do you two feel? /

Sunstreaker stood up completely and without a second thought reached out and… Thwack! He then reached for his brother, who was still on the ground and... Thwack!

Wheeljack backed up suddenly, rubbing his helm, "What the frag was that for!?"

"Yeah, really, what did I do?" Sideswipe asked, confused.

"For our conversation earlier," Sunstreaker grinned at Wheeljack, and for you, he nodded to his brother, "I made a promise that if we made it out, I owed you... both."

"Gee, thanks, and here I was going to thank you for saving my aft back there!" Wheeljack groaned.

"Not in your life, or ours, for that matter," Sunstreaker helped his brother up and then smiled at Wheeljack, "You're completely functional?"

"And then some," Wheeljack added, nodding to the two brothers, "Thanks, the both of you,"

"Hey, what are brothers for?" Sunstreaker beamed. He was right; all three of them were bonded now, instead of the two. Wheeljack would be paying for the rest of his life for this one, and he only hope that Primus liked him a little bit, being bonded to the twins of doom, but it would be worth every second of it. He never knew what it was like to have brothers, and now he would find out.

All three of them turned to see everyone silent. Ratchet twitched. Had they just fixed Wheeljack without his help? At least they were all alive, and that is what counted.

The end... For now anyways. Hope you all enjoyed the twist I put in there.