Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns everything

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns everything.

Apparently I had become fairly well known in the vampire world. I was the girl who joined the Volturi, but left because I got 'bored.'

Honestly, the Volturi had disgusted me. Aro had provided a good laugh every now and then because of his enthusiasm at the most trivial of things, but that was the extent of my liking towards them. I had never tasted human blood, even as a newborn with no guidance. I hadn't even been attracted to it. The Volturi had never liked this.

Much like Carlisle Cullen had once done, I tried to tell them the benefits of a 'vegetarian' diet. They tried to tell me that I was going against what was natural. But really, what's natural about a vampire?

The top three members of the Volturi took an immediate liking to me. They asked what types of powers I had that would help them if I were to join.

"I'm immune to mind powers Aro, as you probably noticed when you shook my hand. If Jane were to try to hurt me – she would fail. And Alec wouldn't be able to make me go 'numb.' Physical powers, however, still work, such as Alice Cullen's power to see the future. But my mind is completely blocked off. And this was just as a human. Since my transformation, I can now block mind powers from hurting those around me as well."

Aro had stared at me in wonder for a few moments, before turning to his brothers. Marcus nodded his head once, but Caius sat motionless for a moment.

"Do you have any reasons to say no, Caius?" Aro had asked his brother.

He hesitated before giving his response. "No, Master, I do not."

I was then the Volturi's newest guard member.

However, a short six years later, I told them I was bored and wanted to leave. Obviously, they tried to fight me on it, but I left as they stared at me incredulously. They couldn't force me to stay. It was considered an honor to be a Volturi guard member, not an obligation.

I decided I would tour the world, but even that got boring shortly. I stayed by myself, but I wanted it that way. I was living in England when I heard the voices I thought I'd never hear again. They were speaking about me, but they didn't fully realize who I was.

"I mean seriously, how does someone get bored of the Volturi? That girl's crazy! But it's a good way, I like it." I heard someone slap Emmett's arm – probably Rosalie – before he continued. "Not like that, Rose! I just think she sounds interesting."

Then the most beautiful voice in the world sounded from down the street. "Well I don't." He sounded so harsh, so bitter.

"Shut up Edward. You just don't like it because of her name," Emmett retorted.

I heard ferocious snarls erupting from two chests, before a sweet motherly sound broke in. "Boys, stop it. Emmett, you know when you're crossing the line with that."

I couldn't believe it. The family that was moving into the beautiful, desolate house down the street from me was the Cullens. No, this couldn't be happening.

I darted towards the house, just close enough to see what was going on and hopefully be undetected. And then I saw him.

He hadn't changed – obviously, vampires never change – but he still looked different. He had a sad look to his eyes. He moved a little more sluggishly, at least by vampire standards, and he didn't look anyone in the eye.

"Go get things ready, you start school tomorrow. Emmett, PLEASE don't bother the Volturi girl when you're there." I heard Carlisle's voice echo across the lawn. "She probably tries to remain inconspicuous among humans. And we all know how that can be difficult."

"She isn't even drawn to human blood. How does that even work? She's so lucky." Poor Jasper, he had always struggled so much.

I heard a sigh, and then Alice's voice came into the air. "Those are only rumours anyway. We don't know that they're true. We'll most likely talk to her tomorrow anyway. I can't tell for sure since no ones made a definite decision, but we are all vampires in the same human school so it's likely."

Shit! Shit, shit, shit, SHIT! They could NOT be going to the same school as me. I couldn't believe this was happening.

A/N: Sort of random, but once she joined the Volturi, Bella began to go by Isabella. Not that you needed to know that yet, but it will come up later.