Earning Interest by WeasleyForMe

Hermione is trying to win the affection of Bill Weasley... but he seems to be immune to her advances. Bill/Hermione!

This is a gift for my friend Shiva'sGirl who requested a Bill/Hermione story! Thanks to Grande.Vanilla.Skim.Latte for beta reading! Your pie is in the mail, darling.

Bill Weasley straightened his tie as he strode down a long corridor at Gringotts, his other hand full of various proposals and folders. He didn't want to be late for his quarterly financial meeting, as he had decided long ago that work was the greatest means of escape from his often disheartening life.

"Good morning, Bill!"

"Oh, good morning, Hermione. How are you?" he politely asked his co-worker and friend.

Hermione made sure to smile coyly as she fell into stride next to him, wishing for once that she had the courage to wear skirts as short as the receptionists. Her heart skipped a little faster as she looked up at Bill Weasley; he seemed to get better and better looking every day, but he was oblivious to it. "I'm doing fine. Busy, but fine." She took a quick breath before telling him, "You look quite fit, Bill. Have you been working out?"

He blushed and shook his head, not quite sure what to say. He honestly didn't think he looked all that great. Having gone through both a werewolf attack and a divorce in the last five years, he felt worn out and unappealing, but there was something about the way that Hermione was always complimenting him that had him both confused and intrigued. "No, I haven't," he managed to reply with a shrug.

Still smiling, Hermione reached out and gently placed her hand on his arm. She shocked herself with her boldness, but pressed onward. "Would you like to get lunch with me today?" she asked, locking gazes with him.

Bill held her gaze for a moment before his eyes dropped to the documents in his hands. "Uh, sorry but I don't think I'll have much time to eat today." Hermione just nodded and continued to smile as Bill bid her farewell and continued down the hall.

She took the stairs as quickly as she could, and a moment later Hermione slumped down into her chair with a frown. It didn't seem to matter how many times she tried, it just never worked. Bill Weasley was somehow immune to her flirting, and it was driving her batty. "Gods, I must be the most un-seductive person who ever lived," she muttered with a snarl.

She shoved a pile of papers to the side of her Gringotts Wizarding Bank standard issue desk and reflected over her problem. At the root of the issue was none other than Fleur Delacour. Hermione rolled her eyes at the very thought of Bill's ex-wife and Veela extraordinaire. Hermione had that woman to thank and blame at the same time. First, it was because of her that Bill was now single, but it was her fault that Bill was so self-conscious about his scars, left over from the werewolf attack. But Hermione noticed that a number of women around the office took an interest in Bill after he and Fleur split up two years ago, but he never gave any of them a second look.

Hermione decided that it was also aggravating that she in particular couldn't get Bill. He was older, nearly thirty-two years old, and he was also interesting, unlike the young men who were around her own age. She honestly couldn't understand the point in dating a twenty-two year old with no direction or mind of his own while Bill was single. She equated it to going out with Ron or Harry, and that was completely out of the question.

Hermione forced herself back to reality as she heard giggles approaching her office. She looked up to see Francine, one of the leggy, blonde receptionists with a wardrobe that made men drool. "Hi Miss Granger," Francine giggled. Hermione felt like biting her head off as she saw a few men pause at the door to look at the body that went with the high pitched voice. "Can you sign these documents and leave them on my desk before you go home tonight?"

"Fine," Hermione managed to grunt through her clenched jaw. She shot a nasty look at the men in her doorway and they scattered on impact. Taking the papers from Francine, Hermione grimaced and dismissed the girl, considering a shopping trip to acquire some new work clothes. It would be worth it if Bill were to take notice.

For the following hour, Hermione absentmindedly skimmed the parchments and scrawled her name across the bottoms of some of them. She was paying little attention to the words she was reading as she devised a plan. When she finished, she smiled and tossed the quill to the edge of her desk. She leaned back in her chair and laughed out loud. She mentally assured herself that she was intelligent and modestly attractive, and if there was any possible way to make Bill Weasley interested in her, she would make it happen. Wasn't she the smartest witch to graduate from Hogwarts in a century? Of course she was, but she needed a plan.

Standing, she quickly collected her work and strolled out of her office and into the maze of cubicles toward Francine's desk. Hermione skidded to a halt when she saw that Francine had Bill at her desk looking over a new proposal. As Bill tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear, Hermione felt the air squeeze out of her lungs. She sucked in a deep breath, hoping to slow her heart rate while the squeaky receptionist rambled on and on. Bill's brow scrunched up as he was obviously uncomfortable with Francine's gossip-laced voice.

"And then she got fired, but I think it was Claire's fault," Francine whispered, much too loudly to Bill. "You know Claire, that woman in Foreign Affairs with the bad complexion? Yeah, well it was her fault that three people from the department were let go." Bill shifted his weight from one foot to the other, as he looked up for a way to escape.

"Hermione," he sighed with relief when their eyes met. "I needed to talk to you." Bill quickly shifted his attention away from Francine, who quickly turned to another coworker to leach onto, seamlessly continuing her gossip festival.

"What do you need?" Hermione asked as her heart skipped rapidly.

Bill came to stand right next to her, still intrigued by the way she looked at him. "I got an owl from my Mum a little bit ago. She wanted me to invite you to dinner at the Burrow on Friday evening."

Hermione smiled, honestly happy that she had walked into the cubicles when she did. "Sure, I'd like that a lot."

"Great," Bill replied with a smile. "Well, I've got lots of work to do, but I'll catch you later?"

Hermione bit her bottom lip and nodded as Bill fumbled with his folders and walked away. She waited until he was gone before she squealed, drawing the attention of Francine. Hermione quickly cleared her throat and narrowed her eyes. "Um, here are those papers."

Francine took them, still looking oddly at Hermione as she ran back to her office. Friday was just two short days away, and there was a lot of planning to do.

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