Slightly More than Holiday Tradition by AndromedaMarine

The mistletoe above Elizabeth's office door was Rodney's fault. Not that he'd wanted to be the one caught underneath it, god no. But he had plans to stake it out and watch who became the unlucky bastard caught off-guard and would have to kiss the leader of the expedition. Rodney spent most of his day in the control room, unloading all unnecessary calls for him on Radek, with one eye constantly on the door to Elizabeth's office. Major Lorne had almost been caught under it, but he must have seen it on his way in because he left in a hurry when Elizabeth tried to escort him to the door. The smart woman was, fortunately, aware of Rodney's little ploy; she'd even escaped a few potentially embarrassing moments. She'd given Rodney a dirty look or two when a few of the new military recruits didn't budge from beneath her door until Ronon glared his way in to see her.

It became awkward when Teyla and Elizabeth left for lunch; Rodney looked at them expectantly only to receive a death glare from both the Athosian and the leader.

John went to go see Elizabeth only to find her office empty. He did, however, see the mistletoe and a wide, mischievous grin became plastered across his face. Rodney hadn't been looking towards the door at that particular moment, but he saw John walk away from Elizabeth's office rather quickly. An hour later Elizabeth walked up the stairs and headed toward her office. Rodney smiled, and started the second part of his stakeout.

John made his way to Elizabeth's office, grinning, and bounded up the stairs. Rodney choked on his coffee when he saw John walk by – he had to see this. John stopped underneath the doorframe and Rodney held his breath, grinning stupidly.

"Elizabeth, could you come with me?" he asked, smiling.

The woman stood, remembering their date. She saw that he was standing under the mistletoe and she grinned. She joined him and he pulled her into a passionate kiss, not caring who was watching, least of all Rodney.

Rodney's jaw dropped to the floor. He'd expected an awkward encounter, a peck on the cheek, but not...this. He saw how they became wrapped in each other's arms – and it became clear to Rodney that what he was watching was slightly more than holiday tradition when pertaining to John and Elizabeth.