I saw The Dark Knight (twice), fell in love with the Joker (all over again), and thought up a few stories in my head, and decided to write one down. The OC is based loosely on myself, so just try to find the truth from the stuff I make up (my friends will know, perhaps you will too). And so...here...we...go...

Chapter 1

October 28, 2008

Anyone who has lived in Gotham City for at least, say, a week, knows that it isnt the safest city by a long shot, the Batman factor considered or not. The school system was no exception, especially the high schools. And this was especially true for Gotham's PS 65, also known as the 'Lowest of the Lowest City School'. It was filled to the brim with teenaged convicts, drug dealers, pregnant girls, and deadbeat dads. Less than one percent of the school had IQs higher than 100, and even then, those kids had problems with authority.

I guess I'm one of those kids. I've lived in this city for over ten years, and at nineteen years old and still in high school, I think I know this city well enough to know of how unfair it is for people. I was born in the slums, and now live in the slums in Gotham, and it's only because my mother wont divorce my father's sorry ass we never got out. I was sent to the lowest schools with the most disgusting of kids that dont care at all about getting out of their hole.

I have an IQ of 138. I make relatively good grades. I even found a job to help pay for college. So why am I stuck in this shithole with an emotionally blind, timid mother who doesnt do shit when my father hits me for being 'smart' (which is why I missed an entire year of school by being in the hospital in a coma for eight months), with teachers who wont give me the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just maybe, I'm not scum and want to do something with my life?

...Sometimes...I just think that if I could just...DO something...everything would be alright...

"Be sure to be back by four, Dolly. We're having company over."

Dolores "Dolly" Jesston rolled her eyes at her mother's oh-so-caring reminder. "Company, yeah right," she muttered, slinging her backpack over her shoulder as she walked out the door. 'Company' only meant her father's hick relatives that were just as deadbeat and disgusting as he was, especially her Uncle Hector, who gave her lewd looks every time he saw her. She shuddered at the prospect of that man being in her general vicinity as she walked out of the apartment complex and down the street to the bus stop, stepping over a passed out--or possibly dead--drunk on the sidewalk.

Today would be good day for skipping, she thought. But that wasnt going to happen. She wanted to get the hell out of Gotham, and she had to have a good attendance record to attain that. The fact that she had missed a full year of school two years ago really didnt help her situation at all, especially since her application was coming from her current school whose reputation was of course less than reputable.

She leaned against the light post at the bus stop, looking up at the grey sky. Great, she thought. Rain was what she hated most on school days. Her clothes got wet and she had to sit though seven hours of class, which sucked. So she prayed the bus would come before it started to rain.



"Fuck..." She clunked her head on the post and swore again just as the bus came to a stop in front of her. She sighed and hoisted herself up and walked on the bus flopped on the back seat, glad that it was nearly empty, save for two in the middle that were making out and feeling each other up and some random girl leaning her head against the window as she played her PSP.

Dolly yawned and leaned against the cool window. She had stayed up late to get her book report done--by candlelight no less, because her father would bitch about the electric bill while he kept the television on 24/7--and was exhausted. Against her better judgement, she closed her eyes and shifted to make herself comfortable...


She jerked up and looked around, noting that the bus had stopped and not where it was supposed to. She squinted to see through the rain and condensation, and saw that there was something obstructing the way of the bus. The bus driver swore and stood up before opening the doors and sticking his head out.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!" he shouted. "Get outta the road you freaks!"


Everyone on the bus screamed as a spray of blood hit the driver side window and the driver slumped back, a hole in his head via his forehead. Dolly shrunk back and ducked down on the floor, putting her arms around her legs to listen. She heard someone get on the bus and fire three shots, and knew that the other three kids were now dead.

Keeping her panic down, Dolly put her hands over her mouth and controlled her breathing.

"The bus's clear, Boss," she heard someone say in a muffled voice, like he was wearing a mask or something. She heard someone else enter the bus and strained to hear.

"Nice..." she heard a low voice say. A light bout of laughter followed, and she heard the doors shut and the bus shift back into gear as one of the people got in the driver's seat. "...Alright, let's get going."

Dolly kept perfectly silent as the bus drove off to wherever, her head on her knees and her hands still over her mouth, completely unsure as to what was going to happen to herself.

Next up, Dolly meets Joker, and a hostage situation is underway.