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All of these chapters will be oneshots. Most of them are crack and may seem a little OOC for the girls. But whatev. Onto Azulee.

Still and Silent

Azulee: AzulaxTy Lee

Azula's amber eyes watched with annoyance as Ty Lee flipped around the room. She chattered about something, probably Mai and Zuko, as she cartwheeled. Her hair flew everywhere, but she never paused to put it back in place. Azula couldn't imagine leaving her appearance in such a state of disarray.

She drew a long, slender finger across her own palm. Ty Lee was bothering her more than she ever had. Not because they were alone, or because she was still talking, or even because she had almost knocked over a vase.

Azula was miffed that Ty Lee wasn't paying attention to her. The princess. On the sofa. She wanted the circus girl to look at her with fear and awe of her beauty.

That was why she was so upset. Ty Lee was having a grand time working her body to a sweat and Azula was not taking part in it, whether by command or by partnership, the latter of which was rare.

Ty Lee was her toy, not a person, and she had to be reminded of that fact.

Without warning, Azula stuck her leg out from its position on the couch, tripping up Ty Lee in her walking handstand. She pounced with a hungry smile on the fallen girl.

Ty Lee, sprawled in fear beneath her attacker, tried to scramble out of her reach. Azula pressed her arms to the ground.

"I like you better when you're still," she growled.

Ty Lee stuttered, "B-but, Azula, what did I do?"

The princess' long fingers firmly held her beneath the jaw, making it impossible to speak again.

She leaned closer, "And silent."

When their lips first met, Ty Lee had been afraid that Azula had pulled back and was no longer giving commands. But she leaned over the girl, very close to her mouth, and said, "That's better."

From then on, stillness and silence were not always so terrible to Ty Lee. Whenever they were alone she stopped bouncing and talking. She obediently sat at Azula's feet until the princess grabbed her collar to pull her up into a kiss.

Ty Lee knew that when Azula called, there was nothing else to do but answer. So when the princess wanted stillness and silence, Ty Lee was happy to oblige, pinned quietly beneath her.