Baby Sharingan

Chapter 1

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Itachi sighed as he walked to the potion shop; Pein had wanted Itachi to pick up some sort of… 'youth' potion that he was going to use in a new experiment.

Itachi looked up at the small building that seemed to come out of nowere in the middle of the woods.

Itachi walked inside and saw an old woman sorting out bottles. She looked up at him.

"You are here for Pein right?" She asked with a raspy voice.

Itachi nodded. "Yes I am."

The woman picked up a bottle with a purple liquid in it and handed it to Itachi, he picked the bottle up and left.

Itachi wondered if this potion could really make you younger. He continued to wonder untill he was inside the Akatsuki bace.

He was barely in the door when Tobi ran over to Itachi and nocked him off balance, little did Itachi know a little bit of the potion had gotten on his hand.

"Hey!" Itachi yelled as Tobi zoomed past.

Tobi stopped were he was.

"Sorry Itachi-san! Tobi is very sorry! Tobi is a good boy!" With that Tobi ran off again.

Almost a second later Deidara and Sasori came running after him.

Itachi sighed.

"Sasori what did Tobi do?" Itachi asked.

Sasori stopped and looked at the Uchia.

"He filled my puppets mouths with Deidara's exploding clay!" He yelled, after he was done yelling Sasori raced off with Deidara to find and kill Tobi.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Itachi had taken the potion to Pein, and now sat down and read a book, about ten minutes later he heard Tobi scream.


Then silence. Itachi could only guess that Sasori and Deidara had gotten their revenge.

At the end of the day everyone was sitting at the table eating except for Pein and Konan who were working with the potion. Tobi was eating on the floor however, because he was too scared of Sasori and Deidara to eat near them. Kisame looked down at Tobi.

"You did all of that just because he put exploding clay in the puppets mouths?" Kisame asked once he had heard the story.

Hidan snorted.

"You should have let me sacrifice him!"

Zetsu smiled.

"I would have eaten him!"

Kakuzu sighed.

"Well Zetsu it would have been less expensive then all of the meat we buy for you!"

This started quite the argument. Itachi got up and retreated to his room, for some reson he was too tired to stay up any longer.

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