To all readers of Baby Sharingan:

Ahem! *clears throat* As you all know, I have been promising you guys a sequel for a loooong time now. I would like you all to know that it will be up soon! But, there are some details I would like to clear up and do before I start the sequel.

The new sequel:

I realize how bad I left you guys hanging, so I am going to make the sequel 10X better than the original.

The sequel WILL be a continuation on after Itachi has been turned back into an adult. Therefore it will be revolving around the Akatsuki.

The letter Itachi gave to Konan, and the reason her turned back into an adult will be reviled in the sequel.

There will be a new baby. ^. ^ Don't worry, Itachi will still be in the story, I can't forget the weasel.

There 1 pairing or more. But, I can assure you that there will be at least 1 pairing.

There are no Oc's so don't worry about that.

You may need to keep up with the manga, to understand this. I'm not totally sure, so if you find yourself hanging and don't want to read the manga, just ask me.

You all will love it. (I hope. :) )

Why it has took me so long to make the sequel:

I have almost the entire story written in my notebooks, I am just too lazy to bring them home from school.

I have a life… no offense, but I have a lot to do.

I am in school, and need to keep my grades up to STAY on the computer and write you the story.

A lot of things have happened to me, so I couldn't go on the computer as much, was busy, or didn't feel like typing.

When will the sequel be out?

I actually have no clue in the world. School takes up a lot of time… . So, I am guessing that it will be out around February or March. Sorry guys, I need to do well in school!

The new story is not going to continue in chapters out of this story. I will make an entirely new story. So either you can story alert me, or just keep checking my page.

Hope you all understand! If you have any other questions, please ask me. And I will not be giving out anymore hints to the story! So don't even try to ask. ^.^ I love you all! Bye!