(The android saga)

Bulma held baby Trunks in her arms

"Aww you're such a cute baby," Bulma said as she gazzed at her beautiful son

"That should be my kid," Yamcha thought to himself with a bit of anger on his face

"Wait didn't that gray haired guy Goku talked to have a time machine? I could go back in time and make Bulma love me."


Sometime later, while the other Z fighters where looking for the androids and Cell, Yamcha was busy searching Capsul Corp for Trunks time machine. Soon enough he found it

"Yes now Bulma will be mine," Yamcha said as he was about to step into the machine

Just then a flash of light came a another time machine appeared. And another Yamcha was inside. Yamcha #2 was coverd in cuts, bruises, blood, and his right arm was gone.

"DON'T DO IT!!" Yamcha #2 said

"Why what's going to happen?" The original Yamcha said

"If you go back in time and stop Vegeta and Bulma from falling in love. Vegeta becomes the surpream overlord of the world and kills almost everyone on earth, then he teams up with the androids and kill eveyone else.

"Really?" The original Yamcha said


"Well that sucks, " The original Yamcha said

"Ya but don't worry we find another woman," Yamcha #2 said


"Well we just met like five seconds before the androids killed her

"What's her name?"

"It's someone you know very well, she's a real prety kitty,"

"Puar?" (the blue cat thing)

"But isn't he a boy?"

"That's what I thought to, well gotta go," Yamcha #2 said

Just then Puar came into the room

"Yamcha are you okay," She asked

"Yes, say Puar do you find me...sexy?"

Puar then kissed Yamcha

"Yes, yes I do she said

The End