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Pairings: JerichoxOC, etc.

Summary: Chris keeps eating all the dough, and it keeps aggrivating Anna!

A/N: Here you go, Anna! here's your side of the fic trade. I was going to do a chaptered story, but I have too many of those to work on. But I will later on if you want to, later on. And I know this oneshot is real small, but I have a few of these coming up for ya!

Cookie Dough Fiend

by: Rainbowblack

The tray was all buttered and all they had to do now was roll out the cookies, bake them and they were all set to go. They were having a small get together with some friends and they had all the food set out. But the dessert was going to be a big plate of cookies.

Anna was on her fourth cookie ball. She looked over and saw Chris sneaking a cookie ball of his own into his mouth.

The brunette gawked at him. "Christopher!"

He looked after with a mouth full of dough, his response was muffled. He gave an honestly confused look. "What?"

"That's for the party and after we bake them." she complained.

"But I like cookie dough." he said, swallowing it down. "And, what, you don't like me sticking the balls into my mouth?"

He laughed suggestively as she rolled her eyes, giggling.

"Even if it doesn't have sparkles?" she questioned him.

"Even if it doesn't."

"You know, you're like a cookie dough fiend." Anna chuckled, rolling another ball.

"You know, this would be hot in bed." he said. "You know, I'd cover you in it, then lick it all off."

"Oh my gosh, Chris, you're such a pervert." Anna giggled.