Author: EverChangingObsessions
Published: 08-06-08
Completed: 07-25-10
Rated: M
Warnings: Swearing, violence, bad spelling, really bad writing until the last chapter, and Lemons in Chapter 11
Pairings: I had a pole and RitsukaXOC won.
Disclaimer: I don't own Loveless in any way shape or form. I make no claim and am twisting the story sadistically because I can and it's fun.

There was a question that no one seemed to consider anymore. And the answer was here.

Yuki Motasha stepped off the bus and looked at the piece of paper in his hands. It held the directions that led him to his future. He had waited years for this and then only to find out that it had been taken from him already.

His anger was about to cause some major problems and he knew it, but he couldn't help it. It was pissing him off! He took a few minutes and a deep breath. 'Calm down Yuki,' he ordered himself. With another look at the slip of paper, he shoved it into his pocket and took off.


'Finally!' The little sacrifice thought as he jumped out of his seat. Ritsuka quite literally ran from the room and down the hall. He was out the door before his teacher or any classmate could blink. He, for course ran only to leave and escape everyone and not to see his face sooner...or at least that's what he was trying to convince himself. Even as he said this his heart sped up as he saw the coat of the man who had turned his world upside down.

He was out of breath by the time he reached him. "My, my, Ritsuka. Why in such a rush?" The man asked him with amusement in his voice. He of course already knew the answer.

"Shut up Soubi," Ritsuka answered breathless, a faint blush covering his cheeks.

The man called Soubi, laughed. "Come on Ritsuka."

The boy's ears went up. "Where are we going?"

"To my place," was the only reply.

At that the boy stopped. He never trusted Soubi when he was alone with him. And now they were going to be alone together in his apartment? Uh-uh. He shook his head when Soubi turned toward him. "No way! Nope!"

Soubi smiled. He couldn't help it. "Ritsuka, what are you so worried about?"

But before he could he could even say something, Soubi had walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. He knew he should pull away, but... He couldn't believe what he was about to do, but he did it. He kissed the man back.

Soubi was so surprised at that that he pulled back. "What was that about Soubi!" Growled Ritsuka. He was mad that Soubi had kissed him in front of everyone. He was even more upset that he had wanted to bring him to his apartment. Soubi knew that Ritsuka liked him. But he just didn't get that he needed to love Soubi before something more could happen.

Soubi was still too stunned to notice what was about to happen, but Ritsuka wasn't. He was however too late to stop it. A punch hit Soubi right in the face. It had enough momentum to knock Soubi into the wall surrounding the school. When he got up you could see in his eyes that he was mad. He just looked like he could kill this man. "What the hell was that for?" Ritsuka yelled at the man, whose back was towards him.

"Fight me," The man said. Ritsuka didn't know why, but he felt chills go down his back at his unfamiliar voice.

Soubi glared at the man. "I will. But not until you have your sacrifice." He spit blood out of his mouth, right at the foot of the stranger.

"You will fight me, because I do have my sacrifice. I am Yuki Motasha. And my sacrifice is Ritsuka. And we are Loveless."