I'm sorry for the time I switched your shampoo for vanilla pudding.

I'm sorry for the time I tricked you into licking that 9 volt battery.

I'm sorry for that time in third grade when I dipped your homework in chicken soup and fed to the dog. I thought it would be funny.

And the time I hid you glasses in the closet? I'm sorry for that too.

I also apologize for the time I slipped that popsicle down your pants on field day.

And when I put icy-hot in your body wash.

And the multiple times I put soap on your toothbrush.

And that one time when I put scotch tape over your glasses so you couldn't see out of them.

I'm sorry for breaking your Garth Brooks CD and then blaming Dutchy.

Sorry about putting that taboo buzzer in your matress. That was Blink's idea; we all know I can't sew. I also didn't think the batteries would last that long.

And remember when you woke up and all of your clothes were turned inside out? It wasn't really a ghost it was me.

I'm sorry about cutting a hole in the left pocket of all your pants where you couldn't see it because I knew that's where you put your lunch money.

That wasn't really fairy dust from Tinkerbelle. That was glitter from my art kit. I'm sorry for selling it to you. And I'm sorry that when you tried to fly your broke your arm.

The folded chips aren't bad-luck I just told you that so I could have them.

I sorry about putting that oregano in your sock drawer so mom would think you were doing pot. I'm also sorry about the powdered sugar.

I'm so sorry for lying to Jenna all those times to get her to dump you.

I sorry for always giving you the small fork and never sharing my pudding.

I hope you know I never meant to kill you goldfish when you were on vacation.

I'm sorry about switching you contact solution with sprite.

I sorry for giving you a make-over while you were sleeping.

I'm sorry about the time I stole and lost your walkman.

I'm sorry I told mom you broke her crystal vase when it was really me.

I'm also sorry for switching the covers of The Iliad and The Odyssey so when you tried to do your book report you got it all wrong and failed English.

I'm sorry that I switched your cologne with my perfume, and your cherry Chapstick with that lipstick.

I'm sorry I hid your anxiety medication all those times.

I'm sorry I hated you.

I'm sorry I haven't talked to you since I left for college.

Most of all, I'm sorry for being such a shitty sister.

Remember how Mom and Dad always used to say when they were gone we'd only have each other?

They were right again.

I sent you 60 bucks. It's for the time you bought me those jeans and I never paid you back.


The young man stared for a moment at the familiar scrawl. He flipped the letter over, not sure what he was hoping for. He smiled when he saw a phone number.

The woman didn't expect a reply. They hadn't spoken in years. She didn't know what to expect when she sent that letter off. All she knew was that she tried.

She shook her head, "See Mom? I tried. You always said that trying counted for something." She threw her hands up. "And it turns out you were always right!"

The man dialed.

The woman answered.


"Hey Sis."

There was a commotion on the woman's side as the phone slid from her hand. And even more noise as she scrambled to get it back.

"Oh my god." There was a pause. "Jason?"

"Yeah," he took a deep breath, "I'm sorry too."

A/N: Jason is Skittery. I guess it's almost a take on why he's always so sad; his sister was a jerk. An almost pointless little one-shot. Read, reveiw, enjoy. :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Newsies. They are property of Disney.