Ohh-kay. I don't know quite what to write here. What does one write in one's diary in the 21st century? What did one write in one's diary in the 19th century? What does one write in one's diary when one is NOT A TEN YEAR-OLD GIRL?! Why on earth would you give a man a diary for a gift? I do know that if I don't look like I'm writing, and really having a good time; Lisa is going to get upset. Maybe she'll forget about it in a day or so. We're going camping next week. Maybe it'll get lost in all the packing-up. Is that enough writing? Maybe I can distract her with a cup of tea. I really hope she's de-scaled that kettle by now.

Well, it's only been a few days and Lise has asked me about the diary on every break we've had. As she is in the lunch line I had better at least appear to like writing in this thing. What to write… What to write? The research department is supposed to be getting a new supervisor next week. I hope he/she/it is better than Alonso (couldn't be much worse.) His organizational skills are enough to make me scream. If he looses any more of my reports I'll NEVER make senior research associate. I'm sure it can't look good to the 46th floor. That, of course, assumes that anyone ever reads my reports. I can imagine two years of my reports stacked in a crate in some huge storage warehouse (probably right next to the Ark of the Covenant.) Maybe if I were to stay late I could make my reports more complete, or helpful. Ahh… Lisa is at the check-out, so I can stop writing in this thing. I still don't know what I'm expected to do with this diary. I'm Ianto Jones, not Bridget Jones.

Alonso lost ANOTHER report. What a surprise. Matt in special projects said he heard that Alonso was being transferred to "Department 99." He said it was all rather top-secret. It's one of those places where once you get there; you never want to bother stopping back by to visit. He said something odd about the walls being lined with gold. I'm quite certain Torchwood wouldn't line anything with gold, especially when one looks at my paycheck. Still, how can anyone that disorganized get promoted? Maybe I should start making errors on my reports and see if I can get into R&D or field work. (As if I would ever want that. There is no way on this earth that anyone could convince me that I would ever want to be a field agent.) I'm still not so sure about this whole camping idea. Lisa says it will be good for me. I would like to know how sleeping bags and a tent can be good for anyone. She did buy me a kettle at a camp supply store. It's supposed to withstand the heat of a campfire better. Am I supposed to build a campfire?

Camping is evil. There are no redeeming graces whatsoever. I am cold. Lisa is looking for more firewood. There is none. I looked. I looked for three hours. Why don't we just burn this diary? I'm cold and quite sure it would make quite a cheery little blaze. Better still, why not just get in the car and head for the nearest hotel? Why not go where there are clean sheets? Why not go where there is room service? Why not go where there is heat? And a roof? Because this, my dear girl informs me, is an adventure! Well this is just a little more adventure than I was ever looking to find.

As an added bonus, it's started to rain. Did I mention I am cold?

Well last night was just brilliant. It got so cold, I was sure something would freeze and drop off. Like my head. On the brighter side, we woke up to the lovely sounds of nature. No wait, that was just the sound of a dog pissing on our tent. I hate tents, I hate that dog, I hate camping, I hate being cold. I hate this whole damn weekend. Things couldn't be worse.

I don't hate the dog. Truth be told, the weekend wasn't really all that bad. It was cold, but at about 1 a.m. Lise and I found that the two of us in one sleeping bag was not at all unpleasant and considerably warmer. There is something to be said for getting cuddly in a tent. She still claims she doesn't snore. I recorded proof on my mp3 player. Hah! But she gets so upset when I tease her about it. I told her that I didn't love her for her looks… it was always her resonance. I'll have to erase it before she hears it.

Monday? It can't be. Wasn't it just Friday fifteen minutes ago? I can't be expected to get any work done with a hang-over and all that construction noise going on upstairs. I don't know how Lisa deals with it in her section; she's right down the hall from it all. At least Alonso is gone. Everyone thought he was with us through the end of the week, but he wasn't at his desk at his usual 20 past this morning. Late and disorganized, a sure route to better things at Torchwood One. I should hope the other Torchwood bases are run better or the whole Torchwood web seems rather doomed to fall one by one.

There seems to be a lot of commotion today. I was in the hall just outside Matt's department and nearly got knocked down by Matt's boss, Yvonne. She was with some guy in a rather rumpled brown single-breasted pin-stripe and a really blonde rather rumpled woman, along with about 20 of the field troops. Just now, the building alarms have started going off. It must be another fire drill. If I can find Lise before she heads down, we can wait in the parking garage together.

I can't find Lise. Her department has all emptied, but there is no sign of her. I wonder if she went to the cafeteria. I had better go find her or she'll say I didn't look hard enough for her. She can really get pouty if she doesn't feel loved enough.

I still can't find Lise. I've tried her mobile a hundred times.

There was this thing. It was in one of the hallways near the top floor. It was like a traffic pylon on wheels. I thought it must have gotten loose from R&D. I was just about to push it back there when this man dressed in a suit of silver armour came out of the lift. The traffic pylon shot a beam of light or laser from this armature that looked like an egg-beater. I think it killed the man. Right there, not 5 meters from me. He fell. I don't know who to call. No one is answering. Not even Matt. He always answers. He has two of those obnoxious Bluetooth earphones. They can't both be out of order. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should go back and wait at my desk. Where is Lisa?!

There are more of those men in armour. They are killing people too. I don't understand what is going on. I thought they were Torchwood. I thought they were fighting the machines but then they were fighting our field troops too. They were killing everyone who got in their way. I have to warn Lisa!

My phone rang. It only rang once, but it was from Lise. I rang her back, but she still doesn't pick-up. Maybe I could go to communications and they could put a trace on the GPS chip in her phone. She must have gotten out of the building. She's probably worried about me. I don't want Lisa to worry.

I found her. I found her on level 42 of Torchwood Tower. I found her screaming. That is how they left her, half alive and screaming. She was wired into some monstrous machine. They were making her into one of them. I promised her that I would fix her. That I would take care of her and she would be healed. She said she couldn't remember all that happened. She said she was working at her desk when four of those silver things came into the room. She said they killed Trevor right away, just for standing-up. They told everyone that they would be 'upgraded.' The next thing she remembered was being strapped into the machine. Then all she remembers after that is pain. That was three days ago.

I don't know what to do now. She says she can't remember things. She asked me to remember things for her by writing it all down. She wants me to write what I feel as well as what happens to us. I promised I would keep writing.

I was able to collect enough of the pieces of the conversion unit before the other Torchwood teams showed-up and cleared everything away. She has shown me how to keep her alive by piecing those bits together. The electric bill is draining away all of our savings. I don't know what we can do, who can help, where we can go. We have to stay hidden. We have to find help.

She had an idea and won't let it go. She wants me to go to Torchwood 3. She said that they would have the power systems she needed and that there must be places to hide. I don't like the idea at all. Torchwood thinks if it's alien it's theirs. I don't want them to get hold of her. I don't know what they'd do to her. I've also heard some odd things about the guy who runs that base. I don't want him to get hold of her.

She won't stop. She says if I can't get her into Torchwood 3, she will die and leave me all alone. She doesn't want me to be alone. I didn't want to, but I promised her I would talk to them and see if I could get a new position.