My submission for Nadia's Mirror Challenge. Mostly written while listening to John Williams' music for Star Wars (Across the Stars, Battle of Heroes, Imperial March).

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, nor do I own the characters from the series that are mentioned/used in this story. All characters from the Twilight series are property of Stephenie Meyer/Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Emmett insisted on having a mirror in my room, in our room.

"For you, Rose. So you can see yourself, and know what an angel you are."

He always told me that. I was beautiful, and I knew it. I saw the gorgeous gold eyes, the blonde hair that girls just wanted to have. The looks that the girls wished they had. If they knew, if they had any idea, about what I went through to be who I am now, they wouldn't want it. They would cower in fear, shrink away from the terror, even if they only wanted to look as beautiful as a vampire. A blood-sucking leech.

It wasn't worth it. This beauty, this glamor, wasn't worth surviving Hell. But it was too late now. Here I was, a vampire with everything I wanted. Almost.

I wanted to be able to have a family, to fall in love, grow old, and die with the one person I loved. I wanted beautiful children who would be cherished by everyone around them. I wanted a perfect life.

It didn't seem like much to ask for. It wasn't much to ask for. It was all I wanted, back then.

I didn't get it. Instead, my darling fiancé nearly killed me. If not for Carlisle, I would be dead.

And right after he changed me, this new life wasn't worth anything. I was "alive" and well, but I would never have adorable, loving children to cherish. This life, this existance was nothing. Not until Emmett. I had a feeling about him, when I first saw him. It was nothing like I had ever felt. He was stunning, of course, and if I had been human, I would have loved to marry him. The perfect, the ideal man, for anyone as beautiful as myself.

And he loves to call me his angel, because I saved him from death. Because I was the one who greeted him when he finished his transformation. I supported him, even when he slipped up and made a couple mistakes. I was always there for him. His angel.

But if he had any idea about what he is to me, how important he is to me, he wouldn't be calling me an angel. He is my pillar; I can lean on him, and know he won't let me fall. He is the one reason, the only reason, I'm here, and happy. Content, you could say, although I'm not the most satisfied.

Without him, I don't know if I would be here. I don't know if I could ever live without him. He is the main reason why I am still on this Earth, the most important one.

Emmett understands what I feel, how much I want to have a child, someone who I can truly cherish, as much as I adore my husband.

Because Emmett is my angel. He's my support, my love, my one and only. He completes me, and makes me the person I am. He makes me perfect.

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